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Comment Re:Obligatory (Score 1) 48

I like how precisely it plants and waters each seed.

Actually, the way it waters - as well as the way it weeds - makes me think the kid who designed it isn't a gardener.

It appears to be top-watering the plants frequently. Most gardeners know that, if you top water (say with a sprinkler), you want to be careful about both the timing and the frequency - otherwise it's an invitation to all sorts of fungal leaf diseases. If you're interested watering precisely for weed control or water conservation, drip irrigation systems are a much better (and much cheaper!) solution.

It "weeds" by pushing the weeds under the ground. This isn't going to be effective against a lot of pernicious weeds. A gardener probably would have designed the weeding mechanism to use a wire or blade to cut the weed off below the soil line. Additionally, weeds that can be visually identified as such because they're at a distance from the desirable plant aren't as much of a problem as weeds right up next to the plants... and you really don't want this tool shoving those underground and potentially damaging your veggies' roots.

As far as precision sowing goes... If you really care about that, there have been tools available for decades to accomplish exactly this at reasonably low prices.

Comment Re: I love the brave new world I exist in (Score 1) 51

And let's be clear - these are not some sort of pre-existing city-controlled cameras that were there when the location was a pay phone - Google/Alphabet is the one installing the cameras.

I had to go check that out because I thought there was a possibility the city was responsible for the cameras... but nope.

I am curious if, at some point over the last decade, either Larry or Sergei took a marker and drew an X through the "n't" part on some old piece of paper where Marissa had originally written "Don't Be Evil".

Comment Re:How were crimes solved before cell phones? (Score 2) 254

Many law enforcement leaders are acting as if no crimes can be solved unless all cell phones are made more vulnerable.

There are a couple glaring problems that come to mind immediately when I read statements like the one the DA made:

1) They are claiming that having access to the phones would let them solve the crimes. While that may be true in some cases, it's certainly not a given. Look at the San Diego shooter's phone - when they finally got in, there was nothing worthwhile on it.

2) They are implying this is their only recourse. But if they have enough evidence to get a warrant, they can lock up the suspect if he/she doesn't comply with giving them access. Sure, the crime may be still technically "unsolved"... but the perp is in jail, regardless.

Comment Re:5.38 hours per day (Score 2) 174

I doubt this figure; this is an absurd amount of TV to watch on a daily basis on average.

Well cable subscribers trend older, right?

When I grew up in the 70s, the TV was always on, all evening. Now my wife and I don't do that; but I've noticed both my mom and my wife's folks still have the TV on pretty much from dinner time until bed time. And even with some of my friends (in their 40s and 50s), the TV is on a LOT. It actually is rather annoying.

Now they aren't camped out on the couch in front of it all that time... but it is playing and has a modicum of their focus.

And from what I've seen of college kids now, while they're not watching television per se - they do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time watching stuff like YouTube and swapping SnapChat videos (they don't seem to actually chat much on SnapChat, which seems weird but them I'm old). It wouldn't surprise me if the total amount of time they spend on new media rivals what their parents and grandparents spend in front of the boob tube.

Comment Re:"What Difference Does It Make?!?!?!" (Score 1) 694

To be fair, the Republicans managed to toss the Democrats the most easily defeatable opponent ever in someone who is consistently offensive to nearly everyone including most of the party he is nominated for and the Democrats still couldn't actually field someone who could soundly beat him.

That's a valid point. If the Republicans had nominated anyone other than Trump or (probably) Cruz, I guarantee I would've voted for them come November.

One nice thing about living in Washington state - you're not forced to vote party-line in the general elections.

Comment Typos (Score 1) 15

If you're referring to the book, I took great pains to leave the stories as close to how they were presented in the magazines as possible, leaving typos in. One story I got from Gutenberg had typos edited out, I re-inserted them. Five of them were printed in the bound versions of the book and PDF from cleaned-up scans of the original stories. I saw three in Leinster's story.

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