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Comment Space SHIP (Score 2) 187

Doesn't do much good to get up there, even cheaply unless you can actually go somewhere, when you want.

We need a for real SHIP.

1. Huge power capacity...100 megawatts.
2. Magnetic shielding.
3. Rotating living work compartments for artificial gravity.
4. Banks and banks of Ion or other drives.
5. 100% closed environmental recycling system,
6. Reusable, excursion vehicle...plant to ship and back again that doesn't need to refueled for the return trip.

Many of these technologies are available or could be with some investment. yes, it IS rocket science, but it's not magic.

Comment Re:Catch? (Score 1) 148

I've been running iOS 10.3 beta for the whole run on an iPhone 6 with 16GB of storage. There haven't been any problems, despite the limited space that it has to work with and how much it has to go and flush cache files and whatnot. I'd be surprised if there are more than a handful of problems related to the upgrade.

Comment Re: silent s (Score 1) 249

The rule of my ID is to prove I really am me. It was issued by the government. It does exactly that. It DOESN'T vouch for me as a human being. The save here. The cert vouches that I am dealing with ... it doesn't say that said site is run by a stand up guy you should trust. Never has ... Never will ... Was never SUPPOSED to. HTH!

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