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Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 1) 214

You point to an article titled "Scientific Opinion" and want me to believe it is science? Science isn't opinion. And Opinion isn't science. You might want to recall that Piltdown Man was once Science Opinion.

Except for the consideration of too much CO2 and too much heat. Not to mention the disruptive effects on human infrastructure.

Pure speculation (Subjective). .

Look, if you want to go to the IPCC

IPCC has been caught fudging numbers. Pointing to made up data to support claims isn't really all the productive.

But since you like using Opinion as science here:

Comment Re:doesn't matter (Score 3, Interesting) 166

The Republicans are so inept, that they had nothing to do with this! This is all on the DNC and DWS and the entire Clintonista Crime Family. They own this, full and completely. The DNC is proven to be just as homophobic (no HOMO), racist (Taco Bowl) and Sexist ("bimbo" comment). I mean, if this was the GOP doing these things it would be front page of the NYT, but since the DNC has also been found colluding with the media to control the narrative ... several times ... this is just what everyone already knew, we just have a shit ton of smoking guns now.

Comment Re: Because money (Score 1) 246

The above is rather nonsensical. In your example crime, there is plenty enough criminal liability to go around, and those involved should (certainly!) be tried and, if there is enough evidence, be convicted for their crimes (the negligent homicide itself, and likely conspiracy charges around whatever led to it). "Auctioning the company" etc can follow as part of whatever civil liability may exist on the part of those who "own" it.

"Corporate Personhood" is not (or should not be) a thing. "Jailing" the corporation is silly. Hold PEOPLE accountable. I'll admit (disgustedly) that our law enforcement organizations most certainly do NOT seem to do this, but that is a separate problem, and the baby should not be thrown out with the bathwater as a result of uninterested or corrupted government stooges.

Comment Re:"most secure" (Score 3, Insightful) 67

Most secure if you also ignore Chen's frequent attacks on Apple for not just handing data over to the US government... which, when you think about it, rather suggests that Blackberry's products are not really all that secure at all.

I'd get worked up, but the reality is that no one really gives a flying fuck anymore about Blackberry.

Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 1) 145

But that figure includes the internet access they still need for streaming. I'm a big fan of streaming media, I've wanted to make the switch, but every time I run the numbers it just doesn't make sense. At best I break even, but lose in some ways (e.g. I can now get live sports but I can't record them on DVR for later viewing). Plus I'm at the mercy of the streaming companies when it comes to things like advertising...with a DVR I can skip them, but a lot of streaming apps (not Netflix, for now) include them and they're unskippable. That's not a good trade for me.

Comment Re:My Fingers Have An Alternative... (Score 1, Insightful) 252

Steam should be sponsoring WINE project, and start getting it stabilized for STEAM. I've long proposed that WINE could be the final nail in the coffin of Microsoft, if it becomes the full replacement to Windows. Imagine all the Specialized Windows Software, that is dependent and only available on Windows, being tweaked enough to run in WINE. It is a way to wrest some of the control of Windows APIs from Microsoft.

Comment Re:You made the bed. Now sleep in it. (Score 0) 214

Actually, you can't point to any actual numbers that indicate it is a problem. All the predictions of disaster have failed to materialize. And things NOT predicted (like the Greening of Africa) that may actually be a benefit to the planet are ignored. CO2 is a natural gas, one that Plants love. Increasing CO2 increases plant biology, which will increase food production and continue the Greening of large areas as plants and increased rainfall mix to create new forests and jungles.

The only thing you can do is say that CO2 is slightly higher than before. You cannot say that CO2 / Global Warming / Climate Change is bad, because that is simply a subjective claim.

So, keep up with the hysterics.

Comment Re: Because money (Score 1) 246

Yes. Not for profit. Not for profit what?

This is my main problem with people who complain about the Citizens United decision--none of them ever seem to stop to think about what a "corporation" is, they just yell "four legs good, two legs bad" and talk about "corporate personhood," ignoring the real problems with the idea that people acting in concert (i.e. "corporate entities") should not have the same rights as people acting independently.

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