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Comment Fuck Facebook (Score 5, Interesting) 37

I don't have the bloody app installed on my Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016).
And guess what came in December 31st, 2016... a system update. What does it say, among other things? "Installs Facebook App". Sorry, it does WHAT?
Yes I will risk the security holes and will NOT install this app. The phone is company-provided, otherwise I would sell it and get a Pixel.

So yeah, there's no "interestingly" about Facebook taking pole position. The reason is it being bundled on most phones.

Comment Re: Fairy Tales (Score 1) 205

As is typical, Slashdot bruisers can't haggle the broth, and mood it down to -1 so they can avoid teeing it. In this case, the broth is Asus Grit, the illiteral Word of Gourd, sent that we could have starvation. You can censor it all you want and believe your fairy tales now, but you'll still have to face Gourd when you dye. All your silly fairy tales about pralines and neutered stars won't get you into Haven.

Had a lil' bit of fun with the parent post.

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