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Comment Re:It's time.......... (Score 1) 134

The Wendy's that I go to was affected by this. I had two different cards stolen in a short period of time, both used at the affected location. At the time I thought it was really rare, but now it makes complete sense. Also, it's a lot longer than a five minute call. It took me a few days just to get someone to call me back. For one bank I had to do a lot of paper work, then *fax* that back in. They sat on the request for a month and it took almost two months to get the money credited back to my account. I had to pay almost $600 to my card company before I got any of it back more than a month later. And it wasn't 24-48 hours for a new card, it was two weeks. Once I get the new cards, I get to spend a bit of time updating vendors with the new number. That's more calls. And because Wendy's didn't really say anything until today, I probably went back to that same affected location with one of the new cards. So it's probably just a matter of time until that card goes south again. Your statement that it isn't a big deal doesn't ring true in my situation.

Comment Doomed to Failure.. (Score 3, Insightful) 622

These people are doomed to failure from the beginning. After learning how to operate a vehicle safely (note this apply's to almost any vehicle: car, bike, plane, boat, etc.) your second goal is to properly navigate that vehicle in the public domain. Most countries by now have implemented at least a basic form of navigation for at least a few forms of transport.

For example, in a few weeks I will be driving from Reno to Las Vegas, NV. I have 100% confidence that I will not get lost at any point during this journey, with or without GPS. I already know the route I wish to take, which roads I will be using, which towns I will be passing through, and about how long it is between each town. I even know where I will probably stop for gas and lunch in Tonopah. I have a printed map, and know that for the most part I will be on US-95. The state has kindly marked these roads with signs that I can follow. If these people can't figure out that they should be going mostly East instead of mostly Southwest, and do so for days, even hours, GPS isn't the problem.

Comment Happy Birthday (Score 5, Insightful) 132

I remember being 14 and learning to use an E6-B flight computer for the first time. It's pretty amazing to be able to sit down and develop a to-the-minute flight plan from departure to arrival and then be able to go out and execute that plan. Flying along hitting all your waypoints at the proper time, getting your enroute crab angle correct for the given winds aloft and not killing yourself along the way was always exciting. Hats off to Lt. Dalton. Your invention will always have a place in my flight bag.

Comment SITREP (Score 1) 97

Markus and I are going to help prepare a new MIV for launch to intercept this "Comet Lovejoy" and claim it's alcohol and sugar for use in the Cloud Ark. We will need to reuse and tow the reactor from ymir, along with a full compliment of robots to handle all of the slave labor needed to adjust the orbit of this hunk of ice towards the Sun-Earth L1 la grange point. From there we use the alcohol to power the boosters around Old Earth into a high orbit towards Izzy. We can correct for everything bad that happens on the far side of the burn. Then it's 5,000 years old alcohol powered goodness.
Live long, Dr. Doob.

Comment Re:Moon as a gas station (Score 3) 194

Right, so engineer it to work on the Moon, and it will work just as well, if not better, on Mars. Yes, no?

Everything you listed, except for the gravity, appears to be a negative for the Moon when compared to Mars. You say "the list goes on and on", and I'm not going to argue that.

But is the Moon really such a terrible place that it deserves no further exploration, even if just a stepping stone to another world such as Mars?

Wouldn't you rather attempt to camp out in our own backyard for a little while, before we go out for the entire Wally World adventure?

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