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Comment Re:Cash Grab (Score 1) 123

The sins of the fathers will lead to punishment of their children, and children's children, even unto the 3rd and 4th generations. Its always been so. We can't change that part.

Besides, think of the BILLIONS being subjected to higher-than-legally-allowed doses of carcinogens, and who will continue to be punished thusly for centuries now, simply for being born on the same planet that Volkswagen exist on.

And no, I don't think VW is the only car company that deserves punishment here.

Comment Re:Cash Grab (Score 1) 123

That assumes that we'd be better off with VW than without, which seems to be logically fallacious on your part because it assumes two things that have clearly been proven untrue just within the scope of this discussion: 1) that anyone besides hired astro-turfing drones like you gives a shit if this bankrupts some shitty abusive foreign company over their illegal practices, and 2) that VW hasn't been actively harming consumers just by existing.

Comment Re:Pierce the corporate veil (Score 1) 123

No, I don't think anyone said that the flagrant level of wrongdoing here should be treated unlike other formulaically similar situations, which are off-topic, but nonetheless also had parties fully deserving of being prosecuted directly as individuals, who also still largely have not faced justice. I don't think anyone is saying that at all. You may be confused because they're not talking about stuff that is off topic.

Comment Cute argument but flawed. (Score 1) 1135

Basically they seem to assume retail pricing on everything from housing to commodities, ignoring the fact that most of those prices are inflated artificially by the "free hand" of the market. The "free hand" of the market is currently working to optimize maximum movement of currency per transaction, rather than a maximum amount of transactions. And this is surprisingly simple to fix, too, though it scares the shit out of greedy rich people and business owners enough that some of them will probably even reply to this message to claim its not possible to do.

Comment HAHA yea... no. (Score 2) 108

Its hilarious to watch these idiots thrash about and waste millions trying to one-up each other and their imaginary fears of whatever Nintendo will do next year, all the while systematically screwing over their core constituency and early adopters who clearly must all suffer from Stockholm Syndrome by now.

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