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Comment Re:Who would have guessed? (Score 4, Interesting) 241

Government procurement contracts pretty much preclude the government obtaining goods and services on the open market. Instead it must rely to a large degree on contractors and vendors who have the capability of handling all the special paperwork and requirements.

So if you're on a procurement committee you don't have much choice. Once you discard the vendors who (a) can't absorb the amount of money to be spent on schedule and (b) jump through the statutory federal contractor hoops, what you're left with is a rogues gallery of usual suspects.

Comment If you must ... (Score 1) 149

1 - Don't use the stupid shit. However, if you think you must use it:
2 - Use a good ad blocker. Of course, this will be a cat and mouse game between the ad company (Facebook) and the ad-blockers (various).
3 - Use firefox and a little "about:config" followed by search for "autoplay". Until you land on "media.autoplay.enabled" and set the boolean value to false. Good for all sorts of crap websites that want to autoplay videos on you.

You're welcome.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 5, Insightful) 82

Someone doesn't know their history. its you. Look at the wars america was in before 1940. For example- the Spanish-American war. Basically caused because we wanted some of Spain's stuff in the Carribean, and trumped up on an explosion in port that ended up being an accident.

The Mexican American war- because we wanted to move our southern border to the Rio Grande.

The War of 1812- multiple causes and may have happened anyway, but at least part was a desire to annex Canada.

The Indian Wars- all undeclared, but we took each tribe's land one at a time.

The US has been an imperialistic war monger from the beginning. We just kept it to our own continent until the 1900s.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 330

I actually worked doing government auditing in a department I shall decline to name. And as much as I railed and wrote STERN LETTERS and what not, nothing would shake the bureacrats love of their bloody spreadsheets.

The fact that the *only* asset list in the whole damn department of 10K+ employees around the country was kept on a single excel file that was collated from other excel files by a vbscript written by a secretary was not seen as a problem by anyone except me and the IT dept (who where also systematically ignored) meant that pretty much all my recomendations where systematically ignored. And now I work in the private sector again....

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