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Comment Re:"H1-B skilled worker visas" (Score 5, Informative) 184

At 1/3 of the cost, it's rather irrelevant to those who do nothing but stare at the bottom line all damn day long.

With those kinds of demonstrated cost savings measures, even system outages perpetuated by a lack of skills are somehow justified.

This is the BS part of the H1B Fraud that is going on. If you look up the rules around H1-B one of them is:

You must be paid at least the actual or prevailing wage for your occupation, whichever is higher.

If this was being done legally, there would be no advantage to displacing the US workers; it would only be used for skills in short supply as it was intended. This law is being totally subverted by Infosys, Tata, WiPro and everyone of their customers that uses such replacements. I think that they would qualify for prosecution under RICO statutes.

Comment Eventually they'll be compelled to (Score 1) 168

Eventually they will have to. It may be because most of the people they communicate eschew analog communications but its much more likely that the government will actually compel via some form of records retention regulation that will make having in person conversations unpopular because they will need to be recorded.

Comment Why not move on to touchscreen (Score 1) 361

I've been an Apple user since 06 when they went Intel (strictly *nix for 22 years before that other than a brief, self abusive period using Windows in the late 90s) and I don't understand why the retina, multi-touch tech of the TouchBar isn't implement in the screen as well. Touch may not have seemed important 8 or 9 years ago but between tablets and smartphones touch has become a much more common part of the computing experience.

As long as I'm complaining, I also don't understand why the 13" MBP is limited to 8 Gig of Ram. Memory is cheap and Apps use ridiculous amounts of it now.

Comment We should've been looking at remediation long ago (Score 3, Interesting) 376

Its been interesting to watch the climate debate over the years. The talk has always been about reducing emissions and economic measures. If remediation (and clean energy) had been tackled with the kinds of efforts that won WW2 and put a man on the moon, this problem would be orders of magnitude less now (plus my cellphone charge would last weeks and I'd like that.) Instead "climate change" became all about economic rebalancing and geopolitical issues. We already have technologies that would deal with a lot of the CO2 in the atmosphere but they typically need energy and without clean energy (solar, wind, tidal, nuclear, etc) to power them, they don't do much. Now no one is willing to divert the massive amounts of money needed because that might interfere with the bread & circuses everyone wants.

Comment Is volume really the answer (Score 4, Insightful) 187

Is throwing quantity at this problem the right answer? If we train lots and lots of people in programming is it really going to help? Is it even going to be successful? How can people believe in this approach?

If someone opened a massive free school for training sculptors and enrolled 1000s of students no one would believe that they would end up with hundreds of Michelangelo's. They wouldn't get lots and lots of excellent sculptors. They'd be lucky to find a 1 or 2 really good ones out of every 1000 students. Then they'd find a few more fairly good ones and the rest would be mediocre to bad. Some would be able to create really elegant statues, some would be good at making blocks, bricks and tombstones and the vast majority would make gravel.

The only difference between this and the mass programming schools is that with sculpting most people could look at their rock based product and easily discern its quality. Not so for programming. That's why this industry is rife with gravel producing developers who try and pass their product off as statuary.

I think the public is being deluded about this.

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