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Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 162

The Republicans of the 80s and even 90s are nothing like the party of today. Somewhere along the lines it was hijacked by religious nutjobs.

"Somewhere along the line"? That was Bush. George Pervert Fucker Bush. They were mobilized to elect Bush. You can't mobilize them to stamp out homelessness or feed all the starving children in the country, but you can get them all marching in step to elect a shitheel. This was not the first time the Religious Reich was motivated to vote, but it was the point at which they really became dangerous politically.

Comment Re:Can I see? (Score 1) 162

George Takei is a gay rights activist. So would a conservative who likes ice cream (ben and jerrys) and George Takei be labeled liberal?

You can be conservative in some ways and not in others, although I'd argue that if you're in favor of people being able to be homosexual if they want, you're not really that conservative.

Or is someone who is far-left who attacks Hillary going to be labeled conservative for being anti-Democrat?

It happens to me all the time, and humans are doing it. If Fb does it, they'll be on their way to passing the Turing test.

I got rejected from a minimum wage job in college because the chain store had a standard questionaire. If you answered that you don't use drugs, but think they should be legal, you were considered a lying drug user.

The test was to determine whether you were smart enough to tell people what they want to hear, and you failed it.

Comment Re: 315 miles? Getting there! (Score 1) 147

Nah. Please skip buying EVs. Within 5 years, you will find it is slim pickings for new cars, BUT you will be able to buy used 2 y.o S class MB for 10-20,000.

Luxury cars are built for the first buyer. That 2 year old S-Class is going to cost you another 10-20k in repairs if you want everything on it to work. It's not just MB either. A guy on the QW D2 A8 forum says his wife's Q7 (IIRC) just literally blew up two of its four airbags because it got confused. He dad to have his wife bleed pressure from the other two at a fitting (!) just to get home.

Comment Re:All the data means all the data (Score 1) 234

I know, isn't that a travesty? It's already 5am on the East Coast and yet so far there's been no stories making fun of Trump and sweeping Clinton's lies under the rug. I hope the NYT, The View or Bill Maher will step in soon to fix that. Can't let the right-winger get away with it.

The right wing doesn't want trump any more than anyone else. Trump is in the race specifically to spoil the election in favor of his long time friends and business associates, the Clintons. HTH, HAND, noob.

Comment Re:Nonsense. Hillary supporter lying 2 cover is FA (Score 1) 234

See above plus she called nuclear power plants are, "Nuclear power plants = weapons of mass destruction waiting to be detonated.
Time to shut them down".

She is essentially correct. Modern nuclear power plants are accidents waiting to happen. We keep hearing about better designs, but they keep failing to materialize. In addition, uranium mining is shit. Like all kinds of mining it can theoretically be done cleanly, and like all kinds of mining it never actually is.

And she calls trains hauling oil, "bomb trains" and also calls them "weapons of mass destruction"...
AKA crack pot extremist.

She's actually way more correct about that. If you had any idea of the actual environmental impact of shipping oil on trains you would wet your kecks.

Comment Re: Criminal (Score 1) 234

Politics, even at the ballot box, is the art of compromise. The perfect candidate will never exist, and even when you think you've found them, all you've found is a time bomb that will go off eventually.

This is not about a perfect candidate. This is about a candidate who is not a complete piece of shit.

The universe does not owe you easy answers, so you'll have to just resign yourself to the fact that every choice is effectively a vote for one of them.

Moving from box to box is also an option. It's not one I plan to take, but you can feel it coming.

Comment Re:Original source: (Score 1) 58

I could believe that, Sony is really wacked when it comes to marketing. Who can forget the whole mysoginst B$ of ghost busters to drive free advertising, that failed and most everyone is pretty hacked off with Sony

I have no idea what you're talking about. In what way was Sony misogynistic about the new movie?

Comment Re:Software trying to be too smart (Score 1) 184

Type inference in excel has wasted countless hours of my time

No, no it hasn't.

trying to make sense of corruption caused by third parties using excel.

So close and yet so far: your own comment explains that it was caused by third parties using excel... badly.

I do fault excel itself because these errors are pervasive.

No, it's because you're ignorant. Every spreadsheet has exactly the same problem. They are designed to work on numbers, first and foremost. If you want to work on text in them, you have to take additional steps.

They could have better structured the data imports or made them less creative or asked users for more feedback or have the import do a pass over the entire datasets checking for outliers that may suggest a different type.

They could have, but then they could have easily got it wrong and made people angry in that way. Instead, they are being consistent, and always doing it the same way.

When a critical mass is "doing it wrong" becomes pointless and counterproductive in the real world to continue to point fingers at users. Tools are supposed to be useful

Spreadsheets are very useful for doing the job they are meant to do. The problem here is users doing something stupid with a spreadsheet. They should be using a database. You can whip up a web database with CSV import and export from a CMS in a few minutes' time just by clicking. It will enforce data types and it won't mangle anything. They're not even doing spreadsheet-type manipulations, so there is no value to using a spreadsheet. You don't redesign screwdriver handles because some people are using them as hammers.

Comment Re:It was user error, not a spreadsheet problem .. (Score 1) 184

Why can't the default behavior be that the data is just not modified, at all, unless I tell Excel I want it to be.

The default behavior is to treat the field as whatever you've told the spreadsheet that it is. By default, every cell is set up for numeric data types. The same is true on a CSV import. In either case there is a simple way to prevent it happening; select a text format for cells in the sheet, or select a text type for the column while importing. The problem is misuse of tools, not a problem with the tool. You wouldn't complain that a band saw is capable of removing fingers, would you?

Comment Re:It was user error, not a spreadsheet problem .. (Score 2) 184

One needs to be aware of that and ask that the column be converted to text -- which is easy to overlook if you have a column that's mostly non-ambiguous, but somewhere far below is a single date-like name.

My process for importing into a spreadsheet includes always making sure to check the data type for each column. If you do that, then it is very difficult to overlook.

The basic problem here is not that the tools function as designed, which is actually very useful. I use spreadsheets fairly regularly for mundane list-mangling tasks. The problem is people not knowing how to use the tools. You see this everywhere you go in academia. Literally every position on a college campus typically now requires familiarity with Microsoft Office, and just about every college campus has got a class in Office, yet an IT pro working at a college will spend a significant amount of time answering stupid questions about Office that anyone with even passing familiarity could answer, and which can trivially be answered with the help system. And you can identify the problem, and communicate it to their superior, and they still won't wind up enrolled in the Office class. They got the job on a fraudulent basis (claiming knowledge they didn't have) and the school would rather not educate instructors to bring them up to the requirements for some reason, probably because they'd have to pay them to attend the class which would qualify them to have the job they've already been given.

Perhaps before you're allowed to make a scientific paper, you should be forced to learn how to use a computer.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 162

Politicians are always the same. All they do is appeal to whatever they see as the current mentality that will get them (re)elected.

There's a name for politicians that don't do that -- they are called "non-politicians". You don't get to govern if you can't get into (or stay in) office.

There's a clear Darwinian-style process at work there.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 1) 184

I use them a lot for doing budgets and cash flow forecasts. That's the kind of job they were originally designed for, and within that milieu they can't really be beat. But going much beyond, where you have to use more and more query-like functionality is where they start to break.

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