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Comment Incoming Fraud (Score 2) 15

This is going to open up whole new arenas of Fraud. Imagine a "fake" reseller "NlKE" selling fake Sneakers that never come.

(Please note that is not an "I" (capital i) that is an "l" (lower case L) )

Incoming Message from NlKE, "%50 off all NlKE sneakers! Buy now using PayPal!"

Please file under "what could possibly go wrong"

Comment Re:Easy Solution (Score 5, Interesting) 60

That could be an interesting legal paradox. Build two identical drones and have them take off at the exact same time filming each other, then send in the video as evidence of a crime. Because they were used to document a crime, both were legal; but then there was no crime being committed, so they weren't being used to document a crime, and were thus illegal... and thus both were documenting a crime, and thus legal...

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 296

The Gender Studies department is about 95% female. They are very active and visible on campus. They spend a lot of time on 'outreach', yet they still can't crack 6% on male involvement.

I would classify that as a complete and utter failure. The problem is that they have created their own stereotype and now are struggling to overcome it. You can't spend your time bashing men(everything is misogyny and rape/sexual abuse) , and expect men to want to join.

Comment Re:Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 1) 296

Affirmative Action was never about anything other than political correctness dressed up as a statistic that can be changed by government.

There are women in Construction, but the overwhelming members of that industrty are ... men - No outcry
There are men in Nursing, but the overwhelming members of nursing field are ... women. - No outcry
There are women in police and fire, but the overwhelming members are ... men. - No outcry

The terrible thing is, that when we tell women "You can be whatever you want" and then despise them for being what many of them want to be (moms) ; we are doing a huge disservice to women .Women are special, just as men are. They just tend to be specialized in different areas. Everyone being the "same" isn't progressive, it is enslavement.

Comment Re:as a layperson, im a little confused. (Score 4, Insightful) 296

It is, in fact, the very worst kind of bigotry, and it has a name; institutional racism. It's the kind of racism that even people who consider themselves non-racists can exhibit, where they, often unconsciously, stack the deck against some employees based on racial, ethnic or gender cues.

And then all the white males in the IT department show up on Slashdot and say "Well, maybe the woman and blacks don't wanna be computer programmers!"

Comment Re: Oh noes!!!!11111 (Score 4, Insightful) 296

And what if the conditions of work are preventing them? And I'm not just talking about the "usual" conditions like a lack of affordable daycare and the like which often keep women from better employment. What if there are certain groups within this industry, or in any industry really, who are hostile to women being there?

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