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Comment Re: Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 320

If it's already installed for them, then there isn't anything more to learn than they'd have to learn with Windows 10 anyway.

If it is already installed for them....that's a major hurdle. Finding something other than Windows (or macOS) pre-installed is nigh impossible*, the exception being Chromebooks which seem to do well.

*yes I know of things like System76, or even the Dell computers, but the average person going into a Best Buy is not going to see them.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 167

It's not hard if camera video unavailable for any reason it should be no different than civil court if you refuse to produce records you assume they show things in the worst light possible.

This means by law a fatal shooting without camera footage means the cops is automatically tried and convicted for murder unless other footage is available so show his innocence. Oddly they will start insuring their camera's work.

Guilty until proven innocent?

Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 0) 168

"Video hosting costs money. Micropayments don't work."

Hogwash. Nobody is even trying actual micropayments. Micropayments do work for the right values of "micro" and the right model.

Can you name one? I'm curious.
The only kind I can think of is mobile IAP, and lol at that model being used for YouTube. You can't watch any more videos for today, watch 5 more for $.99!

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