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Comment Re:Hit Job on Google? (Score 3, Interesting) 274

No, News Corp has been doing this for years. The reason is Murdoch thinks Google and Google News specifically is killing the news industry, and that the iPad will save it (or at least he thought that a few years ago). It's pure inter-corporate warfare being played out through manipulation of public opinion. The WSJ in particular are experts at it.

Comment Re:No wonder Scandanavia and the low countries (Score 1) 76

And higher capital gains taxes.

Capital seeks returns. Net tax rates on investments must be globally competitive. Average earnings * (1 - Cap Gains Rate) * (1 - Corporate Tax Rate) must compete. The effective investor 'keep rate' is about 55% in all first world nations. To the extent it varies, it reflects the difference in earnings.

Which isn't to say it's really simple. Average earnings is noisy as fuck and past performance is no guarantee of future earnings. Earnings can avoid corporate tax rates by returning value in increased share price and no declaring earnings, which is an argument for zero corporate taxes and 45% cap gains taxes.

Comment Re: Liability (Score 1) 497

The DEA doesn't have the budget. The states (CA anyway) have already passed laws making it illegal to spend state money enforcing federal laws when state and federal laws conflict. County prosecutors that cooperate with the DEA are forced (by the voters) to get honest jobs.

The federal government's stance on banking for pot trades hasn't helped. It's still largely a cash business and pot growers/dealers are essentially volunteering to pay taxes on revenue, while maintaining old school money laundering operations.

This last election was truly giant douche vs. turd sandwich. The only sensible option was voting 3rd party.

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