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Comment Re:No Headphone Jack? No Sale. (Score 2) 227

Maybe my next car purchase in 10-12 years I'll remember to include BT for the stereo system...

It's a cheap and decidedly worthwhile upgrade to existing tech / cars. I stuck a Grom unit behind the stock radio in my '04 E46M3, and in my 21-year-old 1995 Jeep Wrangler I simply swapped in a sub-$100 new head unit (Clarion but there are so many options). Much better solution than wrestling with a 1/8" cord constantly, especially with the wear and tear those cords get in an automotive environment (jiggle it just right to get audio out of both channels...).

Comment Re: read the Ex Parte DOJ filing for the correct s (Score 1) 610

Yeah, and they already have:

They alleged in their filing that Farook may have disabled the iCloud data feature to hide evidence. Although investigators have been able to obtain several backup versions of Farook's iCloud data, the most recent version they've been able to access dates from about a month and a half before the shooting. They said this showed Farook "may have disabled the feature to hide evidence."

Comment Re: In all honesty... (Score 1) 110

I use a Core 2 Duo (1.86 GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD) MacBook Air (2010) as a daily driver, updated to the latest 10.11.2 OS X. Works fine with 2 browsers, MySQL
(10GB indexed database), Ruby on Rails, Webrick, Adobe Acrobat Pro... I often have at least 4 apps open at once (right now: Acrobat Pro, Word, Firefox, TextWrangler, and Clean Text). I have a newer Core i5 8GB MBA I leave at home (I commute via metro and the C2D is "expendable"), so I could use a higher performance machine, just haven't felt the need to. Of course, if I'm going to do anything hefty in Photoshop, final cut pro, etc., I fire up a 3.4 gigahertz Quad core I five Hackintoshâ¦

Comment Re:Steam Boat Willy (Score 1) 70

Lets be clear that its not Mickey Mouse that is being extended, that is a trademark and does not expire as long as its used.

It's an old black and white cartoon called Steam Boat Willy, in which Mickey appeared. ...

Not necessarily the full story. Haven't done a full analysis, but, Steam Boat Willy arguably contained other copyrightable elements (Mickey Mouse for instance). Here's an interesting article regarding what happens when a character falls into the public domain:

Comment Flop?! (Score 4, Informative) 33

The Last Starfighter ...[a] box-office flop

Say what? “The Last Starfighter was a financial success, earning over $28 million on an estimated budget of $15 million.”

It's also reasonably well ranked, and spawned a Broadway musical, etc., so I don't see what 'stench' there'd be. Citation needed.

I suspect (a) Atari had plans for a real Last Starfighter game, but in 1984 tech would have been too expensive; (b) this game was originally ‘Orbiter’ and rebranded mid-development to capitalize on the Last Starfighter film; and (c) because gameplay would have been nothing like the game in the movie, and the game wasn't ready until 1985ish anyway (when any boost from associating with The Last Starfighter would probably have been negligible, especially given the probable backlash of the game having little to do with the movie - c.f. E.T. (which Atari was still stinging from)...

Submission + - French terrorists used PS4 encryption, couldn't be monitored (

crankyspice writes: American law enforcement is blaming encrypted communications, specifically that found in Sony PlayStation 4 devices, for an inability to continue to monitor 'chatter' leading up to the attacks in Paris. Harbinger of arenewed push for an ability to provide decryption upon government demand?

Comment Re: America (Score 0) 399

I don't get the issue with TSA. They suck, yeah, but they're easily avoided, just fly yourself. I fly at least weekly and haven't had an interaction with TSA in at least 4 years. You can pick up a plane for about the price of a nice Honda (my low hours PA-28-140, STC upgraded to a 180 HP engine and (337'd) constant speed prop, was under $20K)...

Comment GoPro. (Score 1) 133

I use a battery eliminator with my GoPro Hero 3+ Black, together with an external (11500 mAh) battery pack. The combo will power the GoPro for far longer than the (maximum supported) 64GB microSD card has video capacity. Perfect for long cross-country flights that exceed the ~1.5-2 hours of internal battery capacity (the internal battery is 1150-1200 mAh, so the 11500 mAh external is good for about 18 hours of video recording; a 64GB microSD card can hold about 7 hours of video).

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