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Comment Re:RANT! (Score 1) 188

It must be noted that we now can't kill the rural electrification program.

It still costs the USA $800 million dollars/year and employs 12,000 federal workers who do _absolutely nothing_.

Getting power to anyplace rural is full price. The entire $800 million is sucked up by rent seekers and government tit suckers.

Comment Re:Renewables will never work (Score 1) 281

The most expensive 'generation' available is curtailment of industries that really don't like to shut down mid process.

Price caps have to be higher than the highest cost generation in the pool.

You also need price caps high enough to draw in new capital. Otherwise you just stay underbuilt, running obsolete inefficient generators, like under rate base.

You don't appear to understand how power pools work. Everybody gets the price of the highest bid (bids can be assumed to be marginal cost) unit run for the period.

Comment Re:How long? (Score 1) 214

Nobody has to keep money in dollars to trade in oil. Currency exchange is instant and computerized. Leaving assets in non-local currency is a risky proposition. If nations are leaving money in dollars, they should look to their local currencies problems. Just like the mattresses full of dollars, there is a reason.

There are many players holding enough Dollar/Euro/Renminbi/Pound debt to crash any of the currencies. But doing that would be blowing their own peckers off. We are in a financial MAD situation.

Comment Re:I can tell you... (Score 0) 188

Having 5k$ liquid for emergencies is 'independently wealthy'?

Learn to manage your money kid. If you're stressing on bills every month, you are doing it wrong. By not living on the _cheap_ long enough to build a reserve, you remove your ability to say 'no', fucking you long term prospects of improving your situation.

Comment Re:hand mirrors and morse code (Score 1) 188

You sound like you think it's better elsewhere?

It is not. Europe and Asia has buried infrastructure thousands of years old in some cases. How would you like to be pushing buried fiber in Rome or Hanoi?

I'm surprised ground penetrating radar isn't in more common use.

Comment Re:How long? (Score 1) 214

No. Not even close. The last 10+ years has seen a massive increase in accounting tricks on both sides, you can't trust anybody's numbers, but England set new standards in BS.

The only hope for the Dollar and Euro is that the collapse of the Pound puts 'the fear' into both political bodies and they stop printing.

The reality will be that capital flight from the Pound will hold up the Euro and Dollar for a few years, then one of them will pop as well. China will also be 'triggered' by the Pound, unless it goes first.

It's not so much oil trading that supports the Dollar. It's overseas cash reserves. When you live in a 'workers paradise' a mattress full of US dollars (as bad as they are) is still one of the safest stores of value available to you.

Comment Re:Just curious... (Score 1) 205

You have a problem.

First, there are lots of little chunks of stuff that have helium in it. A huge number are very small, but close enough to out gas and show up in a low resolution version of your survey.

That's where the problem comes in. This planet is very far out. If it is in the far reaches of its orbit, very little sunlight is going to hit the planet. You're going to have to capture very high resolution images to even get a few photons from this object. And they will be hidden by the myriad of closer objects.

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