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Comment Re:What Hollande says (Score 1) 328

But wouldn't it be worth compromising on this point a bit to get to carbon neutrality faster?

Yes. But no one believes in compromise anymore. All sorts of issues are becoming all or nothing on from both sides. Why should this be any different? Remember the argument between Boehner and Obama on raising the federal gas tax? They both agreed it needed to happen but wanted to tie it to all sorts of other things rather than just get it done.

My dad was telling me that Duke Power was looking to build some new coal plants that replace much older ones. Was/has been held up in court for some time. You would think that while more coal plants are not an ideal outcome, replacing old plants with newer, more efficient designs would still be a net win in terms of reducing emissions. People aren't going to want to give up their comfortable lifestyles so we're going to continue to need to build more power generation.

Architecture does the LEED stuff for new buildings so I figure we can do stuff like that for components of home consumption. Let's make Energy Star the minimum requirements for appliances to be sold if it is not already. Then create a new targets for Energy Star or rename it Energy Star Plus or Energy Star Gold. Let's tackle phantom power waste. Let's boost efficiency requirements. Less power demand helps too.

Comment Re:The real losers are his supporters (Score 1) 2837

You don't know what the ACA would/will be replaced with. It is natural to be very wary about further screwing around, but it would be wise to reserve judgement until concrete plans crystallize.

Here's my bet on how this will go. ACA is repealed to conservative celebration everywhere. There is no plan readily available to replace it. Why do I think that? If there was a plan to replace it, I'm pretty sure they'd be talking about how it's better than ACA. I would bet that after four years, there is still no plan.

Competition over state lines is not particularly thought out well. Different states have different insurance requirements so how do you address this? Otherwise I don't think I've heard anything else regarding it.

Comment Re:BS (Score 1) 2837

To be fair, Republicans were just as happy to let illegal immigration fly too. They could have done anything in the 2000-2006 timeframe for sure.

But I do agree that Hillary basically had no serious platform. I still can't figure out what she was running for. She could have leapt on the Epipen stuff except that Mylan's CEO is Manchin's daughter so Hillary wouldn't dare. She could have gone with policing reform by changing the war on drugs. She could have done many things but the problem is that she doesn't have any positions until they're popular already.

Honestly, this has been an event 20-30 years in the making where Washington stopped caring about middle class blue collar workers and continued to cozy up with Wall Street and the other wealthy. It's continued to get worse and since Washington stopped investing in them, they got desperate.

My big concern out of this is the Supreme Court as that will have much longer lasting impact beyond Trump's presidency.

Comment Re:Don't worry guys... (Score 1) 414

Your views resonate a lot with observations I've made myself.

I'm not even sure the Democrats have given up on black voters but they definitely feel they don't have to work for them either. Republicans long shot themselves in the foot there and continue to do so.

I do not see things getting pretty for most anyone in the long term.

Comment Re: Pushback (Score 1) 275

My initial thinking was consoles have exclusives but I do recognize that major franchises buck that trend.

I see it as Valve spent a significant amount of time investing in their Linux build, here's an opportunity to have it pay off. Perhaps it's a far shorter period - say a month early for attempting Linux access. Maybe they give a modest discount to gamers who primarily use the Linux Steam build. I dunno. Something to start getting people to test the waters for migration.

Comment Re:First drink is on me (Score 1) 224

We've taken things waaaaay to far in this election, and it's time we stopped and thought about who we are and what we're doing.

Neither side cares and see scorched earth as an acceptable solution to winning the race. I'm not sure what the solution is cause my thoughts aren't someone else's thoughts and there's just more fighting.

Comment Re:Hillbully tell (Score 1) 224

On the other hand, if Trump wins, the establishment doesn't like him -- Democrat or Republican.

Obviously the Dems won't work with him.

But the Republicans? I think there will be a lot of folks debating whether or not to act for party unity. Keep in mind that Trump's ardent supporters would be happy to throw out politicians that don't want to play ball with him and Trump will be happy to rile up whomever he needs to make it happen. Look at all the folks up this cycle that are having to walk an interesting line throughout their campaigns. Trump will keep note of who doesn't play ball (at least in the House) and burn them when best needed. He'll endorse primary opponents and given lower turnouts in those races, those incumbents may lose.

Comment Re: Pushback (Score 1) 275

I think the real sticking point for mass adoption continues to be games, since there are perfectly good apps available to do most of the things you do on other operating systems.

Pretty much the only real reason for me (and laziness on my laptop). I would bet that if Valve released Half Life 3, Portal 3, TF3, Left for Dead 3, DOTA3, some new IP, etc all on their Linux build exclusively for like a year, you would see a much larger Linux install base in gaming in the short term that then brings drivers necessary and then creates the market you'd want to see as a developer.

Comment Re:taxes (Score 1) 310

I don't disagree with most of the sentiment but if people don't like all the fees and rules, they are free to go anywhere else. I'm unaware of anyone being forced to visit anywhere (well beyond kids stuck on family vacation).

Out of curiosity, does the approach Florida takes with a high sales tax but lower other taxes work better/worse for you?

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