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Comment Re:What's that about delusional rantings? (Score 1) 70

Now that's funny. I seem to remember Russian trolls such as yourself screaming about WWIII being started if the U.S. helps Ukraine defend itself from your invasion yet here you are threatening your neighbor with nuclear weapons. Maybe the U.S. should do the same to St. Petersburg since it was Russians, sponsored by Putin, who have been attacking the U.S.

Yeah, no hypocrisy there. Must have hit a nerve since you can't refute the truth.

Have fun with your vodka allotment.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 430

Try extending your graph back to 2000 - it tells a story opposite to the one you're thinking of.

By the way, most of those manufacturing jobs are never coming back. A lot of them have simply been priced completely out of the US market. Many of them don't even exist anymore, having been taken over by automation.

As for where US job growth has been: the US is increasingly a service economy. Also energy has been growing a lot. Correspondingly, construction too. Healthcare... retail... business & professional services..leisure and hospitality... all strong growth fields.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 430

The Democrats controlled the House in the 80s, so spending budgets came from them.

Right. It's the Democrats who are really into extreme tax cuts for the wealthy! Why didn't I notice this before? I also apparently missed the part where the president signs bills that he doesn't support.

The "Reagan tax cuts" that passed were very close to what Reagan was seeking in each case.

According to this graph

"According to this deliberately deceptive graph..."

Anything that shows financial issues a long period of time, without including inflation, while trying to argue that "the last person in the list did the most of X", is being partisan at best, intentionally misleading at worst. In reality, even inflation alone isn't enough; the best figure you can use is debt as a fraction of GDP. But I digress.

As a second issue, you make it misleading when you focus on debt and not the deficit. Because the deficit makes much clearer what sort of situations the next person inherits, as well as the immediate impact of financial shocks and passed bills.

The reality is, when Obama took office, there was a massive deficit left behind by Bush. During Obama's administration it reduced every year.

Comment What's that about delusional rantings? (Score 4, Interesting) 70

I seem to remember, not too long, some high up Russian official laughing at the idea they would try to interfere with U.S. elections through hacking, or that they were involved with the Wikileaks email, or other related issues in the U.S. I can't remember the exact words but the word "delusional" was definitely in there.

Now, suddenly, Russia is claiming that foreigners are going to supposedly target the Russian banking system and oh yeah, they come from Ukraine.

How odd they should say this. Why would anyone from Ukraine want to hurt their neighbors banking system? As Russia has steadfastly maintained for over two years, they are not attacking Ukraine and no Russian troops are in Ukraine despite the weekly shipments of cargo 200, so why would Ukraine be singled out?

It looks Russia is trying to place blame somewhere else rather than their own incompetence and corruption, not to mention invasion, which is causing their banking sector to forcefully collapse in a manner similar to their ruble which now borders on rubble.

Funny how everyone else is delusional when talking about attacks on their country coming from Russia yet now we're supposed to believe Russia when they single out one particular country for these supposed attacks on their banking sector.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 4, Insightful) 430

Talking about debt isn't helping your case any. Here's the deficit (change in debt) from year to year: Link

Why is that Republicans keep blowing the budget? Well, let's look at the case of Bush. Wow, whodathunkit, massive tax breaks to top income earners skyrockets debt, news at 11! And yes, having the government hawk itself into debt is great for the short term strength of the stock market.

Re, debt outlook under Trump: absolutely not if he enacts his "Bush Tax Cuts+++ proposal.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 4, Informative) 430

Unemployment numbers are a bit worse off today than they were when Obama took office, regardless of which measure you look at.

In what world?

Want to use U-6 unemployment? Nope, not that one either.

Obama inherited the largest economic recession since the Great Depression. And the US is now out of it. Now you can argue over whether someone else could have done it faster or not. But let's not lie about the facts.

Comment Re:Thoughtcrime (Score 1) 360

That totally applies in the USA as well.

Please tell us how you'd go about getting off the "no-fly" list, and how people get on it in the first place.

Are you implying that the US no fly list has entries based on web-browsing history? I'd genuinely like to see evidence of that. I looked briefly but didn't find any that seemed credible.

Comment Re:Less sugar, more calories (Score 1) 302

1) You're assuming that they replace the sugar with something that is predominantly fat. That's not a given as an assumption.

2) Sugar does not contribute to a feeling of fullness. Fat and protein do. Hence why sugar is bad for weight gain. Fat is worse for weight gain than protein because it's over twice as calorie dense, but at least it contributes to fullness.

Comment Re:What?!?! (Score 1) 302

If you're in the EU / Schengen it's easy; I've talked to a number of people who just came here, got an apartment and started working. But I don't know the details (particularly for your fiancee, whether you could get a permit for her through you working here). You should ask Útlendingastofnun (the immigration office) - the website is utl.is. I know if she was coming alone that she'd have to get full atvinnuleyfi and dvalarleyfi (work and residence permits), which is a long process with a lot of conditions - but there's also a permitting process for family members of people who live here.

Yeah, we (like the rest of the world) have been watching what's going on over there; you have our sympathy. :( Don't get me wrong, our political situation is far from perfect (mainly corruption - also our last election results were inconclusive so they're struggling to find a viable coalition). But (so far at least!) nobody's been firebombing our economy out of anger or turning us into a surveillance state or anything like that. And radical/racist nationalists only ever get a trivial fraction of the vote.

You know what, here... if you're actually seriously considering a move here, you'll probably have a ton of other questions, so if you do, just drop me a line - meQme0Q3@eaQku.neQt (remove Qs to despammify). I'd be glad to help :)

Comment Re:Hmmm.... (Score 1) 131

Hello Russian troll. You mention St. Petersburg. That's where Putin has his paid army of Russian trolls who haunt the Net to spread disinformation, especially when it comes to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

That you claim everything is great when the facts say otherwise shows you are earning your keep. How many of the plunging rubles does Putin pay you? At 65 rubles to the dollar, things are getting expensive, aren't they? Or does Putin throw in a bottle of vodka as well so you can drown your sorrows?

No matter. The world knows the truth. With numerous shipments of cargo 200 going to Russia every day, and the freshly dug graves of Russian soldiers appearing, it is quite obvious Russian troops are dying in Ukraine.

Comment Re: Hmmm.... (Score 1) 131

This. Unlike Germans. It says a lot when a people accurately plans down to the slightest detail the extermination of whole ethnicities and build a whole industrial complex around it

Oh please, Stalin was hardly better. He sent tens of millions to be worked to death, knowing that there was a regular stream of undesirable ethnicities and people suspected of being political opponents to replace them with. And he was just as much a militaristic expansionist as Hitler, having carefully negotiated with Hitler how Europe was supposed to be divided up with him, until Hitler stabbed him in the back.

Comment Re:Hmmm.... (Score 1) 131

Ukraine is not "pretty fascist". If you take every candidate who could remotely be described as "fascist" in the 2014 election, combined they got less than 2% of the vote. Right Sector's Dmytro Yarosh, the most clearly fascist, got 0.7% of the vote. If that's what you call a country being "fascist" then fascism has lost all meaning.

If you're talking about the fact that there *"exist* nazis in Ukraine that are fighting for the country in Donbas, well, duh, there is no ban on that. While you're at it, however, you might want to Google Russian nazis in Donbas; there's no shortage of them fighting for the other side as well.

Comment Re:almost made it (Score 4, Informative) 131

Unlike the others, I'm going to assume that you're saying "at 190km, they must have also been far enough along into the burn that they also had significant horizontal velocity" :)

And yes, like the overwhelming majority of modern Russian launch vehicle failures, this was an upper stage failure. Their lower stages have been reliable workhorses, but they've long struggled with upper stages.

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