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Comment Re:Finally, a solution to abortion politics (Score 1) 367

Catholicism believes that the Bible, which they themselves compiled from misc. manuscripts, is second in importance to Catholic tradition itself. The Bible wasn't worded only one way, either; we don't have access to the original manuscripts and we can only rely on translations, and sometimes translations of translations. Whether or not something like this would be morally appropriate would be the decision of those who know the religion inside and out, specifically the Pope and Bishops.

Comment Can we freaking get over it already? (Score 0) 378

Ever since the dawn of time, every time there's an article on GNOME here, it's nothing but immature remarks about how absolutely terrible it is left and right. It should be pretty dang obvious by now that some people don't like GNOME. So just live with it! You don't have to spread doom and gloom wherever you do! If you don't like something, just don't use it and leave the comments section for actual constructive discussion! I've seen a few good comments here and there about the actual details of things, legitimate concerns, and rather respectable opinions on either side, but if all you're saying is "I'm leaving GNOME" or "I hate GNOME, XFCE/KDE/some old archaic window manager that nobody ever uses anymore/etc. is so much better", then please, for the love of all that is good, don't even bother saying it. Please try to say something more than an annoying rant. I know that slashdot is infamous for its annoying commenters and hateful mentality towards pretty much everything, but you don't have to uphold that!

Comment Re:Grow a thicker skin (Score 1) 1160

Banned Bibles? What in the world? No, you could read them and study them. Heck, the first book ever printed on a printing press was the Vulgate. They had that rule to protect the few Bibles they could make. Do you know how incredibly expensive a Bible was before the printing press? If I had a Bible, I'd chain one down, too! It's like locking your house or keeping you car in a garage.

Comment Re:Here's a free best practice for them (Score 1) 138

From the sounds of it, that should work with any other custom style sheets thing, like Stylish, right? That actually sounds rather helpful from an accessibility standpoint (if a little bit annoying to set up). Still, it shouldn't be hard to make good-looking links on a webpage.


Submission + - GNOME 3.6 To Include Major Revisions (

supersloshy writes: The launch of the GNOME 3 desktop environment sparked heated debate and criticism. GNOME developers have been listening to the concerns of its users and it is rolling out several significant changes in GNOME 3.6. The message tray, often called hard to use, was made much more visible in addition to being harder to accidentally trigger. The "lock" screen can now optionally control your music player, the system volume, and display notifications so you don't have to type in a password. GNOME will also support different input sources directly instead of requiring an add-on program. Nautilus, the GNOME file browser, is also getting a major face lift with a new, more compact UI, properly working search features, a "move to" and "copy to" option as an alternative to dragging and dropping, and a new "recent files" section. These changes, among many others including improvements to system settings, will be present in GNOME 3.6 when it is released later this month. Any other additions or changes not currently implemented by the GNOME team can be easily applied with only one click at the GNOME Extensions website.

Comment Re:Huge misunderstanding (Score -1, Offtopic) 274

LOL The reality is he wants to use the internet to normalize DRM one small step at a time. Everyone has seen diablo 3's success and the are CHOMPING AT THE BIT to do the same to every other game. See through the PR matrix.

If you can get modded up to +5 insightful for this comment then I greatly fear for the sake of Slashdot. It's full of idiots now. I'm going to get modded down for saying this, but I really don't care. If this kind of response is really the kind of discussion that Slashdot is supporting now, then goodbye. I really don't care what happens to you all now. This site is a lost cause.

Comment Huge misunderstanding (Score 1, Insightful) 274

He isn't saying that they're shoehorning multiplayer into every game. He's saying that every game should include an online component of some sort, as he says right here. They're not saying that games should all have multiplayer involved. They're saying that they should involve the internet in some way. There is nothing wrong with this. For example, take optional high score challenges in Mirror's Edge. The Sim City example, where online is required, is a bad example because that's just one game and the game was designed to be multiplayer-centric from the start. There are many, many single player games, like Mass Effect, that don't require the multiplayer or online functionality whatsoever. This is just FUD. EA isn't the best company around, sure, but including online features in single player games is definitely possible and it can't always be a bad thing depending on how it's implemented.

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