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Comment Re:I COUNT on people paying the bleeding-edge tax (Score 1) 191

. . . and selling their perfectly-good, last-year's new-hotness phone for a small percentage of their purchase price.

. . .and people like me buy them, and have a solid, reliable, stable phone without paying the premium price for the extra 12 square millimeters of display space.

Heck, my family of 4 has 4 perfectly good Galaxy S3's, in good protective cases and with add-on Gorilla Glass protectors. . . for half of the retail price of a Galaxy S6. . .

Enjoying those security vulnerabilities?

Comment Re:$78,000,000,000 (Score 1) 102

Like another poster, you confuse monetary or economic value with the value of education. These are not the same things and they don't cleanly exchange into each other.

The reason we spend money on a childs education is that education takes time. If you could get the same education in, say, one day via brain implants, it would be smarter to wait it out until you are 18 and can decide by yourself which education you want. But since it takes years, you need to start early because life time is limited.

These are really trivial arguments to follow. Why do I have to spell it out?

Yes the trivial arguements for/against brain implants?
I guess I have to spell it out: Which is better, giving someone $X or spending $X on their education?

Comment Re:Lots of citites still run windows (Score 1) 166

1. There is CentOS, with 10 year LTS releases.

And Windows XP was supported for 13 years. So in 10+ years time we'd have the same story, but with an outdated version of CentOS rather than Windows.

The problem isn't Windows vs Linux or Proprietary vs Open, it's entities being too cheap/lazy to update their software when something it relies on goes unsupported.

Comment Re:Dear all patents and patent holders. (Score 1) 187

Corporations can not "create", it is done by people who work for the corporation, so corporations should not be able to hold copyright.

BINGO!!!! Lets make copyright only applicable to physical persons that actually create. Immortal corporations do not deserve any of this.

What if multiple people are involved?

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