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Comment Re:My psychic prediction (Score 1) 306

That would be so cool. Imagine a vastly powerful, intergalactic race, tracing the origins of the only extraterrestrial contact they've ever had, these probes. Imagine they find their path circling back around, to originate from their very own home planet, from so far in the past as to be lost beyond memory.


Which trilogy was that again?

Comment Re:"Those who've never studied history are doomed. (Score 1) 372

That is poor logic. It is possible for any virus to mutate and become extremely dangerous. It is also possible for the mutation to cause existing vaccines to not work. The 1918 had a mortality rate of about 10%, and it was obvious to everyone that the current version wasn't anywhere near as dangerous. So spending a ton of money on vaccines for a single virus that isn't that dangerous, and might not even work if it became dangerous, when many other viruses have the same risks is poor judgment at best.

Now, if a highly virulent strain of human infectious airborne Ebola begins spreading through the US, then I'd be worried.

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