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Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 169

Blocking sunlight is one way of slowing down the warming but reducing the sunlight will also reduce the productivity of photosynthesis which will reduce crop yields among other things.

It doesn't matter if you do it at times when plants are getting too much sunlight, which already happens. You can tell they are getting too much sunlight because either a) it is over 100 degrees when virtually all plants close down their stomata and just try not to lose all their water and die or b) the plants are literally getting sunburned, which is also a thing which happens.

Also it doesn't do a thing to stop ocean acidification.

That's true. Also, we have to breathe whatever comes down, and there's basically nothing whatsoever which is actually safe to spray up there which will also do the job.

Comment Re:About 1/3 is directly attributed to mankind (Score 1) 169

The answer is: about 1/3 of the noted increase in temperature is directly due to humans, about 1/3 is the result of natural variation, and 1/3 is unaccounted for.

Let's just say you're right. I mean, you aren't, but let's say that you are for the sake of this conversation. Even if that were true, if that 1/3 that is due to human activity is enough to take the biosphere past a tipping point, then the only relevant part is the part that we can do something about, and we must reduce emissions. Thanks for making our point for us.

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 398

The "SJW" is just the new "politically correct", a way to shut people down and stop them criticising you. If someone suggests that your politics are anything other than absolutely correct, call them an SJW snowflake to imply that they are just automatically offended by everything and don't have a serious point to make.

How about instead of name calling you make a counter-argument? Nah, it's easier just to brand them an SJW, the instant-win cheat code for the internet.

Comment Re:What precentage caused by man? (Score 1) 169

At least part of the reason they see it so differently is that it's a helluva lot easier to sound convincing when you don't try to be accurate.

That is simply not the reason. It's a helluva lot easier to be convinced when someone tells you what you want to hear. THAT is the reason. These people are running almost entirely on cognitive dissonance, day in and day out. They beg the question all day, every day. Everyone is driving an SUV, so I have to drive an SUV to be safe! But wait, does driving an SUV actually make you safer? (No.) I'm just one little person whose output is minuscule so I can't possibly be harming the climate! But wait, is their output actually minuscule? (Not when you add up all their economic activity.) etc etc.

Comment Re:There's an interesting statistic (Score 1) 169

The map on whether it's caused by humans is interesting. Why is practically all of South America convinced that humans are the source of global warming?

Because they're not being asked to cut back their energy consumption. It's easier to convince people of a problem if you don't also tell them that they have to change their lifestyle.

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