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Comment Re:article selection (Score 2) 763

I'd rather have a submission rewritten or denied than have horribly biased or even misleading summaries crop up on the main page.

This. My number one complaint about slashdot is all the misleading headlines and summaries.

I'm not to worried about biased summaries as much, to an extent... after all we're a tech/nerd crowd and if we released certain high-rated-insightful comments out into the general public many (most?) of them would be perceived as "very biased" as well.

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 195

AFAIK the only games NOT playable in Steam offline (assuming your games & steam were up to date the last time you were connected to the internet with steam running) are games that have their own DRM protections that require internet even during single player. i think it was ubisoft that did this with a bunch of their games. I don't remember now, i never bothered to even look at them because of their douchebaggery.

Also steam warns you that these games use their own protection and may require an internet connection, which is good of them to do.

games that were patching during your last connection and did not finish will not run in offline mode

steam also used to require that you go into offline mode manually before starting up in offline mode, but they no longer require this. if no internet connection is found, it will automatically go into offline mode (after a warning "you are in offline mode" message)

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