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Submission + - Google Search uses 1/2 a kettle of CO2 1

sgbett writes: "Following on from the recent carbon neutral debate, The Australian has just published an article entitled Hidden harm of google searches which makes a bold assertion.

While millions of people tap into Google without a thought for the environment, a typical search generates about 7g of carbon dioxide. Boiling a kettle generates about 15g.

What I found more interesting though was the footnote...

...maintaining a character in the Second Life virtual reality game requires 1752 kilowatt hours of electricity a year. That is almost as much used by the average Brazilian.

I wonder how much CO2 the average WOWer grinds through a year!"

Classic Games (Games)

Submission + - Bandai can ban pac-man

sgbett writes: "Oh noes! It seems that Bandai are jumping on board the 'take down' wagon, by requesting that developers remove the facebook app pac-man. In its place a jukebox style sorry excuse for an arcade ... Wot no space invaders? To avoid visiting facebook, here is the announcement...

PacMan Is Gone Dear users — we have been asked by Bandai to remove Pacman from Facebook. So around 2-3pm PST today we will be taking Pacman off the application and replacing it with other games. We are truly sorry to have to take away your favorite game, but we will be talking with Bandai to hopefully be able to return Pacman to you — our devoted users. So in the meantime please enjoy the new games we will be adding every few days. Please let us know which ones you like or don't like. -DL Please hang in there we are making new and better games and we will be adding score tracking to those as well. We were caught by surprise by Bandai and they only gave us 24 hours to change it. We are still hoping to get PacMan back up by negotiating with Bandai.
Why not Contact them to express your appreciation!"

Submission + - CD-Wow to pay 41million GBP damages to BPI

sgbett writes: "The BBC reports that the BPI have been awarded 41million GBP in damages from online CD retailer CD-Wow. This follows a ruling earlier in the year in which CD-Wow were found in contempt of court for breaching a 2004 agreement to stop selling imported CDs which had been bought cheaply in places like Hong Kong.

In a statement, CD-Wow said the British courts had set a "dangerous precedent". CD-WOW is now calling for a full review of copyright law."

Submission + - Google Image Search Goes Undercover

sgbett writes: "So google changed there image search results page recently to a slicker web 2.0 approach, and in doing do have hidden what could be considered to be one of the most vital pieces of image metadata behind a mouseover. Imagaine a world where search only returned page titles, with no clue as to content — Could it be that google have got the UI wrong for once?"

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