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Submission + - GNOME 3.6 To Include Major Revisions (wordpress.com)

supersloshy writes: The launch of the GNOME 3 desktop environment sparked heated debate and criticism. GNOME developers have been listening to the concerns of its users and it is rolling out several significant changes in GNOME 3.6. The message tray, often called hard to use, was made much more visible in addition to being harder to accidentally trigger. The "lock" screen can now optionally control your music player, the system volume, and display notifications so you don't have to type in a password. GNOME will also support different input sources directly instead of requiring an add-on program. Nautilus, the GNOME file browser, is also getting a major face lift with a new, more compact UI, properly working search features, a "move to" and "copy to" option as an alternative to dragging and dropping, and a new "recent files" section. These changes, among many others including improvements to system settings, will be present in GNOME 3.6 when it is released later this month. Any other additions or changes not currently implemented by the GNOME team can be easily applied with only one click at the GNOME Extensions website.

Submission + - GNOME 3.4 Released (gnome.org)

supersloshy writes: The popular GNOME desktop environment has just announced the release of version 3.4. User-facing updates include, among others, a new look for many GNOME applications, smooth scrolling support in GTK, integrated document search in GNOME Shell, a new dynamic background, improved accessibility configuration options, new high-contrast icons, and more documentation. Developer-facing improvements include the release of GTK+ 3.4 and updates to standard GNOME libraries as part of the latest GNOME Developer Platform. For more information, you can read the full release notes at this webpage.

Submission + - StatusNet Microblogging Software Reaches 1.0 (status.net)

supersloshy writes: The StatusNet microblogging software, which powers websites such as Identi.ca and the TWiT Army, has now released their latest version, 1.0. This is their largest upgrade to date and it comes with several new features for users and administrators, such as much better privacy controls with messages, many additional plugins, and a completely overhauled default theme. Identi.ca and all of their StatusNet cloud systems have been upgraded to 1.0, so you can give it a try on any supported StatusNet website or download it yourself to run your own instance.

Submission + - GNOME 3.2 Released (gnome.org) 1

supersloshy writes: Today marks the release of the latest edition of the GNOME Desktop for Linux-based operating systems. There are numerous fixes and improvements in this release such as smaller title bars (for small screens), the integration of GNOME Contacts and GNOME Documents for easy data management, web application integration, many more configurable settings, and other updates such as a more unified appearance and better chat integration. You can read the release notes on GNOME.org.

Submission + - Mozilla Releases Thunderbird 5 (spreadthunderbird.com)

supersloshy writes: Mozilla has released the latest version of Thunderbird, their popular email client, now in sync with their new rapid-release versioning system. Among the new features are the new add-ons manager from Firefox 4, revised account creation, faster response times, the ability to load plugins in RSS feeds and over 390 platform fixes. For more information, read the release notes

Submission + - Support Abortion or Obama Will Hurt The Poor (ncregister.com)

supersloshy writes: The Indiana state legislature has passed a bill to not support funding of Planned Parenthood, signed by governor Mitch Daniels himself. In response, the Obama administration is threatening to withhold billions of federal Medicaid funding for low-income families from Indiana if they do not reverse this decision. Think about that for a second, let it sink in. Whether you support Planned Parenthood or not, does that make it right to effectively force the people of Indiana to support an organization that they might be religiously obligated to oppose? Is supporting Planned Parenthood really so important that it's worth endangering the health and well-being of those using Medicaid?

Submission + - Netflix Available for Android (netflix.com) 1

supersloshy writes: Netflix has just announced the release of a Netflix Android application for streaming movies to your Android-powered mobile device. As streaming movies requires certain features and specifications, only a select number of devices are supported as of now. They are working on approving as many devices as possible in the near future for the benefit of users. To see if your device is compatible, Netflix provides a list of currently approved devices.

Submission + - Yet Another Humble Bundle, "Frozenbyte" Edition (humblebundle.com)

supersloshy writes: The team behind last December's successful Humble Indie Bundle 2 (as well as the original Bundle of course) have launched yet another bundle, but this time it's comprised entirely of games by developer Frozenbyte including Trine, Shadowgrounds, Shadowgrounds: Survivor, a pre-order of Splot, and the prototype Jack Claw (with source code). All games (except Jack Claw) are, as always, available for Windows, Mac, and Linux-based operating systems and are DRM-free.

Submission + - GNOME 3 Launched (gnome.org) 1

supersloshy writes: Today, the GNOME Desktop project released GNOME 3.0, its most significant redesign of the computer experience in nine years. A revolutionary new user interface and new features for developers make this a historic moment for the free and open source desktop. Within GNOME 3, GNOME Shell reimagines the user interface for the next generation of the desktop. This innovative interface allows users to focus on tasks while minimizing distractions such as notifications, extra workspaces, and background windows. You can read the release notes on this webpage and try it out for yourself at gnome3.org.
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - GNU Hurd Released (gnu.org) 1

supersloshy writes: There are rumors that Duke Nukem Forever will actually be released in Apr^WMa^WJune 2011, so there's no escape for the Hurd any more, we had to finish and release. There has been considerable progress lately, so it is with great pleasure that the Hurd maintainers team decided to release version 0.401 of the GNU/Hurd Operating System. As the version number and image size suggest, this is only a small preview of course, but we expect GNU/Hurd to be of production-quality within the third millenium, to be sure. A LiveCD demo is available and can be trivially tried using qemu -cdrom hurd-0.401.iso

Submission + - The Full Story Behind the Canonical vs GNOME Drama (gnome.org)

supersloshy writes: "I've seen a lot of GNOME bashing for various reasons here on Slashdot as well as several other websites. The problem with all of this is that you never hear GNOME's side of the situation, making a lot of disrespectful comments about GNOME (or the others involved) rather baseless and illogical. Dave Nearyhas an excellently thorough blog post which details problems on all sides that make the issue much more complicated than "GNOME is being idiotic by not accepting our technology". The points covered in the blog post include, among others, how Freedesktop.org is broken as a standards body, that Mark Shuttlework doesn't understand how GNOME works, that GNOME is not easy to understand, and that open discussions from the very beginning are important for specification development and adoption. This blog post by "Sankar" also covers similar points while defending GNOME."

Submission + - GNOME 3 Beta 1 Released (gnome.org) 1

supersloshy writes: "GNOME, a popular desktop environment, has just announced on their announcement mailing list that GNOME 3 Beta 1 has just been released. Most of the applications and components of GNOME are nearly finished with the transition to GTK+ 3 (which was also recently released) and newer GNOME libraries, and their progress can be seen on the core and apps NEWS files. for this release. GNOME Shell, GNOME 3's new default desktop UI, has no NEWS file, so the changelog for it is located in this email."

Submission + - Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Beta 7 (mozilla.com)

supersloshy writes: Mozilla has released Firefox 4 Beta 7 which was due a couple months ago, but then Firefox 4 was delayed to be released in early 2011. This new beta release contains many new features including a new default interface for Linux, the new JägerMonkey Javascript engine with very impressive speed improvements, hardware acceleration and WebGL support on Windows and Mac (Linux will be supported in future releases), support for the OpenType font format, better HTML5 Forms support, and many bug fixes. You can read the release notes here and download the beta here.

Submission + - FrostWire Released for Android (wordpress.com)

supersloshy writes: FrostWire, a free Gnutella client that originated as a fork of LimeWire, just released its first official Android client for mobile phones running the Android operating system. It lets you share files locally and over the internet, send private messages, publish files to social networks, donate to FrostWire, and more. You can download the client at this page. The link on the left side is a free download, while the QR code on the right lets you purchase the application for $4.99 on the Android Market.

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