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Comment Interesting wording (Score 5, Interesting) 157

So they aren't necessarily using renewable energy, they are buying it? This sounds more like they're paying money to companies who have renewable energy credits to sell. They may also be taking part in that travel scam where you don't have to change how much your people fly and waste jet fuel at all... you just swap credits with other non-flying people and say you're being "green".

Someone in an earlier comment used the term "indulgences" - and it really is a lot like the medieval practice where rich people would pay the Vatican basically for pre-approved forgiveness of whatever unethical / immoral thing they were planning to do.

Comment Re:Does not compute (Score 1) 501

Let's be optimistic for a second. If robots and AI take over more and more of the jobs that humans used to do, then the products those jobs produce will decrease in price. Perhaps they'll decrease to the point where they cost little or nothing. And then we may be in a Star Trek TNG society where money doesn't exist, because duh, nobody needs to buy anything.

Where can I make reservations to eat at Cisco's?

Comment Re:what about h.265? (Score 1) 75

I hear it does great things for 4k, so it seems that it would be really great for HD, and even older 720 or 480 content too.

It's supposed to be better than VP9; but is there any hardware support for h.265 yet, though?

I think of all these codecs, h.264 is the only one where there's any phone hardware available for decoding. I'd be curious to see how the choice of VP9 affects battery life on Android devices (do any of them have h.264 chips, or would that be handled in software too)?

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