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Comment It's "too hard to fix" (Score 1) 290

Until it starts costing them money, at least. Once that starts happening, then I'm sure Google will suddenly start finding ways to keep advertisers' ads off of certain videos / channels.

Facebook did more or less the same thing, as I recall. A fix is always unfeasible until not having that fix starts costing them dollars...

Comment I've never heard of most of these (Score 3, Insightful) 36

Okay, yeah I know what Uber, Lyft, Waze, and Tinder are. But I suspect they're included in the list specifically to give credence to the idea these other unknown apps are "hot".

1 user to 50 users = 5000% increase!

But I'm sure there are no financial ties between these unknown apps and the people producing this "survey"...

Comment Re: please use a password manager.... (Score 1) 126

Doesn't even require Safari - there's a password assistant built into the OS, even though it's not exposed as an application.

I still have (and use) a third-party utility called "Password Assistant", which was written by the guy behind the now-defunct website It provides a wrapper application which gives you direct access to the built-in password generator. It's extremely handy, even outside the web browser.

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