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Comment Re:User friendly (Score 1) 297


Me: What's it say on the screen?

Margaret: I don't know. It doesn't work.

Me: You don't know what it says on the screen?

Margaret: No. It just doesn't work. Come fix it.

Computer screen: Operating system not found.

After popping the floppy disk out and rebooting the machine Windows NT launches.

Margaret: Well, I could have done that, why didn't you tell me that was the problem?

Comment Re:is comcast conning me? (Score 1) 140

What makes you think the lines are separate?

Experience. Phone lines, especially major feeders and trunk lines, are buried as often as possible. That's not possible for high tension and major electrical supply lines except in downtown areas where that type of very expensive infrastructure makes financial sense. The 'last mile' electrical cable between the substation and your home may be buried, but the lines to the substation are almost certainly not. Phone lines are easier to fix, don't require major equipment, and don't need to be brought up in a specific order, either.

I live near I-90 and I-405 interchange. Major traffic issues at rush hour will overload the T-Mobile and Sprint connections in our area (ATT seems to have more capacity), the end of the fireworks display or the SeaFair air show will bring them to their virtual knees. When we had the big windstorm a few years ago (2008?) we were without power for 5 days, but never lost land line. Duval didn't have power for two weeks, but had telephone service within a couple of days.

Comment Re:is comcast conning me? (Score 1) 140

I would keep the land line. People don't think about it, but in an emergency the cellphone network is almost immediately overwhelmed (even bad rush hour traffic in our area). For that matter many (most?) of the towers don't have backup generators so will shutdown as soon as their batteries run out in a power emergency. I live in the Pacific Northwest, we have earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, and a 70 mph windstorm will bring down so many Douglas Fir trees that it can take two weeks to restore power to some areas. During any of these our land line will continue to work as long as the phone line itself isn't broken, while the cellphone network implodes and melts down. Cheap insurance.

Comment Re:Mobile Phones (Score 1) 160

I think that will depend on the VR industry. Currently most of the VR headsets work off a smartphone, generally a Samsung one. VR porn is supposedly absolutely amazing and studios are starting to put out titles that really take advantage of its abilities. If the VR industry starts putting out decent cheap headsets that don't require a phone (and there's no reason for them not to, the electronics are cheap now) we may see smartphones become commodity devices, the way they should be. If they keep relying on smartphones for their guts we'll probably see at least one or two more generations of "I need this new phone because of X" (X being some nominal unimportant feature but the real reason will be porn, of course).

Comment Re:Stop chasing the shiny (Score 1) 160

Indeed. My wife occasionally tells me that I "need" a new truck. I tell her that the wheels haven't fallen off yet, so it doesn't need replacing.

I'm much the same way with my phone. If I hadn't finally broken it this spring I'd still have the four year-old $60 phone that did absolutely everything that I needed. I do have to admit that the low-light performance on the camera is better on the new one, but that's just a nice-to-have, not a need.

Comment Re:Stronger passwords won't help (Score 1) 56

Do you know if they're telling the truth?

If approached by a researcher I may thell them *a* password in exchange for chocolate - whether it's a valid one or not would be a matter for my conscience [is my deception greater than theirs? are the consequences of my lie better/worse than their planned action? ...]

Comment Re:The problem with these meters (Score 1) 147

written down is fine in many situations, I don't care if my wife or her best friend or my brother can find my bank password, as long as Nikolai from Bulgaria can't guess it.

the opposite can be true too, my intranet systems at work are firewalled off from the general internet so nobody cares how well a rainbow table in east asia can work on our passwords, but coworkers or customers seeing our passwords is a serious matter.

Comment Re:IBM you say? (Score 1) 92

So the Australian government opted to host this thing on their own servers

Where did you get that from?

You must be new here. On Slashdot, you don't need to be right, you just have to sound right to get mod points.

I see you went for the other strategy, which is to accuse other people of making stuff up because you are yourself too lazy to even read TFA.

You must be new here. On Slashdot we don't read TFA before posting ;-)

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