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Comment Re:You can load them even faster... (Score 2) 117


When somebody puts a site on the web they are making it publicly available to anybody that wants to connect to it. Trying to to then impose constraints on how people access that content *after making it available* has no moral validity at all. The web was not invented to be "monetised", and fuck corporate apologists like you would try to rewrite history to make it so.

Comment Re:Always been doing it (Score 1) 107

YMMV. I had about 250GB of mp3 when I got bored maintaining / organising the collection, and for me there was a lot of "same". It would depend largely on your memory / perception of music. Since I switched over to Spotify Premium I don't hit the same problems. There are are other problems: mainly licensing issues that make things disappear or albums that have tracks missing...

Comment Re:Don't Panic (Score 1) 535

Helmut struggled for a few years. The culture shock was more than he anticipated, and his slightly autistic traits made it difficult to build the network he needed to launch. He stuck it out for 2 years and 5 months before he quit. In that time living in in the "fintech scene" cost him 123,000 euros (about 5 billion pounds post brexit).

Statistically speaking we should see another 22-year old German fintech chancer in 1.6 years, although it is doubtful they will want to leave the EU. Most probable is a young chap called Boris from Frankfurt.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 634

Ah, so you want to screw over a entire country of people so that they learn a lesson? Let's face it, if they could not see that the capital classes were using the racists as a smokescreen to dismantle labour laws - it is not because they have failed to learn from experience. It is because they are terminally stupid. A lesson is not going to help and you are simply being a giant dick about the whole thing.

The Leave campaigners did not call out "no take backs" before the vote, so fuck that result right in the eye. It's a do over, and we'll keep fucking going until the sheep vote the right way. I signed the petition, hope they do it right this time.

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 1) 133

So your argument is that a shit reviewer (who doesn't check out the product) writes shit reviews?

Slow clap. Perhaps it is more robust to assume that reviewers make errors, and that an ideal review is one in which the reviewer tells the reader what they reviewed. You seem to have some difficulty with this?

Comment Re:Shills, Shills Everywhere... (Score 1) 133

1. You can't prove that, its simply an assumption.
2. Again, people assume this but there is no proof.
3. You seem to believe this is non-trivial? Certainly this is true of far more than just OC graphics cards...

I haven't said that it is a good, or a bad thing. I'm not some kind of simpleton who would try to reduce it to those terms...

Interesting, if some bizarre, choice of example. I assume there is always some bias and error in reviews. I'm happy as long as they disclose exactly what they are reviewing so that I can judge for myself. You seem to believe that a review can be representative of an entire class of products, and that the single sample holds some kind of statistical significance. In your naive world, did the imaginary reviewer mention the $100 bill in the review?

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