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Comment Re:Fake Fake News (Score 1) 785

Are you intentionally being a fucking idiot, or is that just your natural state?

According to police, the suspect entered the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in DC around 3pm and pointed the firearm at an employee. He then discharged it without anybody getting hurt. Witnesses said restaurant patrons scattered from the venue.

I'm going to go with that being your natural state.

Comment Re:Use their stupidity against them (Score 1) 785

Sorry, it's the reich-wingers that are the ones kept stupider than shit by the only "news" channel you actually get less news than not watching anything at all. You'd have to be stupider than fuck to want this country run by neo-nazi mother fuckers. Sick fucking conservative fascists are too fucking stupid to realize how truly fucking stupid they are.

As for this guy... he's a perfect example of a fucking stupid conservative.

Comment Re:Use their stupidity against them (Score 1) 785

Wouldn't work, many states have their own standing militias which have the same capabilities as the US active duty forces (they get their shit from the same places). And as far as I know, these exercises were monitored by said state militias, it is a non-issue.

There is no state that has the same capabilities as the US military, and there's certainly not any of these fat, drunk, inbred "militias" who have the capacity for anything more than drinking beer or getting themselves killed when their ignorant macho bullshit writes checks their bodies can't cash.

Comment Re: Bad Headline (Score 0) 588

He's not anti shit journalism... he's a whiny little thin skinned bitch who throws a temper tantrum when anyone says anything he doesn't like. What we need is a registry of worthless fucking piece of shit conservatives who are trying to destroy this country; it'd be a long motherfucking list.

Comment No (Score 1) 87

Why silicon has never be incorporated into any kind of biochemistry on Earth has been a long-standing puzzle for scientists, because, in theory, it would have been just as easy for silicon-based lifeforms

... only for scientists who have never taken an organic chemistry class, and ones who don't understand the difference between an actual theory and pseudo-science bullshit. Then again, those are the dipshits who probably shouldn't be talking about the subject anyway.

Comment Re:WOW. Just. WOW. (Score 1) 303

In time of conflict, nothing will get within 100km of the Admiral Kuznetsov without going through it's perimeter ships, and the Chinese jump carrier is a training ship.... so the whole "sinking a defended enemy carrier" is an incredibly small one-off event, and no one else has any carriers. Nothing an Exocet hasn't been able to do for the past 40 years or more.

Comment Re:WOW. Just. WOW. (Score 1) 303

8) a 16 incher can hit a 1 meter target, a 50 meter target, a 100 meter target, and a 1000m target.... all with the same shell at the same time. Too bad ours are sitting and turning into rust because weapons of war are completely useless for anything to do with helping society.

Biggest gun since a battleship... pfft. If danger close isn't counted in miles, it ain't a big gun.

Comment Re:Want to know why we don't have flying cars yet? (Score 1) 303

.... not with the cowards we have in politics, and in the rest of the country, that we have today.

When Kennedy said we were going to the moon... that wasn't declaring war, or even a threat to anyone else. We didn't kill people in another country just to do that. And you can damn well be sure that NASA has developed and spun off far more useful and groundbreaking technologies than the military ever has... at an incredibly small fraction of the cost.

Comment Re:Want to know why we don't have flying cars yet? (Score 4, Insightful) 303

DoD budget is about 600B of the discretionary spending.... over 50%. Not including, of course, the share of the debt and interest that's a direct result of the military and military adventurism, as well as the Veterans administration. https://www.nationalpriorities...

Social Security and the majority of Medicare are paid for by a tax specifically for that purpose, which congress does everything in their power to use on everything else they can.

Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired signifies, in the final sense, a theft from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed. This world in arms is not spending money alone.

It is spending the sweat of its laborers, the genius of its scientists, the hopes of its children.

The cost of one modern heavy bomber is this: a modern brick school in more than 30 cities. It is two electric power plants, each serving a town of 60,000 population. It is two fine, fully equipped hospitals. It is some 50 miles of concrete highway. We pay for a single fighter plane with a half million bushels of wheat. We pay for a single destroyer with new homes that could have housed more than 8,000 people.

This, I repeat, is the best way of life to be found on the road the world has been taking. This is not a way of life at all, in any true sense. Under the cloud of threatening war, it is humanity hanging from a cross of iron.

...Dwight Eisenhower

.... and this was before the stupidly expensive weapons systems that cowards scream at the top of the lungs that we need, while they sit useless still on the drafting table, or on some tarmac collecting dust because they simply do not work. The death of the nation will be because of the loud mouth cowards who are scared of their own shadows.

Comment Re:Terrified of Crimina Corruption in the Whitehou (Score 0) 733

The problem you have is that you believe every lie that the republican politicians tell you. They have no integrity, you have no brain. You are the epitome of what is wrong in this country... people who are ignorant, and ten choose to be fucking stupid.

Hillary is the most investigated politician in the last 100 years, yet not a single one of these "scandals" has provided any evidence of actual wrongdoing. Don't you think that if any had, republicans would have actually had her arrested and tried? It's like these fucking idiots who want to impeach Obama... IF there were any reason to, the worthless piece of shit republicans in the House would have tried.... they didn't because there was nothing there. YET... people like you continue to be stupid fucking idiots.

I'm really trying to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're not as worthlessly fucking stupid as you sound.... but it's really difficult not to look at stupid fucking idiocy and not call it out.

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