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Comment Re:Publish: communicate to another (Score 1) 74

Not in any context that I have ever heard it used. To "publish" is to make public, or to make available to the public. To "disclose" is to communicate results privately to a third-party. http://legal-dictionary.thefre... is a very crappy two-minute reference to back this up - do you have a link to backup your definition as I have never heard used in that way.

Comment Re:Oh my god (Score 4, Insightful) 436

Or he could have said something that simplified it instead of romanticising it:

The English language is an API: the alphabet and the dictionary. People use that API to write books, emails, webpages and a million other things. The things that they create are copyrighted as creative expressions using combinations of letters and words.

Oh whoops, it is a bit awkward that the law no longer fits that explanation after the previous ruling...

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