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Comment Re:Death To All Jews (Score 1) 896

But why should there be a risk?

It's newsworthy is PDP turned out to actually be a white supremist or somesuch, given his following. But that's clearly not the case here. This was simply "PDP did something tasteless, like so many of his videos", not even newsworthy.

But it's not about truth or what newsworthy, is it? It's about forwarding the narrative, and punishing the heretics. And only that.

Comment Re: 3 years probation (Score 1) 60

I agree that American police break down doors in far too many instances when they shouldn't, but you need to quit being so dramatic. They got a credible report of a hostage situation - they SHOULD roll up armed

The correct response to a reported hostage situation is absolutely not to have a bunch of over-armed thugs in mall-ninja gear kick down the door. The correct response is a negotiator, a sniper, some normal cops in vests, and patience. You know, how SWAT teams worked before the cops starting playing soldier.

Comment Re:Totally disagree (Score 1) 28

Robot wars used differing hardware. The fun was in that, not so much the bot AI.

This will be interesting until the meta-game is solved. Once everyone is using the same optimizations, it's over. I guess that's fine for showcasing advancements in self-driving cars.

Hmm, OK, I can see this being a longer term thing if used for rally instead of boring circuit races. Having the bots race through mud and ice and so on would be much more interesting, both to watch and in the tech.

OTOH, once the AI gets good, a series allowing more normal variation of the hardware becomes an interesting engineering show. Without driver safety to worry about, you'd probably end up with cars moving near the speed of sound (as with slot-car racing today).

Comment Boo hoo, just stop rainwater from leaching lead (Score 1) 20

So as long as you keep the lead from escaping into groundwater (could bury them in a landfill with a clay or plastic lining in a big mountain), this is fine. If lead prices are so cheap that it's easier to mine new lead than it is to recycle it from CRT glass, and ditto the prices for the other elements in the CRTs (I assume the copper wiring got ripped out right away), then oh fucking well. Invisible hand at work - just need to make sure the storage of the CRTs is adequate to contain the toxic lead.

And yeah, maybe 200 years from now we'll have mined out all the surface lead and it'll be worth recycling them properly. Or maybe just 20 years from now we'll develop robotic disassemblers (with good manipulators and machine vision that can actually properly see and grab stuff and figure out which part of the TV it's looking at like a human worker would) that can economically take these things apart for the goodies inside for less than mining the same elements fresh.

The main issue here is a failure for society to properly bill the costs for proper storage of this stuff. Or maybe they should just for residential landfill operators to make the landfills capable of accepting CRT and other waste, since realistically that's what most people are going to do with their broken electronics.

Comment Re:Security (Score 1) 384

Smart phones have a high concentration of information about us that, individually may seem innocuous but when looked at on the whole can tell volumes.

One odd example of that was after I read a H.P. Lovecraft story on my phone's ereader application ("The Shunned House" ) the text message autocomplete had become seeded with the words H.P. Lovecraft used.

Comment Re:"[I]f we do nothing to resist" (Score 3, Insightful) 384

If you want to fight them the checkpoint is the wrong place since they have all the power and will win every time. They have you by the balls figuratively and sometimes literally. You have people that are supposed to represent your views in Washington and those people control the payroll for the TSA - they are the ones you should be talking to if you want to pick a fight with the TSA.

Comment Re:Attack Software (Score 1) 384

So what happens when travelers start carrying attack hardware & software that bites back

They get thrown in a cell and get the utter shit beaten out of them by half a dozen guys while the report says something about falling down some stairs.
We are not talking about professional law enforcement here remember but one step below mall cops.

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