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Comment Belief in (g)od not God. (Score 1) 910

I think the problem is not enough people beliving in (g)od as a concept vs. Beliving in "God" as an "Proper Noun".

(g)od as a concept is the belief that there is something "better than humanity" or "something just beyond our reach that we should strive for".

Instead we have too many people on one side beliving in God as a Proper Noun and expect "him" to take care of them, and the other side wanting to place government in the role of a "Proper Noun God" that takes care of their every whim.

Instead of looking to take care of ourselves, we expect some sort of "God" to take care of us be it Jesus or the State. This causes stagnation and loss of self determination which leads people to vote for the tyrants who will "take care of them". Those same tyrants will "take care of them" but not inthe way they masses that put them in power hoped for.

We have lost our way as a society and look for the "easy way out" which is to be expected as laziness has served us humans well through evolution pressure. However, as long as we are not too lazy to take care of ourselves it will eventually work itself out, but not after copious amounts of blood are shed as the wheel of history repeats itself.

Comment Fire the shovelware writers. (Score 4, Interesting) 92

Maybe they should fire the shovelware writers that write the stuipid applets that sys inthe syste tray that get installed when ever you install a device driver for a sony peripheral.

Gee, I install the SONY monitor and now I have a systray applet eating CPU time and whatnot and while it supposedly is supposed to help me control the monitor but it leads itself in the tray so it doesn't "Take so long to startup" when I run it that one time to adjust the monitor settings.... When running it from the start menu and waiting an extra 2 seconds for it to load is going to take more time than the cumulative 30 minutes over the lifetime of the PC that is wasts because it slowing everything else down with it's CPU usage and memory consumption....

Sorry, I just hate installing drivers and having to install stuipid shit that I have to go back and remove after every damn driver install. Drivers are "supposed" to be only the driver, I don;t need no damn systray applet for USB Hub, Printer, scanner, DVD writer and LCD monitor.

Comment (Ghost in the Shell) Two Words: Prosthetic Bodies (Score 1) 190

This is the one breakthrough that will allow 99% of all physical disabilities to be resolved in a clear cut consistent mannner.

Born with a sever geentic defect that mangles your lims? Prosthetic Body.

Get burned horribly in a fire and lower half of your body burned to a crisp? Prostetic Body.

All you have to do is keep a brain alive and functional inside of either a lab grown "genetically engineered, universal donor" biologicial body or a "purely mechanical body supported by nanomachines" or a combination of the two.

Once this breakthrough is acheived, the quality of life for humanity will go up immensely.

Comment Re:The United States is a Constitutional Republic (Score 1) 1276

The only thing Democratic is THE PROCESS of choosing the representatives.

Also some of the Ballot measures in the states and voting on Constitional Amendments is Democratic as well.

The problem with a Democracy is that you end up in scenarios where "Two Wolves and One Sheep, vote on what is for dinner and it is Mutton".

One of the real differences between Democracy and a Republic is that a Republic is based upon "Rule of the Law" vs. a Democracy which is "Rule of the People".

When the People get out of control they make bad decisions as they did in the 1930's. Hardly anyone remembers that A certain Austrian Painter was elected as Chancellor of Germany by Popular Vote. Invoking Goodwin because it is relevant.

If the Rule of Law is setup to RESTRICT the AMOUNT of power that the government can use against the people then there is less chance the people can vote in a tyrant and even if they do the restrictions inherent can at least slow down or make a Tyrant ineffective, which is the Genious part of the "Charter of Negative Liberties" of the US constitution.

Comment Paging Phillip Drew (Score 1) 1276

I think what we need is some sorta "Administrator" like the one mentioned in the wonderful book "Phillip Drew - Administrator". Because the average joe is such a dumb dumb we need an elite class of people who know much better than the rabble to tell us all what to do. These central planners are so much better at knowing what Fred T. Bagger needs in Podunk Kansas needs and will be able to aloocate resources far far better and more effectively for the nation as a whole.

Democracy and Republic are such old outdated dusty ideas, what we need is something like a Philosopher or a Properly Educated Intellectual who has unrestricted power to make the Correct Choices for all of us. Maybe something like a "Philosopher King" or an "Intellectual Emporer" would be a better title for our new Enlightened leaders.

Comment Doomsday Preppers - The Next Gen Gamer (Score 0) 337

They will be laughing at all of the people who laughed at them now when the solar storm hits and they have plenty of food to eat. Of course it will be nothing but canned beans and MREs so the gas they produce will make them as undesireable as a 40 something gamer who lives intheir parent's basement.

Not to mention while all our video game consoles are wiped out by the solar EMP the "preppers" will be playing a very realistic First Person Shooter game. One where they sit on their property and blow the heads off the starving hordes from the cities who manage to make it past their property lines.

So the Next Gen of Gamers will be the Doomsday Preppers who are well prepared.

Comment Re:I want the editor's tracks. (Score 3, Insightful) 468

How about a couple sub channels of editing instructions like how much compression and post processing cues.

That way you could adjust them on you new MP5 player?

So the player processor would take all the channels and combine them in realtime to play them and you could have a nice friendly knob to dial up or down compression as they play back.

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