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Comment Re: yay more emojis (Score 2) 199

...because if we're going to have this crap in there, which we have to to fulfill the basic purpose of Unicode to support all text encodings from everywhere ever, then we may as well be fair and neutral about it all while we're at it.

So then shouldn't the push be to make emoji genderless/raceless/etc that way there can be one 'dancer' instead of every single combination of sex/race/width/wealth?

Comment Re:WHY THAT CONTROLLER PORT (Score 1) 195

It's still a kick in the nuts that you can't use your classic controllers if you have them lying around. Do not want. Will stick with emulation. I have yet to find a NES game that doesn't run at least as well on ye olde Xbox as the real thing, sometimes better.

You can use the classic controllers on an Xbox?

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