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Comment Increased revenue? (Score 1) 142

They better have increased revenue, because the cost to make a movie will eat up a huge chunk of money...these days movies are more expensive than ever. Remember when Avatar was considered a big budget? Consider the LOTR movies or any of the X-Men movies.

Captain America: Civil War cost somewhere around $250 million, so there goes a big piece of 11 billion. Finding Dory was probably about the same cost - there goes another piece. Batman v. Superman supposedly cost more than $400 million. They damn well better make a ton of money each...Studios are making 10 movies a year with the expectation they will make half a billion dollars like those three - that didn't used to be the case. They used to make 40 or so, hoping one might go blockbuster and make $100 million.

just to be informative: top 10 most expensive movies 2016

Comment Sigh...Please RTFS at least. (Score 1) 552

Has no one even read the summary?
This company provides bags to lock your cellphone in, and carry it around yourself until exiting at the end of the show, when it will be unlocked. This is not a big deal in Chappelle's show, where you go to a seat, sit down and put the bag on your lap until the performance is done. It is a big deal for Chappelle himself, because if your brother goes to the show, records the performance, then plays it for your extended family at Thanksgiving, Chappelle just lost the possibility of 3-10(?) ticket sales. As opposed to you going to dinner, raving about how hilarious the show was, and 3-10(?) people deciding to buy tickets.

Concealing cameras? Make people walk through a metal detector on the way in.
Do you think you have some entitlement to carry your camera into the show? They can put a condition on the ticket. It's not your right to do anything when attending a private show that has informed you of the conditions to enter. Resell a ticket - it's called scalping, not a right because you have to work late. If you don't want to follow the rules of the show, you're not allowed in. Chances are there's already a clause that says they can eject you for any reason at any time during the show. Not to mention you're already on private property, so get kicked out and see if a court will refund you your $50.

It has nothing to do with copyright, will probably not spread to the shows of musical performers, and I thought it was a great idea when I heard it, perfectly enforceable and intelligent. You keep your phone in a reasonably durable bag, and pay $300 damages if you don't return an intact bag at the end of the show.
Well done.

Comment Re:He takes a pay cut right? (Score 2) 78

No, he isn't - $89 million of _share value_ that isn't available to him for ~5 years does not count as salary. You can't just take shares given when a person is hired, multiply by current stock price and add it on to someone's salary. I think his annual cash compensation is around $300,000. If BB goes bankrupt, those shares aren't worth anything.

Submission + - Major brain pathway rediscovered after century-old confusion, controversy (

vinces99 writes: A couple of years ago a scientist looking at dozens of MRI scans of human brains noticed something surprising: A large fiber pathway that seemed to be part of the network of connections that process visual information that wasn't mentioned in any modern-day anatomy textbooks. “It was this massive bundle of fibers, visible in every brain I examined,” said Jason Yeatman, a research scientist at the University of Washington’s Institute for Learning & Brain Sciences. “... As far as I could tell, it was absent from the literature and from all major neuroanatomy textbooks.”

With colleagues at Stanford University, Yeatman started some detective work to figure out the identity of that mysterious fiber bundle. The researchers found an early 20th century atlas that depicted the structure, now known as the vertical occipital fasciculus. But the last time that atlas had been checked out was 1912, meaning the researchers were the first to view the images in the last century. They describes the history and controversy of the elusive pathway in a paper published Nov. 17 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Comment Re:They're gross looking (Score 2) 655

I went through the same thing and ended up looking at Ensure (or similar type) meal replacement shakes as a wife rightly pointed out that no matter how easy it made lunches, it would just make everyone who looked in the office fridge and found out they were mine think I was dying of cancer.

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