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Comment Re:Attack Software (Score 1) 315

Years ago I remember reading ab anti-forensics where they talked about carefully modifying the FAT on your HDD so that it would work normally with Windows (probably XP) but when scanned with a popular forensics package would make it crash. No permanent harm done, the trained monkey operator just assumes (correctly) that the forensics software is buggy and the barrier to invading your privacy is raised.


Fans Choose A New Football Team's Plays With Their Smartphones ( 4

A new arena-league football team plays on a 50-yard field and uses a mobile app that allows fans to vote on the team's next play. An anonymous reader writes: Slate describes a receiver tackled for a short gain after the audience instructed the quarterback to throw a quick pass -- as "shouts and cheers exploded from the stands, with phones raised triumphantly in the air." The quarterback is informed of the chosen plays through an earphone in his helmet, and after one touchdown, one of the players even thanked a fan in the seats for picking a good play. "Then noses immediately returned to screens...the coach and QB were antsy, peering upward, waiting for the fans' next call as the play clock ticked down again..." The team eventually lost 78-47, but to at least make things more interactive, the players all have their Twitter handles sewn on the backs of their jerseys.
Fans can also be "virtual general managers" for a small fee, dialing in to a weekly phone call to give feedback to the team's president, and fans also selected the team's head coach from online resumes and some YouTube videos of interviews. In fact, the article says the fans even picked the team's name, with the name "Screaming Eagles" finally winning out over "Teamy McTeamface" and "Spaghetti Monsters."

Comment Re:Oh for Pete's Sake! (Score 3) 148

You need to stop pissing other people off.

How do I square that with expecting people to do at least the minimum? Should I just lower my standards so far that I suck their fucking cocks just for showing up at work and giving me bitch face? These people are grade "A" fuckups. And here's the thing, I'm more than willing to help. When the weird-ass prior mail carrier chick's classic Willys broke down, I was the only guy to stop and see if she needed help. I am polite, I smile, I say please and thank you. I do all the same shit that most of these fuckups don't bother to do. I get along great with the one postal employee who actually does her job with grace if not a smile (personally I think smiling is part of a customer service job, but I realize that people have shit days and so I don't care much) but if I rub some of them the wrong way by having some basic standards then that's just going to fucking happen.

I piss people off just by virtue of existing. I'm a gigantic part-Mexican with liberal attitudes who drives a German car in a redneck backwater full of hicks in sticks. And I do not go around telling people how backwards their ideas are, no matter how dumb I think they are. That's not my job and they don't give a shit. I treat people with more respect than they show me, and if they're not satisfied with the level of treatment they're receiving, then they can give a little more or they can fuck right off.

I stop and pick up hitchers, I stop and ask people if they're doing OK and I'll go back and get my tools and come back for them if they need me to. But I also expect people to know how to drive and keep to their side of the road and in general do their fucking job. If that's too high an expectation for you, you know where the door is.

Comment Re:Oh for Pete's Sake! (Score 2) 148

Working for the USPS is a shit job, it doesn't pay much, you have to piss in a cup and take an exam and wait around for ages to find out if you've got a job so the most desirable people get offered some other job and subsequently take it while the USPS is still trying to figure out where the application is. So they apparently just hire whoever actually takes the time to go through the process and you end up with a bunch of dingleberries. They still don't have anything clever like automatic detection of routing loops built into the system, like every other shipper does. Sadly, they are the cheapest option by far.

It's not just USPS that's gone downhill, either. California Overnight used to be super fantabulous. Now Amazon is using them and it's nothing but complaints. Who knows where they delivered our stuff. We got it refunded and/or replaced (it was several items) so the only problem was a delay, but still. This shit isn't rocket surgery. The number is on the mailbox and there's no other mailbox at this driveway. It's not hard.

I've had no end of problems with the USPS, I think someone there has got it in for me on a minor, low level so they just dick with me. It all started when I requested a hold via the web. I checked the box saying I would come to pick up any accumulated mail, and in the special instructions box I said "OK to deliver letters but please hold all packages". They held everything, which was OK, and then when the hold ended instead of holding the mail for me to come pick it up as requested, they delivered all of it and it got soggy in the rain. After that they decided to hold all of my packages forever and ever amen, whether they were supposed to be held or not. I had to go in and argue with them about it twice to get them to stop.

Now the problem I'm having is that apparently all small packages from China (or which look like they might have come from China) are apparently for me. I order a lot of $1-5 crap from China on eBay, apparently more than anyone else in my post code, because they routinely mix other people's packages in with mine. I just write MISDELIVERED on the back in big fat black magic marker and drop them back in the mailbox. They told me to stop writing on them, but that's bullshit. I'm doing precisely what you're meant to be doing, and they're just trying to hide the fact that they are not giving any fucks.

Comment Re:The smarter thing to do (Score 1) 148

Not that easy, some ROMs straight don't exist except in some display or sales-pitch cartridges.

And yes, as you can imagine, they command insane prices. Collectors are kinda nuts that way. There are generally 3 kinds of games that are rare and hence valuable: Those that only exist in low number because they were just produced for events or to pitch them to investors (e.g. Nintendo World Championships), those that were produced so late that nobody gave half a shit about NES games anymore (e.g. Little Samson) and those that are SO bad that even without the internet word got around that they suck (e.g. Action 52).

So believe it or not, the most valuable games are those that are simply too bad to even play them. Nobody gives you a cent for Mario 3, but you don't even want to know what you'd have to pay to get a real stinker.

Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 152

Laws apply universally, so saying that I care about a law protecting MY property is pointless. It protects everyone's property, I do not enjoy personal protection laws. Unlike a certain group of "property" holders.

You see, that's the problem with the examples presented too many times by proponents of insane copyright laws: Most of them are far fetched and don't translate well into reality. I once, in a discussion, had someone argue that it's "impossible" to produce content the way the users want, despite exactly that being offered by those that copy the content. One really has to wonder whether the reality distortion field comes free with the conviction or whether it already has to be in place to become part of the copyright cult.

Comment Re:TANSTAAFL (Score 1) 152

Sorry, but just 'cause you invest a lot of time and effort doesn't make something valuable. By that logic any sandcastle built by the average 5 year old costs millions. And don't make me ask for money for the space station I built with Lego when I was 10!

Value is what someone who wants something gives it. By definition. You can ask for a price, but if that price is below what I value it, there will be no sale.

What you, as the creator, can attach to a commodity is its cost. Not its value.

Comment Re:Chicken breeds preserved for posterity (Score 2) 33

The chickens we buy in supermarkets have been bred to attain maximum weight in the minimum amount of time possible; they have also been bred to have a higher survival rate during transport, and to be more disease resistant. With these genetic alterations, they just taste bland - rather like most tomatoes today, and for much the same reasons.

Are you sure that the difference you're detecting isn't down to what they're eating? Gallena de patio commonly consumes a far more varied diet than a factory-farmed, never-sees-the-sun-but-we-can-still-call-it-cage-free bird.

Comment Re:Process already in place for fake Trump tweets (Score 1) 427

It's Trump's entire political platform. Idiots get frustrated because they see obvious solutions to things and then hear politicians saying "it's complicated, and that won't work". Obviously they never study history so they don't realize that the obvious solutions have been tried many times already, for example protectionism in the 1930s.

Populists like Trump promise to implement these obvious solutions. When pesky things like the Constitution get in the way of common sense they just blame the people upholding the rules. Sometimes they eventually give up, sometimes they manage to get rid of those people by democratic means or otherwise.

Comment Re:Go visit Mar-a-Lago and complain (Score 5, Insightful) 427

It's funny how everything that his supporters claimed Clinton was doing, the unsecured phones, the pay-for-access, the cronyism, the corruption, is all stuff that we have absolute proof Turmp is doing barely a month into his presidency.

The guy is so brazen about it, he doesn't even bother to cover it up at least try to avoid doing the exact same thing he was criticising her for months earlier.

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