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Comment Re:You're missing one. (Score 1) 344

I'm sorry, but I'm a little confused. Are you saying that windows mobile is losing market share? Every new cool phone eclipses the old cool phone. windows mobile on the AT&T tilt smashed AT&T's 8525 phones. And, right now the iPhone is smashing the windows/android based devices... but as we speak the tide is turning. the first and second wave of iphone users now have their 2 yrs contracts firmly in place, and it's other devices that will start to take back market share percentages. come what may, windows mobile is not going away

now as to the whole software distribution. If you have a MacOS, Windows, Linux, etc software you built in your basement and wanted to start selling, you will consign it to someone, or build up a webpage and market the darn thing yourself. With Iphone, you don't have that option. With android and windows you do. If company A is big enough to secure exclusive rights on the iphone store, you're out of the game anyway. I think your argument about software distro is a little off, but i'm willing to listen to your side again.

it's a shame that t-mobile didn't advertise the G1 better. I understand that they didn't want to emphasize android, as soon you'll be able to get a phone with that from any vendor... but soon the world will wake up to android as a development platform, and then the really cool geeky projects will come out. Android has a market place, and yet allows direct installs. I'm really happy with it right now.

In answer to the original question, i feel that the correct platform to build your home brew app on is windows mobile. if you are anti microsoft enough to refuse that... then go with android. the market there will catch up (in case your ever thinking about going commercial with your product).

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Journal Journal: wading back in

I've been talking to that person again. I still want to keep things at arms length, but we're talking again. I'm a bit worried that I need to set a countdown clock until the next blow up, but maybe that is what will keep me from getting to close and getting called out again.

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Journal Journal: Wow, that was harsh...

I'm talking about my last JE. I was so pissed off when I wrote it, that I haven't been back to /. since. The only reason I'm here now is because that person wanted to me check out someone elses JE. My life seems better now. I've been able to say anything I want, to anyone who will listen, and no one gets offended. I still like that friend, but things are much more simple when we don't talk every day. Like I said in my last post, we smile as we pass, we make small talk

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Journal Journal: Sudden disconnect.

There is a saying that goes something like "when you feel that you are the only one you know who is sane, chances are it's actually you who are insane." Likewise, my father used to tell me that the only common item in all my failed ventures was... well, me. I took this to heart, and I apply it to the world around me today. I live a happy life, with a great wife, two kiddos and a really decent job. While like most, I can spend all day complaining about things; overall I'm pretty happy with


Journal Journal: The Turd Report 06/13/2004 5

This morning I saw the results of an experiment I performed. The turd was a vivid green color. It was an average size and had a slightly sweet smell to it, like burning sugar. It came out with ease and clean up was no problem. I rate this a 10, for the coolness factor.
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Journal Journal: Striking SBC workers

WTF? Are any of you SBC workers? Any of you SBC Union members?

I need someone to tell me 1) why unions of this nature exist, and 2) what is this union really trying to accomplish?

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Journal Journal: Triathlon Plans

This weekend I will compete in my first triathlon. It is a sprint distance, which is a 400M Swim, 20K Bike, and a 5K run. I picked up my packet yesterday. It included some cool socks (imagine getting excited over new socks), a t-shirt, some cliff bars, a couple packets of 'goo', and other neat items. Last night I planned out my transition area strategy. I know how I'm going to pack everything in my bag so that when I'm getting my equipment ready, things will go as fast as possible. I'm


Journal Journal: Must have Comedies 3

I've started collecting DVDs again, and this time I'm after comedies. After about a half hour, I got tired head. I've attached my list below. help me expand my list with your favorite comedies. Think hard. I've already thoght of a couple more, but it is the end of the day, and I'll pick it back up tomorrow. Thanks Guys!

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Journal Journal: Bob AdababyItsaboy 3

Hey! anyone who cares!

He was 8lbs 9oz and 19.5in long. Mommy and baby are doing fine. He was born at 8:30pm 2/10/04, and has been given the name Jordan Connor.

Proud Daddy

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Journal Journal: You think I swimming bad? You should see me bike and run!

I know a couple of people, from work, who compete in major athletic competitions. Seeing them train caused me to entertain the idea of trying a triathlon. I have never been an athlete. When I should have been learning to dribble or catch a pass, I was busy dealing with a debilitating illness. So I like the idea of working on my hand-eye coordination. I want to grow in muscle bulk, and trim down on table fat. Also, I stopped smoking cold turkey on Thanksgiving Day 2002, so I wanted to take

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Journal Journal: What do I do with irregular papers? 1

Hello '04.

I have a child who is in kindergarten. I don't know what to do about the large volume of paper that is coming home. I scan the 8x11 sheets that don't have glue, glitter, rope, etc. I don't want to gum up my sheet feed scanner. The ones I'm really worried about are the large format ones. Sometimes she comes home with paper as long as 18 inches. Booklets that they make are hard to manage as well. I want to think long term. I want to keep the paper trail of how he learne


Journal Journal: The Turd Report 11/21/2003 (Double Ed.) 9

I had a ham & cheese sandwich and a salad (again) for lunch yesterday; I had 6 cookies as well. My ass has decided that ~5:30am is pooping time. This morning's poop took some work to get going. This turd was odd in the fact that it wasn't cylinder shaped, but like a ribbon. It was flattened and about 6" long and looked fiberous. The turd was a medium brown and had a healthy earth smell to it. Clean up took a few extra passes and it flushed easily. I rate it an 8.


Journal Journal: The Turd Report 11/20/2003 7

The binding effects of the Percocets has passed. (pun not intended) Yesterday, I had a ham and cheese sandwich on rye bread and a small salad. I also had a craving for milk and drank a half gallon after work. I was awoken at 5am by my cat meowing by my head. I woke up, rolled over and started to let a 'Good Morning' fart. I felt a gurgling and welling up in my gut. "That's no fart", I thought to myself as I hopped up and staggered into the bathroom half awake. Everything seems to have


Journal Journal: The Turd Report 11/10/2003 4

There is something up with a muscle in my upper leg; the pain is like a punishment from God. My doc perscribed Percocet for me; they tend to bind me up. I hadn't pooped for almost 2 days and this morning the pain in my gut was unbearable. In the past days I had eaten the buffet at Charlie Chang's, a roll-up from Harris Teeter's, 2 cheeseburgers from McD's, and 2-3 pounds of red, seedless grapes. This sat in my gut, like a lead weight. Sitting on the can was painful as the muscle is very

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