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Submission + - Malls track cell phone signals for datamining (

shoehornjob writes: "Online retailers have long gathered behavioral metrics about how customers shop, tracking their movements through e-shopping pages and using data to make targeted offers based on user profiles. Retailers in meat-space have had tried to replicate that with frequent shopper offers, store credit cards, and other ways to get shoppers to voluntarily give up data on their behavior, but these efforts have lacked the sort of data capacity provided by anonymous store browsers—at least until now. This holiday season, shopping malls in the US have started collecting data about shoppers by tracking the closest thing to "cookies" human beings carry—their cell phones."

Submission + - Comcast VS Level 3 (

shoehornjob writes: Comcast and Level 3 are disputing the practice of peering between networks. For those who don't know, peering is an agreement made between two (backbone) networks to allow an equal exchange of traffic. If one network passes traffic over the agreed amont to the other it will likely be charged an excess fee. According to the Comcast blog dated Nov 29 and 30 Level 3 is attempting to pass traffic at a 5:1 ratio without incurring a charge for the excess. Comcast has already stated it will accept traffic levels no more than 2:1 without any additional fee. Level 3 is doing it's best to spread FUD by claiming that"big bad Comcast is attempting to shake down the content delivery system" and they are blocking Netflix. Both companies are waging a public realtions campaign to spin things their way. ZDNET has some interesting insight from an unnamed Barclays Capital analyst "The awkward timing makes us wonder why, assuming (Comcast) is contractually due the payments, it would choose to pursue them now, given the FCC’s sensitivity around online video, rather than just letting the issue sit until after the NBCU deal is approved. As such, we believe that Level 3 may be the one pushing the peering payment issue now, given that its leverage would be much lower once the NBCU deal is approved". I did a quick Google search for Level3 blog and couldn't find any official response from Level 3 so for now it seems they are content to spread FUD in the court of public opinion. Disclosure: I am an employee of Comcast. I have tried to present balanced information based on multiple sources and my opinions expressed on this or any website are my own and do not in any way represent my employer.

Submission + - Parents Television Council keep porn off Iphone (

shoehornjob writes: The socially conservative group Parents Television Council (Who?) Thinks Apple needs to do a better job of removing pornography from their App Store. Recently Apple did remove a few apps they deemed inappropriate like Dirty Fingers Screen Wash and Tight Body Perky XXX. Steve Jobs Counters that "Folks who want porn can buy an Android phone (referring to their adult only section of the app store). Gavin McKiernan, the PTC's grassroots director, claims there are very few controls on an Iphone, and parents cannot monitor the content that their children or teenagers have been viewing during the day on its Internet browser.

Sounds to me like a bunch of prudes taking a shot at an easy target. Hmm the the app store has porn? Gotta check that out for myself. Wonder if I can get Android apps to work on my Ipod touch (brings a whole new meaning to touch lol).

Submission + - Republican FUD the FCC and Net Neutrality (

shoehornjob writes: Channel Web has an interesting article about Why Republicans Hate Net Neutrality. Essentially some key Republican congress critters want the FCC to conduct a "market analysis" of the broadband landscape before they do any potential damage to the industry by implimenting Net Neutrality. According to Rep. Cliff Stearns (R-Fla.) (ranking member of the House Communications, Technology & the Internet Subcommittee) "Network Neutrality will harm consumers, reduce competition and discourage new investment and innovation at a time of tremendous technilogical growth".

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