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Comment So FB, a private company can't show what they want (Score 2) 357

If Facebook is a private non-governmental company what does it matter if they decide to do that to the news feed? No body pays for access to the site, so you get what you pay for. If you feel that you are not getting your fullest daily dose of insane right-wing news you can just go to Fox or Brietbart.

Comment Re:Obviously laughable, but ... (Score 1) 136

Maryland education is highly rated. However, Kirby didn't care because he knew he was destined for greatness living of the government teat doing contracts for the government and then later complaining like a typical R that we need to cut spending on 'non-essential' programs .. think of the tax payers!

Comment He's one of the guys I didn't vote for. (Score 1) 136

I live in Frederick County, MD.

I actively spread the word in the last election that they should by no means vote for Kirby Delauter. The only thing he cares about is the size of his bank account.
He's proved himself a hot head over the last 4 years he was a county commissioner, and has in no way changed since we changed to a charter government and he was elected as a county councilman.

Comment Re:Becuse it is small (Score 1) 264

My wife has a 16GB iPhone 5s.

I upgraded her to iOS8 yesterday and she had 6GB of available space at that time. She hardly ever syncs her phone to clear off photos or video, and typically she streams music via Pandora or XM apps. Seems that 16GB is enough for her and probably a lot of 'regular users' like her.

I'm sure Apple produced the new versions with storage options that reflect what the public has been buying.


Comment Re:Kind of see their point... (Score 1) 207


"Are you paid by IKEA or is this an elaborate scheme by IKEA to make us buy more furniture?
No, not a cent. Nil, nada, zilch. IKEA does not pay me nor is this site their idea or in any way sanctioned or endorsed by IKEA. This is purely a fan-run website.

However, in the spirit of full disclosure, I do earn from advertising, mainly via Google Ads, SayMedia, Technorati ad networks and when readers support me by buying Amazon or Parts of Sweden products through my affiliate link. From time to time I may test out new forms of advertising but my goal is to always keep advertising as non-intrusive as possible."

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