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Comment Re:I want alternatives (Score 1) 81

I applaud the effort on Ubuntu Mobile, but I'd put it's chances of succeeding as far less than BlackBerry's or even Firefox OS, which at least had good buzz and shipped devices for a couple of years.

I flashed some Android phones/tablets with early versions of Ubuntu Mobile. Assuming that's still possible, there are more devices available than you think. Sure, flashing isn't for everyone -- but we were always years away from an Ubuntu phone being a mainstream consumer product.

Comment Re:Yay! Sharepoint! (Score 1) 44

From what I can tell (haven't actually tried it), it looks like it would take months to get a stock SharePoint install hammered into some form that would actually be useful for your organization. Out of the box it's practically useless. You'll be paying those couple of consultants whether you go with Microsoft or not.

Comment Re:Yay! Sharepoint! (Score 1) 44

Their files were saved to Sharepoint (the default, not their intention) and when they 'attached' the file to an email, Outlook went ahead and sent a link, rather than attaching the file. The link went to our internal Sharepoint, which people on the outside could not access.

The default in Outlook 2016 is to also send links when you attach files that are in your OneDrive folders. That is, to you it seems like you're navigating through the filesystem and attaching a file, but Outlook "helpfully" sees that it's synced to OneDrive and sends a link to the website instead. There's a little box or something you have to check if you want the classic behavior, but you have to set it every time you send an email. I couldn't find any global setting to disable the linking.

Comment Re:Seriously...music off YouTube...? (Score 1) 265

Err..there are still plenty of higher end audio shops out there, I've been to them.

I was just in Tokyo last month and there was a little district that seemed to have a dozen such shops, and shops that sold musical instruments were up the street. A lot of the gear appeared to be older/used, but it was high end stuff for sure.

Comment Re:Chinese speakers only (Score 1) 410

fluency in [ mandarin | Chinese ] is a plus

Of course it's a plus. I'm likely to be hiring a group of Mechanical Engineers in the next six months, and I certainly want at least one of them to be fluent in Mandarin to make it easier to work with Chinese suppliers. It would be pretty handy if they speak Korean, Japanese or Hindi, too.


Comment Re:Accenture (Score 1) 85

After they mismanaged the company for a few years, trashing our corporate culture and making all the employees miserable I found another job and resigned.

If you were an ethical person, you would have bailed as soon as the acquisition was announced.

miserable, judgemental jerk

Why would I be miserable? I don't have the taint of working for a criminal organization on my conscience.


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