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Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 433

I love your kind. On one hand expect everyone to "save and have an insurance", on the other hand you're fine with paying people barely enough to get by.

The only reason you allowed slavery to be abolished is that it is more expensive to feed and shelter slaves than what you have to pay now.

Comment Re:AND GOD CREATED THE EATHER AND (Score 3, Funny) 327

Considering the state this place is in, he should've taking a bit more time. I mean, look at this lemon of a planet!

Not to mention the time management of this guy. I mean, think about it, he fucked about with this insignificant pebble orbiting a not really noteworthy sun in a rather plain region of a nondescript arm of a rather standard spiral galaxy in a not really remarkable galaxy cluster for six days and the whole rest, those other planets in our system, the stars and their plants, galaxies, galaxy clusters and whatnot, all that took less than a fucking paragraph!

Look around you again and notice just how fucked his place is.
And now imagine how the rest of the creation has to be if THIS is what he spent about 99% of his time on!

Comment Re:Bad business for Sony (Score 1) 54

So instead of half-baked console ports that are near unplayable with a keyboard/mouse setup with a "one resolution fits all" mentality that act like there is nothing running but THAT very game (perish the thought that you'd want a firewall), we now get half-baked console games that are shoveled onto the PC without any care because you don't even have to PORT anymore.

Please excuse me when I don't jump in joy.

Comment Re:Religion is a mental disorder (Score 1) 325

Like it or not, reproducibility is one of the corner stones of the scientific method. Basically whether you consider this true or not means jack shit. If you cannot reproduce it, if it doesn't offer any test that allows me to reproduce or falsify your findings, don't expect me to call whatever you do scientific.

And don't make it dependent on me, it's basically how science works.

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