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Comment Re:Stop chasing the shiny (Score 1) 161

Because with phones, unlike more classical ways of entertainment (games, concerts, etc), people are suffering from what I'd like to call "sheepification". It's peer pressure forcing them to buy the 700 dollar phone they wouldn't otherwise need, many times that expense is straining them financially and they're making sacrifices elsewhere just to stay afloat socially speaking. It's ridiculous.

Comment Re:Stop chasing the shiny (Score 1) 161

Who are you to tell people what they should want?

Someone with more brain than money?

Seriously now, who are the companies to tell people what they want? it's the same thing. The companies advertise something, the GP advertises something else.
People usually have to be told what they want, hence the rush for the latest we're seeing today. It's simply unhealthy.

Comment Re:Not Just SEO... (Score 1) 105

What I don't get is how MASS exports happening without people noticing.

A well configured Teleport Ultra installation can do that easily for browser-based listings. Some CRM implementations actually cache the list to your local PC. if anything, you can just download it and of course it would be logged, but would anyone look at that log? Most likely not.

Comment Re:Dey tek er jebs! (Score 1) 331

But it's not up to the government to decide.
People's lifestyle is currently depending on the global lifestyle more than before, and that will only increase as time goes by. It's like a very slow-moving tsunami: its movement might not be detectable by a single individual, but it's there, it's coming and there's nothing anyone can do anything about it.
Wages in the high-paid countries will slowly decrease and wages in developing countries will increase (at a faster rate) until, maybe a century or so from now, there will be little, if any difference.

Comment Re:I was really looking forward to it too. (Score 2) 157

Looks like they already have fixed them all.
I wouldn't know how the bad performance was; I was at work and came home about 6 hours post-release, downloaded the game via GOG updater, started it and played until now on a 4690K paired with 16 gigs of RAM and a GTX 970, so not a beast gaming machine.

Game runs flawlessly at 1920x1200 with its default graphical settings. The only thing I changed was frame cap from 30 to 60. I'm sure many people had issues at launch, but I was lucky to avoid them. Watched ratings on steam plummet to "Mostly negative" and now they're back to "mixed". Count of concurrent players peaked at about 212K at game start, so pretty sure this was one of the reasons for performance issues (

So far I'm satisfied and will continue playing it.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 184

Let's see...
Today I started with yogurt and fruits as breakfast at around 9 AM. About 18 ounces of it. Pure yogurt, 5% fat and fresh fruits, the mix was home made, so no extra sugar was added. At about 10:30 AM I had half a melon, that was about 4.4 pounds, was fairly sweet but it's mostly water anyway. At noon (12:30 to be more precise) I had some uncooked dried thin sausages (3.5 ounces) with fried potatoes (10.5 ounces roughly) and buffalo sour cream (which is fatter than cow sour cream). On top of that I had pickles and some bread (yeah I know, bread AND potatoes). Post-lunch I had an 8 ounces Monster energy drink. At about 5 PM I had some watermelon (maybe 2 pounds) and now it's 7:30 PM and I feel hungry again.

In about 1h I'll have dinner, I think I'll just order a pizza (14 inch diameter), I like Quattro Fromaggi. I'll work until 2 AM when I will have my late meal (before sleep), probably some cheese, tomatoes, more sausages and bread. In the meantime I have my quota of two Dr. Peppers (12 ounce size).

I never calculate calorie intake, but got a habit of roughly measuring the intake quantities since a retarded doctor worried me because she kept saying I'm too thin.

Comment Re:Or... (Score 1) 184

If you're having trouble gaining weight, you're not eating enough. Simple as that.

I'm not even trying to gain weight. I'm skinny but healthy. My father was skinny, my grandfather was skinny (well one of the two), both his parents were skinny.
Also if you binge you might gain weight but it might come with a plethora of other afflictions, because you're forcing your body into a place it wouldn't naturally fit.

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