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Comment Re:That's exactly how it SHOULD work! (Score 1) 235

You are correct, however the concern is what happens when large parts of the workforce become essentially unemployable. Increased productivity and free trade are good things, but they do create winners and losers. We need to be more mindful of the losers and help them adjust to the changes.

Comment Re:So says every SJW attacking Peter Thiel (Score 1) 379

You realize why, right? Those people think it's wrong to give Trump money.

I think Peter Thiel is an asshole, and I'm happy to give any company shit that employs him or takes money from him or helps him in any way. That's my right. Your right is to think the same about Zukerberg. Don't use Facebook. Don't give him or any company he has an interest in any money directly or indirectly. That's completely fine by me.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 235

Yeah, and that does suck for those people. They do it by the book and a bunch of people who don't are not punished. Its the same thing when there is intentional inflation and monetary devaluation. Plenty of people save their money and do it right, and then here comes inflation to wipe out their savings.

When too many people break the law, sometimes the best thing to do for the country as a whole is to declare amnesty. It isn't fair, but that's best for the country. We either give them amnesty, have them apply for citizenship, and maybe make them pay a tax penalty for a few years or spend billions of dollars deporting them. I don't like either option, but the status quo isn't acceptable either.

Comment Jennifer Government (Score 1) 636

This reminds me a bit of the novel Jennifer Government.

In the future, I wonder if the way we will put pressure on our politicians is by using our money to pressure commercial entities to support the candidates we do or don't like. Pepsi might be who you buy if you're a Democrat. Dell is for Republicans, etc.

We know they're all bought and paid for, but we can switch brands if they end up backing the wrong politicians. That would have them get smarter about who they support, etc.

Comment Re:Why is this a problem? (Score 1) 42

Its only a problem inasmuch as filing for the trademark in a country more likely to grant it gives them a leg up in countries that would be less likely to grant it.

Its like if I wanted a CCW permit, but my state makes it onerous to get one, whereas a nearby state just requires a fee and short test on gun safety. I go to the other state to get one, and through reciprocity agreements, I can use it in my home state. My own state's regulations are basically a dead letter.

End of the day this is not too big of a deal, but could become one if the major players are really using it to their own advantage.

Comment Re:More channel choice is needed (Score 1) 250

I get charged a $10 broadcast programming fee for channels I can get with an antenna...and I can't opt out. I can't say "just give me everything but the broadcast channels" and lose them. Nope, just $10 for something I can get for free.

I get that this is because the broadcast channels charge cable companies for carriage, but let me opt out.

Comment Re:Ooh boy (Score 1) 612

Fucking pathetic. To anyone who still doesn't realize that Trump and Hillary have the exact same MO down to the micron, explain this.

I think in terms of their lying there's a difference in degree. Clinton has said what she said. Trump would claim that he had never used email. Or that email doesn't actually exist. And no one would actually call him on it.

Comment Re:fucken neocommuncists (Score 1) 428

The moralizing aside, the people are pissed because the free market made them pay more than they wanted. The free market is great when it makes folks winners, but when it makes them a loser, they start talking about how unfair it is.

Either capitalism is fair or it isn't. You don't get to pick and choose when it is based on if it helps or hinders you.

Comment Re:Give me local news and I'll cancel (Score 1) 92

Have you tried a big honkin' ass antenna mounted on a tower? Just a suggestion.

I can get most of the football games I want over an antenna, all the soccer, and then there's just the problem of hockey. I'm thinking of going to SlingTV for that. I just received one of those flat "Leaf" type antennas today and try that out for a few months. If not that, I might have to try to be handy and put something better up in the attic.

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