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Comment Re:Interesting - let's see what happens (Score 4, Insightful) 217

As a lesson from another industry, Ford removed most of the physical knobs and switches from their cars when they first introduced MyFordTouch. Owners freaked out when the touch screen wasn't as responsive as they'd hoped, and some of the switches have come back over time

The issue with MyFordTouch is that drivers couldn't find the buttons without looking away from the road.

Comment Re:What about VP10? (Score 3, Informative) 178

I don't quite understand the situation, but I'm guessing it won't exist?

However, Google decided to incorporate VP10 into AOMedia Video 1 (AV1). The AV1 codec will use elements of VP10 as well as the experimental formats Daala (Xiph/Mozilla) and Thor (Cisco).[72][73] Accordingly, Google has stated that they will not deploy VP10 internally or officially release it, making VP9 the last of the VPx-based codecs to be released by Google.[74]

Comment Re:I COUNT on people paying the bleeding-edge tax (Score 1) 191

. . . and selling their perfectly-good, last-year's new-hotness phone for a small percentage of their purchase price.

. . .and people like me buy them, and have a solid, reliable, stable phone without paying the premium price for the extra 12 square millimeters of display space.

Heck, my family of 4 has 4 perfectly good Galaxy S3's, in good protective cases and with add-on Gorilla Glass protectors. . . for half of the retail price of a Galaxy S6. . .

Enjoying those security vulnerabilities?

Comment Re:$78,000,000,000 (Score 1) 102

Like another poster, you confuse monetary or economic value with the value of education. These are not the same things and they don't cleanly exchange into each other.

The reason we spend money on a childs education is that education takes time. If you could get the same education in, say, one day via brain implants, it would be smarter to wait it out until you are 18 and can decide by yourself which education you want. But since it takes years, you need to start early because life time is limited.

These are really trivial arguments to follow. Why do I have to spell it out?

Yes the trivial arguements for/against brain implants?
I guess I have to spell it out: Which is better, giving someone $X or spending $X on their education?

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