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Journal tenman's Journal: What do I do with irregular papers? 1

Hello '04.

I have a child who is in kindergarten. I don't know what to do about the large volume of paper that is coming home. I scan the 8x11 sheets that don't have glue, glitter, rope, etc. I don't want to gum up my sheet feed scanner. The ones I'm really worried about are the large format ones. Sometimes she comes home with paper as long as 18 inches. Booklets that they make are hard to manage as well. I want to think long term. I want to keep the paper trail of how he learned to read and write, but I'm at a loss of where to draw the line. Do I keep everything and buy HUGE boxes and store them in the attic? Do I keep "special" ones, and toss the rest? Who gets to decide what the special ones are. I know many people deal with this same problem everyday. I also know that some of them have a great answer to this question. Do any of your have any suggestions?

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What do I do with irregular papers?

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  • My parents kept some stuff from when I was in kindergarten. Yeah, it's cool to look back at that stuff, but it's not like I remembered making any of that crap in the first place. You'll definitely get more out of keeping the stuff than your child will.

    Keeping everything seems a bit excessive, though. Actually, keeping more than 25% of it seems like much. Keep it all until the end of the year, then go through it all with your child and have her pick her favorites. Go through everything again and pick your f

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