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Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 48

I remember playing a SciFi tabletop roleplaying game years ago that had a world generation system, and that one suggested that a tidally-locked world could have a "habitable zone" along the terminator, where temperatures were relatively moderate. I don't know how reasonable that is, since I would imagine that having half the planet's atmosphere at one temperature extreme and the other half at another could lead to some pretty extraordinary heat exchange, in the form of pretty brutal storms.

Comment Re:Sterile and shattered. (Score 1) 48

I think that greatly depends. Without a strong magnetic field, the Earth would look a lot like Mars, with much of its ancient primordial atmosphere blown away. I can imagine if one or more of those planets do indeed have a strong magnetic field, then I don't see how it is improbable that they could not harbor life. At the moment, we can't even declare with a high degree of assurance that Mars does not host life.

Comment Re:Unlikely (Score 2) 48

Well yes, much in the same way one infers the presence of a stream of electrons from an electrical charge or the Big Bang from the CMBR, relative proportions of hydrogen, helium and lithium in the Universe and the red-shift of distant galaxies. Even a particle accelerator like the LHC at CERN does not in fact directly image subatomic particles. For chrissakes, what you "see" isn't a raw image, but is heavily processed by your nervous system, beginning right at the retina itself, then by the optic nerve and then by visual centers in the brain. In other words, what you "see" isn't actually the photons that the physical structures of the eye captures.

Lots of science is inference, seeing as many phenomenon cannot be directly observed. If you're saying inference is somehow questionable, then you're basically calling all form of observation questionable.

Submission + - 7 Earth-like planets found orbiting star 39 light-years from Earth (

MightyMartian writes: From the story:

Scientists have discovered what looks the best place so far where life as we know it may exist outside our own solar system. Seven Earth-sized planets, all of which could contain water, have been found orbiting a small star 39 light-years away. "We have made a crucial step toward finding if there is life out there," said Amaury Triaud, co-author of the study. "I don't think any time before we had the right planets to discover and find out if there was.

Comment How far they have fallen (Score 3, Insightful) 28

Remember when HP could compare their products to the actual competition (from the same era, no less) and come out looking... competitive? They have to compare their printer to a fictional dot matrix (what was that actually, anyway?) in order to make it look like something you'd want to buy?

I really should have gone into advertising.

Comment Re:its in public (Score 1) 55

There is an expectation that you are not being monitored by the police state, up until this point. Technology is invasive the moment it becomes pervasive. I have no ability to OPT out of state surveillance, and the state has no expectation that they can monitor me without a court order. I would consider this a violation of 4th Amendment "Unreasonable" search ....

Comment Re:no one asked for this (Score 1) 39

I guess one could possibly integrate into some sort of home filesharing appliance, although my limited experience with this kind of hardware suggests they already have their own variations on this. Perhaps not quite the same level of security, but I fail to see why that would matter that much in a home setting. I guess someone could build an cloud app with it, but then again, there are already lots of those around.

Comment Re:Stop the presses! Someone in IT fucked up! (Score 2) 67

All News is fake depending on who is reporting and who is the reader/viewer.

Kind of like "Planned Parenthood doesn't use public funding for abortion services". Technically "accurate", but really not even close to being accurate.

A woman comes in for an abortion, but gets six other "tests" and diagnostics done. Pregancy test, Pap smear .... etc. All those other "tests" are paid for by government money, none of which are part of the actual "abortion" procedure. Since that Planned Parenthood clinic provides mostly abortion related services, they are "government funded" and would fold if they didn't get any other funding. They subsidize the Abortion with federal monies, using loopholes.

Technically it is "true" that PP doesn't use federal dollars for "abortion". Realistically it is fully subsidized procedure using loopholes. Both sides are considered "alternative facts" by the other side. And the reason we can't have civil discourse about anything any more.

And watch this get modded "Troll" since I used the inflammatory "Planned Parenthood / Abortion" example by people who can't actually debate the actual topic.

Comment Re:Doing more with less.. (Score 1) 67

There are several issues with most systems that require certificates to work correctly.

1) Certificates Expire, on a regular basis, have a plan to update them (Auto renew)
2) Notifications should be sent to a "group" email address, not an individual.
3) We have these things called "Calendars" use them
4) Documentation is key, even if 1-3 fail you should have a searchable document that has they dates listed for key events.

The problem is, nobody ever documents shit like this, because actual documentation process takes more time than actually doing the Cert updates.Except when you measure the failure to renew it in time.

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