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Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 829

No, she actually wasn't. You're either too stupid to understand that, or you're to gullible and believe your own bullshit. This is exactly what i've said for the past year.. the only thing the GOP has going for them is stupid people who vote for them. They lie and cheat, then project that onto the democrats.... and their stupid, fucked-in-the-head base laps it up like the mental midgets they are. You've listened to the GOP pundits for a couple decades now undermine the Clintons, and democrats in general, and now you have your head so far up your ass you can't even see reality.

Oh, and that's not actually irony, just an FYI there.

And, as normal, you make stupid assumptions. There are democrats that are useless, annoying, and flat out wrong; the percentage of them to the whole party is far, FAR smaller than the current republican party. Democrats by in large work for the betterment of the people... the GOP pretty much works for themselves to keep power, at the expense of the people.... and nothing else.

Comment Yeh...but... (Score 0) 605

James Green, co-founder of VR developer Carbon Games: "I absolutely support him doing whatever he wants politically if it's legal. To take any other position is against American values."

...apparently that only goes for people you agree with, right Mr. Green?

"This backlash is nonsense"

If you support the neo-nazi enabler Luckey from doing what he wants politically if it's legal, and suggesting anything else would be un-American... you are BY YOUR OWN DEFINITION being un-American for complaining some other people doing are doing what they want political. I really wonder how hypocrites brains work sometimes.... then i remember i don't actually give mush of a shit about someone who's so cluelessly fucked in the head.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 0) 829

He isn't married to any position that doesn't directly benefit him. And, you're fucking idiot. Trump is a neo-nazi. If the neo-nazi's get behind you because of your ideology, you're a fucking neo-nazi. The complete fucking idiots voting for him are either self professed neo-nazies, or they're too fucking stupid to understand that that is exactly what they are. So are you a fucking nazi, or are you fucking stupid?

The fascist GOP has been after Clinton since 2008, when it was obvious that at some point in the future she'd be running again. They've made up every lie in the book, and abused every office they've been elected to to undermine her. It's worked. The complete fucking idiots of the GOP base now think she's this horrible person... because they're fucking idiots, or they're fucking liars. You, and the fucking stupidity you've posted on this thread, are a perfect example of a complete fucking idiot, who's so damn gullible that they believe every single thing they're told, just because of their tribal-head-up-ass world view.

So i guess i have to change the question... are you a fucking nazi, fucking stupid, or just a fucking liar.

Comment Re:Lesson here is (Score 1) 117

I get it... you're a fucking idiot who wants to make this about Hillary. He didn't just hack hers, although they say he didn't even do that.... he did hack some other peoples computers, which is a crime. Are you a fucking criminal? Or are you just a fucking idiot? I guess most conservatives with shit for brains like you are just criminals and wannabe's.... no morals at all.

He didn't expose any crimes anyway, but fucking morons like you who are too fucking stupid to actually use your fucking brain will say it... because you're a fucking idiot.

Comment Re:NSA is doing the same for years (Score 1) 117

The US military even operates its own court system that isn't based on Constitutional law. If you had any doubts of there being under a separate system.

And all this statement really says is you never had the balls to actually serve your country. First week of basic you get a history lesson on why the military is different than civilian life. I get it, though... you're just someone who doesn't want any of the responsibilities that come with the freedoms you're using, and you've never sacrificed a single thing for this country.

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