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Comment Any way to use it without the MSN service, then? (Score 1) 92

It would be cool of MSFT to at least issue a firmware update that would let users choose their own homepage, and bypass the paid service, which is going away, of course; at least with the MSNTV2, it's a 733MHz Celeron, which should be able to handle rendering of most mobile sites, at least... there are lots of people who will be utterly lost without this service (my brother being one of them). I just bought one of the Google TV units to see if it will be a suitable replacement.

Comment How about using clawbacks on Darl and co.? (Score 1) 190

I'm sure the US Trustee could get lots of money for the cardboard box Darl Mc Bride was living in, under one of the Interstate 15 overpasses in Lindon, UT, after he lost his McMansion to foreclosure... because he wasn't as smart as Ralph Yarro, who transferred ownership of his house to his wife...

We all knew it was going to end like this, didn't we?

Here's a hearty FUCK YOU to everyone who concocted up this scam, and to everyone who helped promote it - from Brian Skiba, to Microsoft (for funding the scam in the first place), to Rob Enderle, to Dan Lyons, to Maureen O' Gara, to Ryan Tibbets, to Ralph Yarro, and all the other scumbags who tried to extort money for something that they didn't deserve, or even own. Fuck you all, in the ear.


Submission + - Facebook blocks add-on because it's too good at cleaning up Facebook (facebook.com)

the saltydog writes: A developer came up with a browser add-on to help customize the view on Facebook; first, they made him change the name — then, they blocked links to his site (as being "spammy" — which is an utter joke, as the add-on REMOVES all the spam from Facebook)... Now, they're arbitrarily removing photos in the albums on his page. In case you don't believe it, try sending any of your FB friends a link to fbpurity.com — it will not work.

It's our data, and our machines — shouldn't we be able to arrange things the way WE want to see them? Fuck Facebook.
(From a happy user of the add-on.)

Comment Re:Oh, the irony... (Score 1) 249

You should present this testable, repeatable, quantifiable, verifiable, and falsifiable evidence of your particular god for your certain Nobel Prize, sir.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

So, you're saying that I lied? Where? Did I say *all* theists?

No, I didn't.

I read /. at 4 - I didn't see any other posts saying what I said. There's plenty of evidence that what I said is true - therefore, not clueless.

Do you or any of your christian friends vote GOP? If so, you're actively supporting politicians like Santorum, Perry, Palin, Bachmann, and other like-minded Talibangelicals who want to turn our secular nation into a christian theocracy. That's not an opinion - it's a demonstrable fact.

Also, if you don't think christians deny global warming, try reading this link - if nothing else, it clearly shows this particular group of young Earth creationists are clinically insane;


As for the truth, you wouldn't know it if it smacked you upside the head with a Greenpeace sign.

Lastly, how do psychotic apparitions to delusional people count as evidence of anything besides mental illness? Oh, and once again, you deliberately lie about what I said, yet again - I said there never been any fact-based, empirical evidence of any of the thousands of deities mankind has kowtowed themselves to over the millenia; your personal anecdotes, while quaint, do not meet the criteria. I've only stated the truth again - I've never asserted anything but that simple fact.

Science requires evidence - faith denies evidence. I pity anyone denying reason, logic, and reality - like yourself.

Comment Oh, the irony... (Score 1) 249

...of theists who actively deny science (evolution, global warming, complete lack of evidence of their favorite deity, etc.), yet they still get to use the fruits of all the technology derived from it.

I cringed when those ExxonMobil commercials came on during the Masters telecast... I mean, seriously - in a science test out of 31 countries, we came in 17th place?!?

I suppose Rick Santorum might think even that's too high; what else should you expect in a place where the intellectual bankruptcy of "intelligent" design is given equal weight in the classroom with evidence-based science?

Comment What an idiot! (Score 1) 154

He could have just made shit up that favored SCO, much like Marc Rochkind did, to keep the gravy train rolling; that way, he could have at least made enough for a couple of luxury watches...

P.S. Fuck you, Darl McBride. How's life in a cardboard box going for you? :-)

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