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Submission + - Apple rejects 'wave and pay' (NFC) for new iPhone (

yousafkh writes: "We were hearing some rumors about the NFC Technology to be integrated in the New iPhone 5. But now the reports are coming out that there won't be any NFC Technology in the Next Generation iPhone 5. This report has been made by The Independent. Apple is reluctant to adding this technology. According to Some of the Major Mobile Operators in UK, Apple has disclosed the meetings about the NFC Technology integration.
According to The Independent:

        One source close to the discussions said: "The new iPhone will not have NFC, Apple told the operators it was concerned by the lack of a clear standard across the industry." Yet Apple is understood to be working on its own NFC proposition, which would link payments through iTunes. It hopes to introduce the technology in a handset likely to be released next year."

The Almighty Buck

Submission + - Anonymous leaks Internal Bank of America Emails (

euphemistic writes: Reportedly the information Wikileaks was set to disclose about a particular bank back from December, "a massive batch of internal Bank of America emails" has been leaked. While the site hosting it seems to currently be down due to the obviously gigantic amount of traffic interested in this leak, the leak is said to pertain to the Bank of America's improper foreclosure on homes. "The report came from a former employee with Balboa Insurance — a risk management and insurance firm. The employee reportedly corresponded with Bank of America employees and was told to falsify loan numbers on documents to force Bank of America to foreclose on homeowners."

Submission + - Bee disease breakthrough ( 1

moorhens writes: The BBC is describing new research that could save honeybees from the deadly Varroa mite. Unlike other treatments that have to balance the prospect of killing the mites against killing the bees themselves, this uses a genetic switch to turn the mites into their own worst enemy. Worldwide, the Varroa mite has been ravaging honeybee populations, either as a result of direct parasitism or by transmitting viruses. If this research does result in a practical medicine for bees, perhaps this will provide an answer to colony collapse disorder that has been decimating US bees. In Europe, we haven't had CCD (whatever you may read elsewhere), but Varroa alone is enough to wipe out an untreated colony in three years.

Submission + - Bobby Tables has a brother now (

An anonymous reader writes: There's a stored XSS flaw @ Amazon. The injection vector is a book, the payload is JavaScript in the book which gets executed if one searches for the right content. Also the funny stallown3d attack written in one book gets parsed by the browser! Wanna hack Amazon? Just write a book...

Submission + - Best CMS solution for non-technical business? 3

amarkham writes: I'm working with a non-profit organization that would like to consider expanding their site from their fairly basic "HTML + minimal PHP" site. I'm an accomplished engineer and could build them a nice database-backed site, but don't like that approach as I realize I won't always be around to support them. I've also considered helping them get set up on Drupal or Joomla, but am concerned they'd still have trouble supporting it without reasonably technical support.

I haven't had much luck finding hosted CMS solutions (Refinery HQ?), but in theory, that'd be the way to go.

Any good suggestions?

Submission + - How should I promote an Android App?

smith324 writes: A recently released application of mine has seen a small but negligible user base since its launch on the Android Market. After spending months working on it I am, needless to say, disappointed by its release. The free application (onTour has real potential (at least in my mind) but I honestly have no idea how to increase its visibility. What would you suggest I do my fellow slashdotters?

note: I am the sole developer for this project, no company just me so I don't have boatloads to send on advertising.

Submission + - Scammers Target IT Professionals Looking For W (

An anonymous reader writes: Interesting article pointing out that tech professionals are the number one target of job post scams. I’ve also experienced this where a recruiter is telling me he has a position for a PHP programmer yet doesn’t know anything about it or what PHP is! This article is a excellent example of the ongoing job scams towards IT professionals...

“Tech News: One of the hardest hit markets from outsourcing was the information technology sector. A current economic recession mixed with growing numbers of desperate unemployed job applicants searching the internet for employment is creating a target market for scammers. Job boards are becoming infested with false, if not fraudulent listings that are targeting technology professionals. The most widely targeted IT fields for scammers include technical support and web development positions.”

Submission + - Fixing SSD Performance Degradation (

Zombie Puggle writes: It's a fairly well known fact that solid state disk (SSD) performance can suffer over time. Performance degradation problems are a result of how SSDs are constructed and how file systems and applications interact with them. Almost all of the problems stem from the design of SSDs. Jeff Layton – Enterprise Technologist for HPC at Dell – examines why SSD performance degrades over time and offers some potential solutions to the problem, including write combining, over-provisioning and TRIM.

Submission + - Vacuums Made From Plastic Waste From the Sea (

Zothecula writes: Since announcing the Vac from the Sea initiative in June, Electrolux has been busy working with environmental organizations and concerned individuals to collect plastic debris from marine environments around the globe. Now the company has announced the creation of five one-off vacuum cleaner creations manufactured using waste collected from key areas, including Hawaii, the North Sea and the Mediterranean.

Submission + - The Arbitrary Future of Mac App Store Development (

snydeq writes: "Fatal Exception's Neil McAllister views the explicitly arbitrary nature of Apple's Mac App Store developer guidelines not only troubling but a possible harbinger of hard times for developers, should Apple's Mac App Store model prove the PC norm. 'Who decides whether a crash was caused by an application or by a bug in someone else's device driver? How many bugs can be "exhibited" before a complex application is deemed unsuitable for sale? When does an application cross the line from being similar to another application in the store to duplicating it, and who decides which app came first? How many Human Interface Guidelines can you bend before your UI is considered unappealing? The Mac App Store guidelines make it clear that Apple intends to be the sole arbiter of such decisions, yet the terms seem almost intentionally vague, and developers are given no process of appeal,' McAllister writes. 'That's a disturbing precedent, and with a Windows App Store already reportedly on the way, it's one I hope other platform vendors don't follow.'"

Submission + - The Joke Known as 3D TV (

harrymcc writes: I'm at IFA in Berlin--Europe's equivalent of the Consumer Electronics Show--and the massive halls are dominated by 3D TVs from everyone from Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic to companies you've never heard of. The manufacturers seem pretty excited, but 3D has so many downsides--most of all the lousy image quality and unimpressive dimensionality effect--that I can't imagine consumers are going to go for this.

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