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Comment Ubuntu. (Score 1) 461

Look, I'm sure some of you clicked on this post in bewilderment, expecting to see some hypocritical pro-Ubuntu argument from a known digerati eliteist here. You're not gonna find one. But the answer to the question is Ubuntu.

The problem is that the question is wrong. Like many such users, their actual biggest problem is just not knowing how to ask the right questions. The question "What's the easiest Linux distro for a newbie?" was formulated by someone who wanted a Linux distro that would not leave them running in terror, frightened and disgusted of all open source software forever. While Ubuntu (or Mint, or whatever... something even more absurd) may indeed be the easiest for new adopters to understand, it's a far cry from a good example of the pinnacle of quality in open source software that they want and need.

Comment Re:Now "fixed" (Score 1) 114

Yea, but UA string matching/parsing IS NOT "feature recognition." Feature recognition is done by testing individual functions and objects for known behaviors. Be really careful about being a non-coder reading reddit posts by novice coders and thinking that means you know stuff about how code works.

Comment Re:Now "fixed" (Score 1) 114

Well, first of all, it's a plausible fix but only for really badly-written javascript. Even back when it was necessary sometimes, it was still ill-advised to serve a different copy of the page to every browser. You're much better writing browser-agnostic code. Yes, they do have a common denominator of functionality that makes that possible if you're competent. Second of all, even if true, all this proves is they wrote ONE case for IE and broke everything else on purpose. In summary, your argument just takes the conversation back to square one: they obviously bungled this on purpose. It's that obvious to everyone who's actually done browser compatibility that they're forgetting to mention it, which is why you missed out on the significance.

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