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Video When Your Data Absolutely, Positively has to be Destroyed (Video) Screenshot-sm 295

Here's a corporate motto for you: "Destroying data since 1959." Timothy ran into a company called Garner Products (which doesn't use that motto as far as we know), at a security conference. While most exhibitors were busily preserving or encrypting data one way or another, Garner was not only destroying data but delighting in it. And yes, they've really been doing this since 1959; they started out degaussing broadcast cartridges so broadcasters could re-use them without worrying about old cue tones creeping into new recordings. Now, you might ask, "Instead of spending $9,000 or more to render hard drives useless, couldn't you just use a $24 sledge hammer? And have the fun of destroying something physical as a free bonus?" Yes, you could. You'd get healthy exercise as well, and if you only wanted to destroy the data on the hard drives, so what? New drives are cheap these days. But some government agencies and financial institutions require degaussing before the physical destruction (and Garner has machines that do physical destruction, too -- which is how they deal with SSDs). Garner Products President Ron Stofan says in the interview that their destruction process is more certain than shooting a hard drive with a .45. But neither he nor Tim demonstrated a shooting vs. degaussing test for us, so we remain skeptical.

Comment Re:See, this is what I've been saying on Slashdot (Score 1) 468

Really? You tried HTML 5 on anything other than your multicore? Because I am typing this on a 1.8GHz Sempron that is actually much faster than those Atom based nettops/netbooks and frankly HTML 5 runs like ass, even in a tiny window. Flash, on the other hand, runs quite nicely full screen SD, and for $50 I can add a Radeon AGP card and get hardware accelerated HD which again will run quite nicely. Does anybody even have hardware accelerated HTML 5 yet?

And finally let us not forget that HTML 5 will NOT be Theora, which frankly runs like absolute shit on anything less than a 3Ghz P4 in my experience, but will be H.264 which honestly makes Adobe look like hearts and puppies. MPEG-LA have proven themselves to be major douchebags and when the clock starts winding down on their patents I predict they are gonna drop patent bombs all over the damned place. At least Adobe isn't threatening to sue anyone who doesn't buy a license if you dare to bundle H.264 support in your browser, distro, etc.

And lets be honest here FOSSies, if the web goes HTML 5 it will be MUCH WORSE for Linux than flash. Any distro can bundle flash player and Adobe doesn't make a peep, whereas Canonical had to buy a license for H.264 and unless Canonical payed for the rights to ALL Ubuntu based distros (which I kinda doubt) we are right back to a lawsuit minefield ala Mono, where only Novell has the "we'll not sue" rights. Do we really want to give the web to MPEG-LA?

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 2, Insightful) 232

You mean, just like Terry Childs did?

Refusing to help start a spying program is quite a bit different than refusing to hand over access to the city's systems. If you can't see the difference, I really hope for your sake you don't work in an IT department, or if you do you have a realy good lawyer.

Comment Re:FB has been quite liberal with users' privacy (Score -1, Flamebait) 193

If you don't like it, think of something better, but don't go round bashing it just because you personally have never moved out of your home town or made any friends who lived more than a street away.

Actually, I've traveled far and wide, visited the USA a couple of times, traveled around Asia a bit, even dipped my toes in Oceania (New Zealand), finally met my wife somewhere in the middle (Thailand) and am living in Northern Europe, even though I was born and raised in Southern Europe. I have, therefore, left my hometown. Judging by your myopic comment, I guess I travel more on my bike every day, than you do in a week using any means of transportation.

And I'll continue bashing FB as much as I please. Unless that hurts your sensitivities very, very much. I guess the average Facebook user is an emo type, in addition to be devoid of a clue, so I should be mindful of that.

Comment Re:Whiskey Tango Hotel (Score 1) 94

there's the biological definition of life: a few simple rules that apply to (nearly) all that we know of as "living".
- it has dna
- it reproduces (and can produce at least grandchildren)
- it takes in substances and processes it into other substances for nourishment
- something something
- ???
- profit! ... waaaait. something went wrong there.

Comment "They were such nice young men" (Score 2, Funny) 275

"They had a nice demonstration on how to use the internet, the importance of changing your coffee filters and how to reach the exit it was hard to see with all the signs and the people running around but they taught us how to find it. There's a website that will show you how to get to the exit but only if you change your coffee filters or some such."

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