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Comment Re:I Have No Trouble Making Accurate and Precise.. (Score 1) 222

My gripe though is that if you already have a number in mind, why bother asking me to provide an estimate?

It's just a simple bargaining tactic. It works really well on non-intellectuals. First they need to find out what you think is a reasonable amount of time so they can make you feel bad about it. They have no idea what a reasonable amount of time for the task actually is but they'll vehemently insist that it's less than 50% of whatever you tell them.

The idea of course is that it'll put you on your back foot, then they'll be able to make any demands they want of you about extra features or lower prices later, by leveraging the notion that you're already not delivering fast enough before you've even started on it.

And these people wonder why they've needed to cheat and twist government regulations to find foreign indentured servants willing to keep doing this crap. It's pathetic really.

Comment Re:Network-wide solution? (Score 3, Informative) 67

If both sites are owned by you, it would be smarter to just deploy OpenVPN yourself at one site and connect the other site to it directly. No reason to pay a 3rd party service for that.

Pay special attention to the difference between and The first one is the free, open source software project. The second is their commercial service for said software. You do not need to subscribe to the second to use the first.

Comment Re:Project lacks focus. (Score 1) 191

I'm not sure whether it would have ever worked, but probably where they went wrong wasn't in thinking it could work. Probably where they went wrong was in thinking that the right approach was to throw out everything and start over from scratch, free of the burdens of any respect for or awareness of existing communal efforts or ethics.

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