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Comment here it comes.... (Score 1) 436

Windows 10 is going to be the new drive up window... it looks inviting and nice, you get up to the window, get your bag of food and drive away.... then when you've blocks away, you've found it's not what you ordered and they've fucked you on the ass. And they don't care, they know you're going to be blocks way, so they fuck you. That's windows 10. They've come out with a decent idea, to have an OS that simply will be continually updated instead of replaced every 2 year, but now they're going to be fucking assholes and force you into things you don't fucking want.

A couple years years ago some asshole from Microsoft wrote a piece complaining that people still treated them like someone who'd killed their father.... this is why, they still fucking act that way. Dear Microsoft....fuck Cortana.

Comment So? (Score 4, Funny) 68

The chlorine-copper array is only stable in a clean vacuum and at 77 kelvin -- about the temperature of liquid nitrogen. Anything past that and heat will disrupt the organization of the atoms.

As someone who's been using dos/windows for the past 30 years or so.... THIS is the only problem you've got? Meh.

Comment Re:Now THAT is cool to know... apk (Score 5, Interesting) 96 If you want to see something mind blowing, watch that. The accent might be a bit difficult at times (obviously depending on what you're used to normally), but it's 17 minutes you'll want to spend doing the same thing over again. A couple minutes in it changes format a little and really puts us in our place.

Comment In other news... (Score 1) 255

One of Knightscope's corporate rivals in robotic security development, Omni Consumer Products, announced that it has had tremendous success with it's own product designed to assist in inner city law enforcement. In additional news, Omni Consumer Products thanked board member Mr. Kinney on his lifelong dedication to the company, and wished him a happy retirement.

Comment Re:It's how you define the 'utility function' (Score 1) 609

...and if the note i just wrote is true, the universe was formed by a 6 foot tall rabbit taking a shit. You're arguing that "if something is true," then it's the most important thing ever...except there has never, ever, in the history of mankind, even a shred of evidence, what-so-ever, that it's right. Ever. There is as much "far superior" truth in my 6 foot tall rabbit as there is for your judaeo-christian god.... the book you cite isn't knowledge, it's a dogmatic fantasy that's been a lodestone around the neck of humanity for 1600 years.

Comment Re:It's how you define the 'utility function' (Score 2) 609

Gay marriage/sex does nothing to perpetuate the species, therefore it is illogical to support it.

...and yet there are hundreds of higher species who exhibit same sex copulation on a regular basis. There is obviously an evolutionary mechanism at work that spans a very divergent set of organisms that are successful, therefor your analysis is at best myopic. If it served no advantage, it would not be so commonplace throughout the higher level animal kingdom.

Here again, because we don't know the how or why of something doesn't mean we need to fill in the blanks with complete and utter bullshit.

Comment the real problem (Score 1) 1010

Man there is a lot of fucking idiots on this thread.

The real problem here is that conservative politicians and mouth pieces have been lying like little bitches every time they've opened their mouth for years, preying on their fucking inbred base that couldn't find their ass with both hands and a map, and now that their lies have caught up to them the only way they can deal with it is to blame some giant conspiracy... which is ok, because that's all the capacity their fucking shrunk, ignorant, worthless fucked up brains can muster on a good day.

If the conservative base had any desire in the world other than to be lied to by the fucked in the head conservative politicians they elect, and the riechwing talk radio numbnuts, they wouldn't be so bent out of shape when reality steps up and slaps them in the face.

This whole bullshit thread simply reinforces the obvious: republicans are nothing more than reality challenged whiny little bitches.

Comment Re:planetary protection (Score 1) 131

Life has an interesting way of adapting. Sexual species spontaneously changing sexes to be able to reproduce; species around black smokers that have no use for us species constrained by that pesky dependence on photosynthesis; species that survive in environments that we never thought could support life.... there's too many creatures that live on the edge of what we believe is possible for me to discard the idea that something we send up there might find a better place to live than here, and that's the sentiment NASA has with some of these probes... hence the just-in-case crashing of that puppy.

Comment Re:Why is birth control necessary? (Score 1) 301

Ones that are human. Sex is a normal function of humans.

Seriously, are you such a worthless little shit stain you think that YOUR opinion means a damn thing to anyone, much less should be the driving guide to how everyone else lives? Because your nuts haven't dropped yet doesn't mean jack shit to anyone else.

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