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Comment No duh. (Score 3, Insightful) 21

This pervasive sealing cripples public discussion of whether these judicial orders are lawful and appropriate.

Well of course it does. This is because they know very well that the orders are neither lawful nor appropriate. Furthermore they consider their ability to continue undermining national security a process that is vital to national security. So in order to maintain security, they must keep violating our security and must not allow public discourse to reach an informed consensus about what even constitutes security.


And that's not even touching on the privacy issues. Does anyone actually even need this shit unsealed to see the blatantly obvious logical flaw in the reasoning behind it being sealed in the first place?

Comment Re:Why is this illegal? (Score 1) 50

I assume the issue is that the employee was acting on their own, in violation of Verizon's terms of service. It would have been perfectly legal if they'd been selling the data to advertising partners instead, who would have absolutely no restrictions on who they then re-sell the data to. Honestly this P.I. is an idiot and threw someone in the line of fire for really no reason other than perhaps convenience.

Comment The tools, which enable hackers to exploit... (Score 3, Insightful) 57

The tools, which enable [salaried government employees] (who don't understand how they work) to exploit software flaws in computer and communications systems (which they also don't fundamentally understand), from [American companies] such as Cisco Systems and Fortinet Inc, (whose customers and reputations and overall integrity they also don't care about), were dumped onto public websites last month by a group calling itself Shadow Brokers.

There, FTFY.

Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 280

There's no possibility that aliens capable of FTL would find us remotely interesting.

I think you meant remotely interesting... [conversationalists].

Plenty of people in our own civilization study insects and vermin all day long, as a profession, for science. We're far more technologically advanced than ants and rats yet there is still much we can learn from them without their consent...

What makes you think we'd be any different to aliens?

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