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Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 1) 133

So your argument is that a shit reviewer (who doesn't check out the product) writes shit reviews?

Slow clap. Perhaps it is more robust to assume that reviewers make errors, and that an ideal review is one in which the reviewer tells the reader what they reviewed. You seem to have some difficulty with this?

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 1) 133

1. You can't prove that, its simply an assumption.
2. Again, people assume this but there is no proof.
3. You seem to believe this is non-trivial? Certainly this is true of far more than just OC graphics cards...

I haven't said that it is a good, or a bad thing. I'm not some kind of simpleton who would try to reduce it to those terms...

Interesting, if some bizarre, choice of example. I assume there is always some bias and error in reviews. I'm happy as long as they disclose exactly what they are reviewing so that I can judge for myself. You seem to believe that a review can be representative of an entire class of products, and that the single sample holds some kind of statistical significance. In your naive world, did the imaginary reviewer mention the $100 bill in the review?

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 1) 133

Why would you pay the extra money for an OC card and then run it in non-OC mode?

I've got an MSI card, the first thing that I did when I plugged it in was put it into OC and run 3dmark on it to see how high I could push the clocks while it was stable. This is the market that they sell the OC cards into.

Reviewers are not being given cards "boosted" above retail, the market for an OC card is somebody who is going to switch on the OC and use it. It is quite likely that reviewers are being given review samples that came out of the "good" bin, but any decent reviewer discusses that in their review. I don't know what the OC averages for the bin they sell are - but mine got 10% ontop of the 10% factory OC so I'm happy with the 20% above stock. Which is roughly what they were reviewed as when they came out (this is a 980-ti, not a newer card).

Comment Re:Publish: communicate to another (Score 1) 76

Not in any context that I have ever heard it used. To "publish" is to make public, or to make available to the public. To "disclose" is to communicate results privately to a third-party. http://legal-dictionary.thefre... is a very crappy two-minute reference to back this up - do you have a link to backup your definition as I have never heard used in that way.

Comment Re:Oh my god (Score 4, Insightful) 436

Or he could have said something that simplified it instead of romanticising it:

The English language is an API: the alphabet and the dictionary. People use that API to write books, emails, webpages and a million other things. The things that they create are copyrighted as creative expressions using combinations of letters and words.

Oh whoops, it is a bit awkward that the law no longer fits that explanation after the previous ruling...

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