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Comment Re:They're worse for anything except up-close view (Score 1) 179

But does it really? What benefit do curved monitors give? I was told "the whole the screen is more evenly at the same distance from your eyes". But what I heard was "the screen is laid out in an unexpected and distorted way that screws with your brain".

It absolutely makes sense. I bought one for my home-office (35" curved) and I always work in multiple windows simultaneously. The curved monitor has made this so much easier, I don't have to turn my head and feel I'm getting a better overview on the curved monitor.
I can easily compare to the monitor in my office-office, which is a 32" flat monitor, I notice that I am not utilizing the full space of the monitor, and am turning my head a lot more.

Obviously not a major thing, but I am appreciating the curved monitor, and wouldn't go back. As a TV on the other hand, I'd never get a curved screen.

Comment Re: As an app developer... (Score 3, Interesting) 53

Are you sure about that? You can definitely pin certificates in iOS. The trustkit library provides an implementation, for example.

Yes, but then the story is going to be "76 apps vulnerable to SSL interception if running jailbreakable versions of iOS", because the attacker can trick the user into jailbreaking their device, installing SSLKillSwitch before tricking them into installing and trusting a new cert. I find this scenario about as likely as the "install a fake cert and trust it, then please re-direct all your traffic to my nice little mitm proxy" scenario.

Comment who cares? (Score 3, Interesting) 53

76 apps missing cert pinning, how is that a story?
So the attack is this then:

1) Find user with non-certpinning app installed
2) Trick user into installing a cert
3) Trick the user into trusting the newly installed cert
4) Modify the network settings on the users device to re-direct traffic via mitm proxy, or attack network such that traffic is re-directed via mitm proxy.
5) How is this a story worth posting?

I have no problems using apps without certpinning, any successfully attack requires, at the very least, two stupid decisions on part of the user.
Also, not using certpinning != vulnerability.

Comment Re:how about this (Score 2) 626

all those big wig IT executives that want to open the floodgates for refugees open their homes and guest houses to refugees

Not a chance. They'll do what the elitist pricks in France and Italy did while cheering on the "migrants" and so on. Cheer, cheer, cheer while they're flooding in and the average person gets fucked. Then when they show up on their door step, scream "help me police and government, you're our only hope." And build a wall or two while they're at it.

They aren't asking for refugees to be let in, they are saying that a blanket ban, like the one Trump is trying to implement, to stop _anyone_ from those countries from entering the US, for _any_ reason, is hurting them.

They do business in those countries, they need to sell their products there, and be able to support them, have teams there for the local markets, and now none of them can get to the US and be trained, they cant come for conferences, they cant assist in projects and so on... not to mention the negative image this gives US companies in not only the banned countries, but also in many others.

If you are from Iran, do really good research, then should you not be able to present that research in a conference, even if its in the US?

Its sad to see the comments on /. these days, it used to be a good forum, but as soon as Trump / foreigners etc are mentioned in a story, the anti-H1B movement comes rushing in, and floods all comments to the point that its depressing to read them.

I simply don't get how you can move from "cannot get our staff from abroad here for training and conferences" to "they should let refugees sleep in their homes".

Comment Re:Cheap (Score 1) 626

Oh yeah, because Microsoft, Apple, Facebook etc. are doing this because they *CARE*, not because Trump is about to take away their cheap slave-labor pool and make them hire American workers.

They are doing this because they sell products in those countries, so they have staff there that needs to come to the US for training, which Trump is effectively stopping. Furthermore, they need to be able to develop products that fit that marketplace, which requires people with specific business skills from those countries, especially when looking at things such as licensing, pricing, marketing, legislation, HR and so on...

You can create a massive list of reasons how this does in fact hurt them, most of which would hold up in court, but the anti-H1B /.-movement in strong, and now that we have alternative facts and decisions based on feelings and opinions rather then facts, I guess such a list would be quite worthless.

Comment Re:Paging Dr. Faustus (Score 4, Informative) 481

I always find this funny that so many studies say "The Arctic is warming and there should be no more ice cap by 2050". I remember some US scientists said there would be no ice in the Arctic by 2013, and look at this graph. The arctic ice cap is currently a little over 13 million square km. Yes, it may be shrinking a little, but the sampling period is extremely short, compared to our planet's age. This can or cannot be caused by humans. But hey, anyway humans won't survive Earth, which is scheduled to disappear anyway in the next 5 billion years... Unless we disseminate elsewhere in our universe, we're doomed.

You are not taking into account any changes between then and now, but even worse, you have no data on the depth of the ice, only on the area. The square kilometers says nothing about the volume, this however, does:

Just because one model (and your BBC article was about ONE model which contradicted other model) didn't accurately predict when all the ice will be gone, doesn't mean that you should throw all models in the bin. Right now, most models say that the ice will be mostly gone somewhere between 2040 - 2100.

Comment Re:Wow, Al Capone is now == Pirate Bay (Score 2) 70

This was the result of an "investigation" asked for by the goverment, and the reason for treating large-scale copyright infringement more harshly is because the rules in Sweden mean that the police are very limited in what they can do, if they crime in question cannot end with a prison sentence of minimum 2 years.
Combined with that, the recent case against "Swefilmer" shows that they made euro 1 400 000 from advertisement, so they goverment feels that slapping a fine on an operation such as swefilmer is not sufficient.

Not sure if this is the right approach, but I don't disagree with harsh punishment for people that turn pirating into business.

Comment Re:Sweden (Score 4, Informative) 70

Doesn't Sweden have bigger problems, like Muslim rape gangs making it the rape capital of the world?

No, but Sweden does have a very broad definition of rape, things that in many countries wouldn't even be considered illegal, are considered rape in Sweden.
Anyways, why bother with facts when you can use #alternativefacts, the latter doesn't even require any references.

Comment Re:I've yet to see any real action (Score 1) 834

The easiest solution is not to set any particular price, but have companies bid for available visas which will naturally drive up the price. Eventually it gets to a point where it's only worth it to hire an H1-B visa candidate if you really can't find any local talent and are more than willing to pay top dollar.

Education and Healthcare bidding _directly_ against major tech companies for talent... ideas here are getting just better and better...

Comment Re: Do the right thing - stand against Trump's big (Score 1) 952

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak outâ" Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak outâ" Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak outâ" Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for meâ"and there was no one left to speak for me.

Comment Re: Overpriced (Score 3, Informative) 101

He was getting prepaid cards, where there tends to be an extra fee for the card itself, can't compare that to a subscription.

In general though, I find connectivity in the US to be expensive. I pay $55 for uncapped 1000/1000mbit fiber to my home, and about the same for my mobile connection, which has a 40GB data limit, and free calls and text,and I can use it in 47 countries right now without any additional charge, the US included.

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