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Comment Re:Easy Fix! (Score 2) 322

>and the cash price he charges me is less than an MD that takes insurance would charge

Can confirm that one. One MD I work for must charge their clients more if they have insurance, insurance requires them to add a large number of tests and other unnecessary requirements on most visits. For most people the co pay ends up higher than if they just paid cash.

Comment Re:Lol, oh sure (Score 2) 195

I can't find the reference but I do recall the earlier story. I also recall someone trying to get the company to accept his son and his associated student loan debts [plus provide said son with food, shelter...] - the company refused and I believe he threatened to take them to court for not honouring their contractual obligations.

Not sure how it ended up - but if a few highly publicised cases showed how companies weaseled out of their side of a bargain perhaps we could end up with more equitable and sane contract terms.

Perhaps that's too much to ask - maybe just settle for clear, simple expressions

Something like:

You give us money - we graciously let you use (not own) our stuff - we don't guarantee that it will work or that we'll support it - you can't bank on it working in the future (esp. if we decide to break it to force you to buy an upgrade) - if you even dare to think about looking at what you've rented we will bankrupt you - and "all your data are belong to us"

Comment Re: Colour me skeptical... (Score 1) 298

Falling from an airliner's cruising altitude to about 15,000 feet, where air is breathable and parachutes can be deployed, would only take a couple of minutes. For most people I think that unconsciousness would be preferable to being awake for that whole time, but if the pod maintains structural integrity there's no reason why it would necessarily decompress anyway (unless that's part of the design for some reason).

Just thinking about the whole thing, while I doubt the pods would ever be deployed on a commercial airliner I can see a market for thrill-seekers who might want to get dropped from 35,000 feet.

Comment Re:Colour me skeptical... (Score 1) 298

In flight the capsule would be pressurized, even if it depressurized immediately upon disconnect in free fall it would only be above 18,000 feet for two or three minutes. Below that you can breathe without much trouble, and the parachute probably wouldn't be opened above 15,000 feet or so. But yeah, they'd be too heavy.

Comment Re:Likely won't eventuate (Score 1) 298

Increase from one to two? Big fracking deal. You're still far more likely to be struck by lightning or die from slipping in the bathtub than in **any** type of aircraft crash, but I have no intention of giving up walks outdoors or bathing. And seriously, "the Muslims"? Do any of the Muslims you know or have ever met actually want to increase the number of aircraft bombings? None of the half dozen that I work with do, nor any of the other couple score that I speak to on a regular basis. Do you also claim that "the Catholics" want to prohibit birth control worldwide? Or that "the Hindus" want to force vegetarianism on everyone?

Comment Re:Need Two Other Numbers (Score 1) 109

In the case of windmills, under high wind conditions the blades are feathered so the windmill isn't rotating at all. In large installations this is done automatically, including in response to the automated National Weather Service tornado alerts. In the case of a tornado a windmill tower is about as likely to survive as an antenna tower, at any sort of distance they're fine but a direct hit will destroy them.

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