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Comment Re: who knew (Score 1) 232

Pedestrians are slightly more likely to suffer a head injury than cyclists per mile travelled.

Car drivers are more likely to be hit by a car than cyclists in general. (Cyclists more likely per mile travelled, but generally they use safer transport like trains for longer distances)

Cyclists overall live much longer lives. So any head injury risk is completely outweighed by the risk of cardiac arrest, cancer, suicide caused by depression, getting stuck in a doorway and starving to death cos you're too fat, etc, etc

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 4, Insightful) 755

When I heard this story on the radio this morning, the most surprising bit was that Syria is responsible for the rise of ISIS.
I'm sure last week it was the destabilization of Iraq that was the cause of ISIS.

Can someone send me the memo from the Ministry of Truth as I missed that one.

Oceania has always been at war with Syria.

Please report to the first room on the first floor for further information.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 110

The word you are looking for in that sentence would probably be "warrants".

You're welcome.

No because that would change the context entirely. He's not saying that the post is warranting a discussion on Slashdot. He's suggesting that, on Slashdot, the bar set for a definition of "a discussion" is set so low as to include a post which consists only of a few "I agree posts".

Comment Re:yes but.... (Score 1) 111

or we could drop it into the oceans to counteract all the freshwater melt coming off the polar ice caps from the global warming.

I think this was OP's point. If you dump it back in the oceans then... unless you spread it very, very thinly over a wide area, you'll end up with pockets of highly concentrated saline ocean which is very harmful to sea life.

Comment Re:Unwittingly? (Score 1) 76

How is it unwitting if they spend $3.1 millions on it?

I was wondering this. The TFA says that it's the teachers that are the unwitting parties. It's the schools that are buying the spy software, and the teachers are having to use it. I guess unwilling would be a better term, but you get the gist.

Comment Re:well... (Score 4, Interesting) 76

If these are school-owned computers, on school property, then I don;thave much of a problem with this... privately owned devices and/or devicesa the students take home, not as much so

Interesting point. If they were adults then I'd agree. However kids aren't really able to ascertain the implications of this spying, so I'm unsure. Also, they don't have much choice about the matter. I can choose whether or not to work for an employer that acts like Big Brother, kids don't really have much of a choice about which school they go to.

Comment Re:We're all tracking the reality of things,right? (Score 1) 174

If this is true - and they'll call the result when there's still enough people in line to change the result - then shame on Google. They've gone from organizing the world's information to predicting (and influencing) the future.

Great. Now people aren't even reading the fucking title:

Google Will Display Election Results As Soon As Polls Close

Great. Now people aren't even reading the fucking parent comment

In more contested districts, it is more common to have longer lines at the polls, which can mean that people technically vote after the poll close time

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