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Comment Um, no. (Score 1) 53

The whole editing history thing is stupid. I never use the editing function unless it's to fix simple typos. Anything other than that I delete and repost.

There is nothing to be gained by being able to see someone's editing history other than to use it against them.

Comment Uh-huh (Score 3, Insightful) 378

Scientists swore for decades that smoking was safe, until it was proven otherwise.

Scientists swore that thalidomide was safe, until it was proven otherwise.

Scientists swore that fen-phen was safe, until it was proven otherwise.

The list goes on and on. This is just a sample: http://prescriptiondrugs.proco...

So forgive me if I don't trust the "scientists". Do I believe that GMO in inherently bad? Of course not. It's simply a method. It's how that method is used that concerns me. When it's done for profit, then I am highly suspect of its safety. When it's done for strictly humanitarian reasons with no profits involved I'd be much more willing to be open to it.

Our history is rife with companies that would poison their own mothers if they could make a buck from it.

Comment My theory (Score 1) 146

Because they are worn down by a society that refuses to make a place for them and allow them to earn a decent living and become productive members of society. And you get to a point where you're just tired of constantly being on the outside looking in, as the lives of everyone you know evolves and grows and you're stuck in the same place you've been for 25+ years, with absolutely no hope of things getting any better.

Comment Try being unbiased? (Score 1) 311

Find me an unbiased news source that's more concerned with reporting the news without any kind of socio-political slant, focus on profit above getting to the truth, and spreading half-truths and blatant lies for the sake of ratings (and dubbing their news programs as "entertainment", which somehow then makes lying OK) and I'd be more than willing to pay for it.

And this goes for newspapers too. No one wants to pay to read a litter-box liner that's 80% ads, 19% loud-mouthed editorial, and 1% actual news.

There was a time when news outlets actually provided the news. But when everything in media became profits-over-substance the news now had to be all about entertainment and ratings -- which led to this ridiculous trend of shock jock mouthpieces, faux-outrage, and fear-mongering instead of, y'know, NEWS.

They made their bed, now it's time to lie in it. The only ones they have to blame are themselves.

Comment Cheap 10" Android tablet? (Score 1) 169

Does one exist? It seems there are plenty of cheap 7" tablets to go around, but once you get into the 10" range the only cheap ones are Windows tablets. If you can make a $200 10" Windows tablet why are all the 10" Android tablets $350+? It makes no sense.

Of course this also begs the question -- why are all the Android phones in the $350+ range. If you can make a speedy 7" tablet with all the bells and whistles and sell it for $200, why is the equivalent with a SMALLER screen and a cheap cell radio go for two to three times as much, if not more?

7" tablets are too damned small, 10" tablets are too expensive, as are phones. Guess I'll stick to my old GS3 and my boyfriend's 10" Galaxy Note 2012. The pricing on this shit is all fucked up and I don't understand why no one seems to have an issue with the ridiculous pricing disparity.

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