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Comment Re: commercial advantages (Score 1) 48

Germany had its Jews, the US has its Mexicans. With the main difference that there are rather few Mexicans you can steal a lot from.

And yes, a lot of the German problems that led up to the rise of the Nazis could be blamed on Clemenceau and his zeal to annihilate Germany with the peace conditions, but by no means all of it. Germany also had politicians that led right up to the point where people did have the feeling that these politicians are doing a crappy job, and yes, quite a few did. Not all of them, there were a few honest, hard working men that tried their best to rebuild the country, but far too many were simply looking out for themselves, and only themselves.

And people will follow anyone who promises an end to that.

Comment Re:DHS Weaponized? (Score 1) 122

Georgia isn't really a state that would have much value for them to flip even assuming they could do so.

That said, you have to think there's some kind of political shenanigans going on behind it.

Then again, maybe if this is a thing going forward, we'll end up selecting for fewer luddites and more people interested in proper opsec, rather than compromising it the moment it becomes too inconvenient.

Comment Re: Reddit is on the way out (Score 1) 233

Correction, a statement about the art was later discovered. It apparently wasn't modeled after his victims directly, but it was supposed to be a tormented person. It does bear similarities to the poses of his victims, though the artist said it was modeled after people suffering hysteria. Take from that what you will.

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