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Comment Re: No they aren't denying it (Score 1) 633

It is a big problem.

The problem is two fold. History by it's very nature is not science. There is hypothesis and experimentation. It is what most probably happened and it's possible impact on events afterwards. The second is the time period. It is not unusual at all from what it seems that mythacysts like to make out.

1. Acid free paper that can withstand time was not invented. So little informationi s not proof! It just means we do not have much records besides copies of copies of copies ... I will get to that below
2. The culture at the time was pre-enlightenment where people were not taught to investigate and use logic and critical thinking to figure the world around them. It was pissing contests and egos both with philosphers who tried to be intellectual and people praying to different Gods and using religion
3. The Gutenberg Printing press was not invented yet. This means you had to hand write and copy something if you liked it including all the errors and additions of the copy of the copy of the copy of the copy until the editors had several different versions of something and had to guess which one to use when copying by hand
4. Very high illiteracy of around 97%. This number is much higher in rural areas like Galee where Jesus would have preached
5. Paul most surely existed as Christianity was spread and all the leaders of the ancient church cite him as he spread it through Athens by the Greek philosophers. Sources all point back from the late 1st and 2nd centuries
6. Christianity was small and considered Jewish for the 1st century.
7. We have Josphious and Tactitus.

So I am into this subject but not religious anymore. So far scholars have looked at it this way:

1. Book of Mark probably written about 55 - 65 AD near Rome or in Rome based on writting style and events (Jesus said ressurection would happen in disciples lifetime and no mention of the destruction of the temple in 70 AD yet). Jesus is not God and became raised to diven status after death (the later paragraph was forged where he resurrected due to writting style differences and grammar)

2.: Q (this is a document used to create Luke and Mathew as it was obviously copied as too much looks verbatim. We do not know name or have surving copies) 70 - 85 AD. Mathew and Luke used Q and Mathew used Mark. Jesus now was made devine at his baptism. THe texts were corrupted as one version in 120 AD quoted paslm 29 where Jesus was made devine at the baptism to something that just re-affirms he already is devine.

3. Book of John he always was God and was creater of world circa 95 AD to 100 AD

So yes the NT is problematic as it is biased but historians use the information out of it by looking for similarities. So no smoking gun but it is not like we have 0 evidence at all.

Comment Re:So how is it supposed to communicate? (Score 1) 70

At this point if a probe could just taste the plumes, it might be able to identify evidence of organic chemistry, heck maybe even be able to identify the vacuum-desiccated remnants of living organisms. We're decades away from building a probe that could actually bore through even a few kilometers of ice, but being able to build probes that could land on the surface and analyze the deposits left over from plumes should be well within current technical capabilities.

At the moment Europa really is one of our best shots at identifying life on another world. Even if Europa has never developed anything more complex than bacteria, being able to sample its DNA, or even cooler, finding some other system of protein encoding and heredity would literally be one of the most significant scientific discoveries in history. Just having life there, would go a long way to confirming the belief of many scientists that all life needs to get kickstarted is liquid water, organic compounds and energy.

Comment off YouTube...? (Score 1) 165

Well, when I was 16-24yrs, I was into and enjoyed high fidelity friends all did as well.

Er, not unless your parents and friends' parents were very well off, or all of them were in the military and bought their equipment duty-free in Asia you didn't. Before digital, in America a high fidelity stereo (let alone quadraphonic system) would cost your a couple grand.

I used to have an audiophile-quality system I bought stationed in Thailand, but it was stolen in a burglary. I have a pair of JBLs now, three way with twelve inch woofers. I miss my old stereo.

But I rip from YouTube occasionally, and rip from KSHE every Sunday night when they play six full albums. With Windows all it takes is Audacity and a setting in mmsys.cpl to capture a signal sent to your sound card, you don't need those goofs' web site.

I make CDs from KSHE's albums for the car, and they sound as good as factory CDs -- in the car. Their difference in quality in the house with the JBLs is marginal. It's a LOT better sound than a cassette recorded at home.

If you're in St. Louis (I'm not) you can plug your digital FM radio's "out" jacks into your computer's input jacks and you actually will have CD quality music.

The labels are fighting a losing cause.

Comment WOW, this is fucked (Score 5, Informative) 323

This company works with TLAs so they are obviously working hard to hire ppl that are NOT SPIES. Yet, we have 2 main types of Spies to be concerned about: Russian and Chinese. Chinese and Indian account for the vast majority of the Asian ppl. Obviously, the CHinese are going to be looked over hard. So, that leaves the Indians. And oddly, within India's military, they are VERY close to Russia. Much closer to Russia than to the west. As such, Indians are going to be looked at as well.

And dept. of Labor is saying that we must hire ppl of which a known quantity is going to be spies.

I have dealt with 1-2 spies already and both were Chinese. I would hate to have Dept. of Labor be able to control a company that deals with national security to this degree.

Comment And trucks (Score 2) 210

Actually, the bizarre thing is many firms manufacture more efficient and less polluting planes, trains, and vehicles, including trucks.

End the tax exemptions for business use of fossil fuels: as fuel, in depreciation for vehicles, in deductions for business miles travelled in fossil fuel vehicles of any type.

The Invisible Hand of Capitalism will then crush fossil fuels, which are massively subsidized, and eat up large segment of national and state and county and municipal budgets.

This includes any lanes for fossil fuel vehicle usage, by passenger mile traveled.

Capitalism cares nothing about fossil fuels. It will crush these buggy whip manufacturers and kerosene users like it did before, if you give it the proper signals.

Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 210

Air travel should not be justifiable under any circumstances if AGW is true. It can only be justified if AGW is false.

I just want to amplify Mr Marxist Hacker's comment.

You could start a graduate level course in logic from those two simple sentences. Here they are again:

Air travel should not be justifiable under any circumstances if AGW is true. It can only be justified if AGW is false.

Impressive. It's like saying, "If drowning is real, then no bathing should be justified under any circumstances. Bathing can only be justified if drowning is false."


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