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Comment Before you think about this, answer me that: (Score 2) 110

What changed during the Bush administration?
What changed during the Obama administration?

Why the fuck do you expect change now?

I don't get it. I really don't. NOTHING changed from one administration change to the next for the past decades. Oh yes, there was a war on terror. Oh. And? That would have been in what way different under any other rule?

Face it, folks: You're fucked. You have a system in place that allows you to choose every 4 years whether you want to feed one group of useless gits or the other group of useless gits. That makes a huge difference for the gits, and that's why that election fight is fought tooth and nail because it's all or nothing for them. Fo you, it's nothing. Either way.

Mostly because you don't get to choose who you can vote for. That's chosen for you. In the end, when you strip the whole fluff, the whole spectacle has a lot of the old Soviet times when you even sometimes got to choose between two candidates from the same party, supporting the same ideals and the same economic system, not questioning in the slightest the all-holy doctrines and differing in insignificant bullshit topics that were hyped and emotionalized to insane levels despite having exactly zero impact on anything that really mattered in the end.

Let's be brutally honest: The same is true for your DemRep Party.

Comment Re:They took the worst part of Python (Score 1) 190

Doesn't change the fact that the Python block syntax can cause serious problems and offers *no* actual benefit over using delimiters like {} and using delimiters solves the problems Python's syntax can cause.

Yes it does have a benefit. Since people actually read indentation and not braces, a brace in the wrong position, aka wrong indentation, leads to bugs as well. Enforcing what people actually read, instead of differentiating between a convention for humans (indentation) and syntactic rules for the compiler lessens those risks.

That's not to say that Python's choices are perfect, and that there aren't gotchas. But to say that it carries no benefit isn't true either.

Comment Re:What kind of jobs? (Score 1) 311

Sorry, not gonna work. Yes, that used to work out back when the American dream could still come true, but know what? It's over. Been over for a long time now.

The American Dream was "work hard, climb the ladder, make wise investments and one day you'll live comfortably".

Doesn't work anymore. You can work your ass off and you will won't get anywhere, earn enough to actually make any investments and you'll never live comfortably. You'll work to your grave.

The new American Dream is "fuck this, try winning the lottery or get hit by someone with money with his car and sue his pants off".

Comment Re:Right to 3D print (Score 1) 205

Just wait 'til 3D printing catches on.

In case you're not familiar with this, spare parts for cars is a HUGE business. And everyone involved is fleecing you, no matter where you get that part, whether it's a "genuine" original, a knockoff, even if you get it from a junk yard from a wreck, in the end you'll be charged many, many times over what the part actually costs you to build it in a 3D printer.

Can you imagine just what kind of industry you're standing against if that takes off? If you think the MAFIAA's battle against that dreaded "copying" was big, just wait 'til car companies and the fully dependent downstream companies (which are far from mom'n'pop shops as well!) feel the pain of you creating your own plastic parts for a buck that they wanted to sell you for twenty after mass producing it for a cent.

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