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Comment Re:Read some Engels (Score 1) 268

I think one of the greater turn offs of Communism is just how much reason has to be fucked up in order to embrace the system. In the real world, such systems are comparable because they manifest in all three of your "dimensions". There's no mileage to be gained from your gobbledygook.

A brief critique would include a) society and political dimensions are not independent, b) when you say "a way of organizing society", you automatically introduce a political dimension, and c) in reality, we already have manifestations of capitalism and communism which both competed with each other and were quite comparable to each other.

Basically if you would define the terms more sharply you could have a combination of any of those variations in the economic dimension, society dimension and political dimension.

But there would be no point to doing so since no one else would share your choice of definition nor would such division of definitions illuminate a real distinction, assuming you have a higher life goal than labeling "american" thought as a mistake.

Comment Re:Read some Engels (Score 1) 268

Sorry, but why should I read something from the bourgeois factory owner Engels, or from his bromance buddy Marx, who lived from the surplus value Engels extracted from his proletarian workers?

Marxist theory, having been written by two members of the bourgeois class, cannot but be just another false consciousness ideological construct to advance the interests of the bourgeois themselves, as is evidenced by the fact over the last 150 years it has led to nothing but the overcoming of one set of bourgeois by another set of bourgeois, the so "avant-garde of the proletariat", which in typical fashion always have everything but actual proletarians.

Wake up. None of these "avant-garde" bourgeois will ever transfer their dictatorial power to the actual proletariat. As all bourgeois ideologues, they want the power for themselves. The proletariat? Convenient excuses for the power grab, if that much.

Comment Re:This confirms my previous speculation (Score 1) 427

Personally, I agree. But I know too many people who are willing to take the risk of Trump just to stick a finger to Clinton and DNC. I think it's foolish, but nevertheless, if there are enough of them, it may just add up.

Of course, the other side has a similar problem. Which is why I think that it's basically a contest of who can motivate more to show up to vote against the other guy. And given the potential consequences, I'd rather not take chances, even when small quantities of votes are at stake. Brexit should be a lesson to us all.

Comment Re: as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 1) 226

Libertarianism is not just any limited government. It's government limited to those functions that are necessary to maximize individual liberties (or individual negative rights, to be more specific).

Libertarians also believe that all people, not just those that happened to be born in a "right" country, have said rights.

Now, go ahead and explain how government-sponsored economic protectionism (which borders are, at least in the context of this discussion) maximizes individual rights and liberties.

Comment Re:Almost never (Score 1) 189

Any c++ programmer with more than 1 years experience will see this immediately and slap some braces around it. Thanks to modern IDEs and standard indentation (which the IDE will auto-correct) it's extremely unlikely anyone will make this mistake, or it will go unseen for very long.

I'd group this sort of 'error prevention' in the same category as putting the constant first in every if statement e.g.

if (1 == YouShouldHaveDoneThisTheOtherWay)


The people who make the mistakes that this shit prevents have no place working on code.

You assume braces. BEGIN/END is less visually distinguished.
You assume only one person will touch the code.

Code for what might happen, not what your ego tells you you will get away with.

Comment Re:unpasteurised milk is way better (Score 1) 239

WebMD is paid by the FDA, which receives its funding from big pharma and, yes, the corporate farming lobby.

WebMD only re-posted a press release. They had nothing to do with the study. It was done by Johns Hopkins.

There is no link to the report,

So because it will take a non-trivial amount of effort for you to find, it doesn't exist, and therefore can be dismissed out-of-hand?

All the actual peer-reviewed articles you posted referred to raw-milk cheese,

That's complete nonsense. Some do refer to cheese, but many more do not.

You're clearly a sick, sick man, and should seek professional psychiatric help as soon as possible.

Comment Re:A good reason to replace old reactors (Score 1) 140

Safe means that the land can be returned to general use with no special measures needed.

Exactly. And my point all along is that you don't need to even think about that standard of safety, if you continue to use the land for nuclear power. Then it is not going to be used for "general use" and we can use a variety of "special measures" indefinitely.

Comment Re:Emissions fix? Call me skeptical... (Score 1) 58

I'd love to see an independent, third-party certification that there isn't discernible loss in MPG or power.

Heck, I fully expected that. See, I thought VW would release a firmware patch for emission testing equipment. All VWs would start passing, no need to bother the owners with coming in for the recall.

Comment Re:Code should be as concise as possible. (Score 1) 189

One-letter variable names alone provide far too little job security, except for l and o. This is much better code:

for (godzilla=pokemon, godzilla+=l; godzilla<jesus)
    lllillilil = llliliilil + llillilill;

Did you think I was adding one to godzilla in the for clause? You're not worthy to maintain my code. Seriously, I got stuck maintaining a code base where some genius used l as a variable name everywhere - he now works for Microsoft Research (not making that up).

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