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Comment Re:I'm ok with this... (Score 2) 476

Maybe if we take away all their benefits of being part of the US, they'll start giving a shit and living up to some of their responsibilities. I know, it's a concept conservatives can't understand... that with rights and benefits come responsibilities... but too fucking bad. Maybe it's time for the conservative little bitches to grow up.

Comment Re:All about the fight (Score 0, Troll) 476

You are a fucking idiot. The problem is people like you who have no fucking clue about reality, but seem to think your worthless fucked in the head opinion means something. The problem with the right is their base is the most gullible, uneducated, self serving, anti-American, anti-Christian pieces of shit around.... and their politicians are all lying sacks of shit.

Comment Re: WY is a good place to be from (Score 3, Insightful) 476

Might try comparing say... California... to shitholes like Kansas, idiot. Red states are predominantly leeches on blue states, and they still rank the shittiest states on pretty much any quality of living/prepping for the future index. I do understand though, fucking idiots like you can't be bothered with reality.

Comment Re:Ah, yes. (Score 4, Informative) 476

Sure, lets end those subsidies... then end all the oil and gas subsidies, then go reclaim the past 110 years of subsidies we gave to oil companies. The author isn't speaking his mind... he's too fucking stupid to have a mind, and he's put on a pedestal for being a fucking idiot by other fucking idiots like you.

Comment Re:The dangers... (Score 1) 161

It also depends on what type it is. Chelyabinsk was a low metal/low iron chondrite; had it been a nickle/iron it (most likely) wouldn't have disintegrated/exploded like it did (regardless of entry angle). If that were the case, consider what a ~500kt nuke would do in downtown Los Angeles.

The other way to answer the OP, though.... while these events are rare (on the order of once every 60 years), I think that describing something 13,000 to 14,000 tons traveling ~40,000 miles per hour as "nothing to worry about," is a bit silly.... especially if it's aimed at you.

Comment Re: Obviously never met a $10 hooker (Score 1) 279


You, like the study authors, are confusing a social construct ideology of "monogamy" with actual biological monogamy. If humans were monogamous, there would never be anyone cheating on their partner because the very idea wouldn't happen; they would be biologically devoted to their mate...period... without the inclination or idea to EVER have a different mate.

This is yet another "study" by some social scientists who want to try to play as real scientists.... with the typical type of failures seen when that is tried. Monogamy isn't social, it's biological. A species either is, or is not... and humans certainly are not.

Comment Re: Obviously never met a $10 hooker (Score 1) 279

"Sex has nothing to do with ... the... Typical Anonymous user ... on Slashdot

There, fixed that for you.

This study is all fine, well, and good if humans were monogamous. They're not, so why are these people trying to push the idea they are? IF humans were monogamous, there wouldn't even be the concept of infidelity, cheating, hooking-up, or casual sex. It simply would not happen. I think this is more a case of "i do not think that word means what they think that word means."

Comment Re:Fake Fake News (Score 1) 789

Are you intentionally being a fucking idiot, or is that just your natural state?

According to police, the suspect entered the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in DC around 3pm and pointed the firearm at an employee. He then discharged it without anybody getting hurt. Witnesses said restaurant patrons scattered from the venue.

I'm going to go with that being your natural state.

Comment Re:Use their stupidity against them (Score 1) 789

Sorry, it's the reich-wingers that are the ones kept stupider than shit by the only "news" channel you actually get less news than not watching anything at all. You'd have to be stupider than fuck to want this country run by neo-nazi mother fuckers. Sick fucking conservative fascists are too fucking stupid to realize how truly fucking stupid they are.

As for this guy... he's a perfect example of a fucking stupid conservative.

Comment Re:Use their stupidity against them (Score 1) 789

Wouldn't work, many states have their own standing militias which have the same capabilities as the US active duty forces (they get their shit from the same places). And as far as I know, these exercises were monitored by said state militias, it is a non-issue.

There is no state that has the same capabilities as the US military, and there's certainly not any of these fat, drunk, inbred "militias" who have the capacity for anything more than drinking beer or getting themselves killed when their ignorant macho bullshit writes checks their bodies can't cash.

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