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Comment Re:Democrats are not our champions (Score 3, Insightful) 197

Are you mad? There hasn't been any improvements to infrastructure because Republicans refuse to pay for anything. They have been actively been working against the executive branch for 8 years precisely so that you can make the above statement. They controlled the purse. If they had worked with the President we would have seen something. The Republicans are not set up to legislate anything, instead, you see Trump talking about toll roads, so yes, you will see infrastructure but likely given to private parties in which you will be paying tolls on. In fact, I will bet you, your taxes won't be going down anytime soon either, but a lot of things are going to be expensive.

Comment Re:Sold out (Score 1) 197

Republicans have never been for competition or free market principles. They want to go back to the early days of the industrial revolution. While they are gutting this stuff, they are putting in a national right to work law to put the final nail on the coffins of unions. So the little guys handled the keys to the nation to a bunch of people who are actively working against them for a nebulous sounding promise of "Make America Great" again. So yeah, the Republicans are going to use Trump to put every bill they can in front of em, and when shit hits the fan (because it will) Trump will get the blame.

Comment Re:What an idiot (Score 1) 277

Uh, no.. it would never have occurred to me to do that.. mostly because my department would not be so callous (that would be the HR people or corporate) and they were my friends. I wouldn't do that to them, and I would lose respect as well. So if you do this, you are definitely not someone I want to hire.

Comment Re:wake me up when elon musk announces this (Score 1) 140

Here is a guardian article.. basically, they don't want green energy. I have no idea why they give a shit. This is capitalism at work. Of course, energy sector is old energy, and they got plenty of lobbyists who know how to grease politician hands, maybe green energy hasn't figured how to do that?

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 1) 468

The main problem is scalability... Taking 30 minutes a charge is fine, as long as people know the etiquette. e.g. don't leave your vehicle after it is charged, as others need to use it too.. and if you're on a waiting list, then that is going to suck because at most you have to wait 30 minutes, and then another 30 minutes, and so you are now into an hour to charge. It might be better to start moving to autonomous electric cars at that point..

Comment Islamic men acting like teen girls.. (Score 1) 109

So, I assume they don't actually talk on the phone.. but the idea of two committed men from different religion talking dirty to each other because one of them thinks the other is an attractive member of the opposite sex to be hilarious. But it shows the power that this scam has on young men. This would work anywhere, in any country...

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