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Comment Re:Sorry, Tim... (Score 2) 319

Today's dime was 1970's penny. 1970 prices:

McDonald's Hamburger 12 cents
Pepsi 10 cents
candy bar 5 cents
Cigarettes 25 cents
Gasoline 25 cents
Ajax Cleaner 15 cents
Alka Selzer 39 cents
Apples 14 cents per pound
Bananas 12 cents per pound
Bathroom Tissue 13 cents
Birds Eye Cool whip 38 cents
Campbells Tomato Soup 10 cents
Clorox bleach 38 cents
Dogs Food $1.00 for 12 cans
Fresh Beef Liver 49 Cents per pound
Frozen Vegetables 25 cents for 2 pks
Ground Round 79 Cents per pound
Head and Shoulder Shampoo 79 cents
Heinz ketchup 19 cents
Idaho Potatoes 98 cents for 10 pounds

Miniimum wage was $1.40. So why is it not $14 today? And why do pennies and nickles still exist? ...
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Comment Re:Sorry, Tim... (Score 1) 319

Not only that, but there are still dealers who will only take cash. The bar I go to takes only cash and checks, although there is an ATM, which dispenses... cash. A lot of bars and other places are like that because it costs the vendor a buck or two per transaction if a credit card is used. Do you really think the banking industry will let Apple kill their cash generating machines? Banks make tons of money from ATMs.

The statement is literally brainless; no thought whatever was put to it, unless you consider wishing for unicorns "thinking".

Comment Re:They need more censorship (Score 1) 84

Well I didn't get banned for my opinions. I got some assholes but I just blocked them like an adult.

So, you went through the trouble of getting in line for a account, then signing up for an account, then logging in, before enjoying your freedom of speech?

So why not sign up for a Slashdot account and login so your opinion can be taken for more than pure horseshit? You know, like an adult.

Comment Don't just think "change"; think "rate of change". (Score 1) 161

I have known or at least met many environmental luminaries in the course of my career, and as one of them put it: I = P*S/T -- that is to say environmental impact is proportional to population and standard of living, but is inversely proportional to technology.

So the key to avoiding a dystopian future is to keep the rate of technological improvement greater than the rate of population growth. The way to do that is to invest in people. Societies who have lower infant mortality rates have lower birth rates; societies with better education are more innovative.

Will the future way we do things look radically different from today? Yes! Just as the way we do things today look radically different from the past. Change happens in both the environment and human society; it's inevitable. The question is whether it happens at a rate organisms and people can adapt to, and in particular whether we make a conscious decision to direct that change or have it forced upon us.

Comment Re:I'll be skipping this generation ... (Score 1) 167

Fuck me you're easy to please. I want everything, I want it all powerful, and I want it the size of a tablet?

Your big problem is you think professional laptops include a use case which they simply don't do. 13" "professional" laptop? Hell no. You'll alienate more users with than then not.

Comment Re:except it wasn't people renting out their rooms (Score 1) 274

Yes I creep on people with my ears.
Oh and totally tourists party hard in shitty little accommodations rather than ... you know clubs, bars, street festivals, town squares, and all the other shit they actually come to see.

By the way a liar is a person who tells lies, not someone who doesn't share your opinion. You don't even need a dictionary for this, you can just google it these days.

Comment Re:The foxes own the hen house (Score 1) 79

It would certainly be detrimental if your boss decided to check up on you on your day off and discovered you were at a competitor's office -- kind of suggests you're looking at other employment.

Well yes that would be majorly detrimental to my boss. I on the other hand would benefit greatly from the resulting payout.

Or something less drastic: If McDonald's notices you're close to a Burger King and suddenly you get 14 text messages with deals for Big Macs.

And here's a great scenario that is countered by evidence, given how the ability to track your phone location accurately already exists, as does advertising.

Imagine if the US Govt had the capability of tracking Snowden back in 2013.. or even today.

I don't need to imagine it. They were tracking him. He was an employee of the NSA. Their problem is they didn't act on anything until after it was too late. They knew exactly where he went and when and didn't think much of it until later.

That's the thing about tracking. People come up with all these wondeful doomsday scenarios that just simply don't pan out in pretty much every democratic nation in the world. Sure if I was living in North Korea the answer may be different, but then likely I would also have the common sense to simply decline the ability for a website to access whatever you think the latest privacy issue is.

Comment Re:Make a phone with a replaceable Battery (Score 1) 37

That is a market that disappears with trade-ins, and ignores the fact that there are people who will happily buy devices without replaceable batteries and replace them anyway / refurbish them.

Plus about the only batteries I can still get for my S4 are non-genuine likely to explode in my face Alibaba specials, so I don't see this as being a major benefit unless manufacturers continue to support the removable batteries ... which they don't.

Comment Re:Hi Tim (Score 1) 319

I just came back from Copenhagen. The drug dealers in the shanty town of Christiania had wireless paywave machines, and the street vendor I bought a coffee from processed the transaction with a device plugged into a surface tablet.

Cash is so 26th of October 2016.

Comment Re:Sorry, Tim... (Score 1) 319

When you get in trouble, everyone takes cash

That is a quirk from a cash society. In a cashless society people stop taking cash. I came into this problem when I was turned down entry to a restaurant in Europe because I wanted to pay with euros. They accepted debit / credit cards only and I had neither on me. In some Scandinavian countries don't accept any cash, because it's very difficult to get rid of without paying a bank to take it.

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