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Comment Re:Yeah... about that influence (Score 1) 99

what he said. Especially the bit about "running through Kiticor by night" as a low level character ... or shouting "Travel the world. Come and see the Wonders of Greater Faydark" in Lesser Faydark and subsequently leading a bunch of lvl 10 to their death (mine included). Fun times. Corpse Recovery and serious Death Penalties really increased the fun back then.

Comment Re:Simple Suggestion (Score 2) 301

I'm actually living with a person who *needs* medication to function normally (OCD), so yes : I understand the fact that ADD is a real condition. I just don't think that the correct answer to someone saying "Somehow I get sidetracked while working on a computer with an internet connection" is "take Aderall and be productive again". My take is that, if it is such a big problem that he gets sidetracked he should first try to understand the reasons he can't concentrate on his job, before treating something that is, in all probability, NOT due to a physiological deficiency with medication.

Comment Re:Simple Suggestion (Score 4, Insightful) 301

Want something meaningful?

find out why you can not concentrate on your job. You're too tired? go to sleep earlier in the evening ... works wonder. Your job is boring you? Then either it's just momentarily and you should stop procrastinating and force yourself to do it in the knowledge that the good stuff is coming soon. If it's not a momentary boringness then assume that this job is not for you. Try to find out whether it is your workplace or the occupation per se that makes it hard to concentrate on your work. If the first, then actively look for a job at a different place, if it is the second that it won't matter if you change your workplace ... you need to find another occupation that a) can pay the rent and b) makes you happier. Notice how I never talk about "get a better paid job". Money is nice but, in the end, you won't take it to your grave and past a certain "I can live more or less comfortably from that" amount, it will make NOT you happier.
If you are a consultant or running your own business and you can not find a way to actually force yourself to do your work, then consider the fact that you might not be cut out for indenpendancy. Nothing to be ashamed about, and good of you to try it, but being an independant worker means much MORE work and much stronger self-discipline than being a salary man. Try to get a job which pleases you with a fix monthly income and paid vacation. You will be a lot happier.

tl;dr: find out why you can not concentrate on your work, act to fix the problem. Do not drop some aderall, as they will NOT make you happier, just more "productive".

now, dear AC, your turn ...

Comment Re:Simple Suggestion (Score 2, Insightful) 301

ahh ... the murican answer to everything : take pills. No self-control? take ritalin or aderall, and say you have ADHD (or the current hip accronyme for "doesn't enjoy his current task and would rather do something else") Can't sleep? drop a Tylenol No self-esteem? snort some coke. Dude, whilst taking medication is a viable short term alternative, and only in rare cases the only solution, the propensity to just go the lazy way and use chemical crutches to alleviate *symptoms* whenever the slightest problem arises is just incredibly dumb and counter-productive (for YOU! I'm sure your employer appreciate the fact that you are a much more productive "tool" since you started taking pills ...) If you can't concentrate on a task, go to therapy and try to find out the cause instead of blaming some extremely generic condition.

Comment Re:It's the same for Blizzard. (Score 1) 386

The point that you have to be *online* to be able to go *offline* is already absurd enough, don't you think? Especially when talking about single player games (or single player mode in otherwise multiplayer capable games). Generally you play those games "offline" when you can not go online to start with (because your connection died for example) ... thus making the whole shitty procedure just a complete nuisance.

Comment Re:It's the same for Blizzard. (Score 2, Insightful) 386

Steam might play in offline mode. More often than not this is not the case. Believe me, I used to have a very bad internet connection and the times I was not able to play anything from my Steam account when the connection was down and Schteam was telling me to log in far outweighted the times when it happily remembered that I had played just one day before.
Steam is not nearly as evil as EA, but it still has an intrusive and often obnoxious DRM (Along with an atrocious EULA).

Comment Re:No. (Score 1) 436

Considering many of the "bigger" tricks only works because 1) the audience is relatively far away from the stage and 2) have a very limited viewing angle, your comment isn't THAT false.

Comment Re:Yes but... (Score 1) 57

yes. I t runs emacs nicely, although the startup time can be a tad bit long (20-30sec in my case), depending on your .emacs . Once it's loaded it is completely useable and fast.

One of my two rpis (both are ~old~ ones with only 256MB RAM) is running apache, mysql, dovecot, postfix and bitlbee. It also has weechat (connected to bitlbee and 4 channels on #freenode) and mutt running 24/7. Additionally roundcubemail is installed. Again, depending on the amount of mails to sort and show, RCmail can be a bit slow. This is the rpi I use emacs the most on, mostly to edit config files, write mails and code a bit on side projects when bored at work.

The trick is to change the memory allocation depending on your useage. In the case of this mail server I set the mem to 240/16 as it is headless.(16MB for the GPU is apparently the absolute minimum you can allocate).

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