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Journal The Turd Report's Journal: The Turd Report 06/13/2004 5

This morning I saw the results of an experiment I performed. The turd was a vivid green color. It was an average size and had a slightly sweet smell to it, like burning sugar. It came out with ease and clean up was no problem. I rate this a 10, for the coolness factor.

Harris Teeter has these vividly colored cupcakes. I surmised that if you ate several (3+) of them, it would turn your poop colors. I had noticed this before, but was uncertain if the cupcakes were the source. So, I did not eat for 24 hours before the cupcakes. I ate 6 cupcakes (vivid blue) and this was the result. If you do not see them for sale, they will make them for you.

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The Turd Report 06/13/2004

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  • I've never seen anything quite that intense, but if you're going for more of a deep green, black licorice Twizzlers will do a nice dye job.

    Also, I must commend you on the clarity of the toilet bowl water - did you not urinate, or are you consuming far more water than I am?
  • quite a sacrifice to make for the sake of science. How have you been feeling lately, TR?

You should never bet against anything in science at odds of more than about 10^12 to 1. -- Ernest Rutherford