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Journal FortKnox's Journal: Jenna Kathleen Marotti 42

Wow, what a weekend. Just came in to get the pics off the camera, write a couple emails, shower & shave. So this will be different than my normal JEs. I won't proofread this or anything, its just a type and go thing. Sorry if I ramble or don't make sense.

I was on support for work. New DB box comes in Friday night. So all day saturday I'm fixing problems that come in. Go into an IBS flare hard Saturday night (came out of the blue, totally broadsided me). Sunday came, and I was paged awake (no sleep, flare all night). Worked while the wife went to work. Things were BAD at work. Then I got the call from the wife. She's in labor, leaving church. I gather everything up, sit and pace around waiting, eventually write my previous JE to try to get my self under control, pick her up and we go to the hospital. Go into maternity triage, she's 5cm dialated, and contractions have a pattern, so in a nice cosy labor & delivery room we go.
Wife is in a lot of pain, so she already starts asking about an epidural. She has to get in a whole bag of fluids first, so she stays in agony for a couple hours, then there was a nurse shift (sorry if I sound like an ass, but the nurse that came in was H-O-T). Anywho, she realizes how much pain the wife is in and expedites the epidural process. In comes the anethesiologist (yeah, I can't spell). She brings along a doctor in training type. Then she works on my wifes back for a good deal of time... asks if my wife has problems with her backbone and stuff cause she's having a hell of a time (with Joey, the dude came in, popped it in her back, and she was fine). Eventually she gets something in (finishes up, tapes up, etc...) and leaves. Wife only feels it on one side. They try stuff (like positioning her, etc...) to get it on the other side. All fail, so the anethesiologist returns for a second try. We hear an 'oops'... she overshot and put an epideral needle (its a tube for a catheter) into the spinal fluid. She basically 'accidentally' gave my wife a spinal. It happens every once in a while, they just have to lower the dosage a ton and hope for no complications. Then she can't feed the catheter into the space. Wonderful. So she goes down a vertebra and tries again. This time she gets in and gives her the little dose to make sure everything is in right and everything goes numb pretty fast. The anethesiologist sits there for a minute and then doesn't attach the epidural medicine. All the medicine from the previous epidural and new one just leaked into the big ass hole she made in my wife's spinal column.
I guess it wasn't all that bad. The only problem was they had to tell my wife when to push because she didn't feel any contractions. So the birthing went well and the spinal started wearing off right as the baby was coming out so the timing was perfect.
But now my wife has 'spinal headaches' which she has to be treated for. But that's the only drama that has come out of this.

Jenna is definately a different experience than Joey. Joey was a sleeping machine. Jenna hasn't slept, yet. I'm going on my second day without sleep now, but hopefully tonight she'll be worn out enough to take some good 3 hour sleeping cycles. She breast feeds a TON better than Joey did. Joey seems to be reacting well to his new sister...

Anyway, I need to get back to the hospital. The stats:
Jenna Kathleen
8lbs 7oz, 20in long
Born 2/20 @ 5:53pm

Pictures right here. Sorry I didn't make a page for them or anything (and, again, the good pics are from my bro, the bad ones I took).
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Jenna Kathleen Marotti

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