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Comment Re:But the Power Mac was having difficulty handlin (Score 0) 223

Yeah, Mac's are shit. Nobody uses them as servers. After paying the inherited 10% Jobs tax, on top of normal x86_64 costs, they are still stupid expensive. You spend $500, the minimum for a Mac-mini, and get a 1.whatever GHz shitbox. I can spend $220, and build a headless 3.3GHz Pentium with 2.133 GHz FSB, and DDR4 RAM, that runs Fedora, CentOS, Windows, etc.

And yes, opening TCP port 25 to your home server can very quickly kill the system. Forget attacks, spam alone will cause millions, if not billions, of attempted email relays.

Comment Re:It's time.......... (Score 1) 134

The Wendy's that I go to was affected by this. I had two different cards stolen in a short period of time, both used at the affected location. At the time I thought it was really rare, but now it makes complete sense. Also, it's a lot longer than a five minute call. It took me a few days just to get someone to call me back. For one bank I had to do a lot of paper work, then *fax* that back in. They sat on the request for a month and it took almost two months to get the money credited back to my account. I had to pay almost $600 to my card company before I got any of it back more than a month later. And it wasn't 24-48 hours for a new card, it was two weeks. Once I get the new cards, I get to spend a bit of time updating vendors with the new number. That's more calls. And because Wendy's didn't really say anything until today, I probably went back to that same affected location with one of the new cards. So it's probably just a matter of time until that card goes south again. Your statement that it isn't a big deal doesn't ring true in my situation.

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