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Comment Re:Slashdot "experts" who were wrong. (Score 5, Insightful) 164

Yea uh, you missed the mark there by a mile. We don't hate technology - that's your fundamental error in judgment right there. We just hate overpriced, over-hyped consumer-grade usury. We're trying to protect people like you, who are so easily herded by advertising like so much cattle to the slaughter. Once you assume that because Apple gets grief from greybeards because of technology you've failed to make the critical mental distinction between good technology, bad technology, and marketing. When that happens, you've let the advertisers win control over your fundamental understanding of facts, which they will simply replace with much more easily manipulable emotions.

These planted emotions they've programmed you with are why you actually felt the need to make this post to which I'm replying. Take a few moments to think about it calmly and rationally in private, with no fear of reprisal. You deserve it.

Next, ask yourself if Apple really deserved to have a concession made to a testing procedure that no other company or product has previously ever received.

Comment Re:The Stupid... (Score 2) 284

Fun fact: It is actually against the terms of service of both Facebook and Twitter to sign up by incompletely or inaccurately identifying oneself. And, if they were able to actually properly police that, it would destroy their business plan in mere days because everyone would realize that neither platform is nearly as popular or exciting as the swarms of millions of astro-turfing bots suggest.

Comment Re:Stealing? (Score 1, Interesting) 93

The advertisers aren't the ones paying for this service that the "Russian hackers" are providing. The site owners who host the ad campaigns are paying the hackers to inflate their traffic stats in order to defraud the advertising networks.

Granted, I have trouble feeling sorry for the advertisers here too, but these figures are also being used for public traffic stats, which then in turn drives investment and stock prices of internet startup businesses, eventually leading to massive derailment of one of the basic fundamental assumptions upon which the US market thrives. This is a much bigger problem than just the 5 million dollars.

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