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Comment What's the performance gap? (Score 2) 306

No one is surprised that kids from wealthier means do better in school. This is well documented. What's the performance gap between the bottom 60% and the top 1% kids? If the gap is sizable, let's look towards correcting that. If the gap in performance is negligible, then I'm going to get more interested in these findings.

Comment Re:The Last Gasp Mutterings of a Lame Duck (Score 1) 635

However, what he needed to do is stop the giant sucking sound and stop businesses from moving manufacturing to China and knowledge work to India, leaving nothing but McJobs behind in most of the country.

I mean, this has been going on since before he was President. But I'd be intrigued at what solutions you'd propose to fix either which Obama could have done without Congress and not have the courts butcher. Tariffs should fall under Congress, no? Or might violate existing trade treaties? I suppose the country could not go to bat for businesses having problems abroad? "New Germastania doesn't like that you're doing X? That sounds like a personal problem. We're willing to be interested if that was done in house."

I'm generally curious as I'm less versed in what knobs the Executive branch could play with on their own.

Comment Re:Told ya so. (Score 1) 221

I have not. Given my age and what was available to me as a kid, I have generally seen handhelds as something to do for idle time when traveling (as historically their capabilities limited gameplay compared to consoles - I acknowledge this is far less of an issue now with today's hardware and the maturity of the industry). Regardless, the DS released when I was in college and going home meant I was driving so there wasn't any point in having one.

I suppose I could get one and play it around the house but I have a Steam list out the wazoo with stuff I want to play and diminished free time compared to having been in grad school. Perhaps that insight would be a good thing then as it will get some of those handheld games into one system and might justify me making the purchase. I'm still kicking myself about the Wii purchase feeling like a waste given how little time I spent playing it.

Comment Re:Told ya so. (Score 1) 221

The lack of hardware power is less disappointing than the consideration that the only major releases will be only established Nintendo franchises. Last system I got was a Wii and it mostly ended up being a paperweight. I can't justify another such purchase again for a handful of games.

If Nintendo is going to be the largest contributor to games for the system by far (which isn't a horrible thing), then I think they need to seriously shake things up and make some new IP as well. Maybe they have but I don't hear about it since I'm a guy in his 30s. But the fact that I haven't isn't a promising sign.

Comment Re:Wrong Target... (Score 1) 171

I agree. What they should have done is sit down and look at homes throughout the state, monitor their power usage, come up with a breakdown of the heaviest hitters, then have a plan of attack for those.

I'd bet it's things like HVAC, fridges, and then a bunch of phantom power gear as these are things that run often. Then intermittent stuff like washers, dryers, dishwashers, and ovens.

Comment Re:no (Score 2) 341

Well according to Google.

YouTube: From $4.99
iTunes: From $4.99
Amazon Video: From $4.99
Vudu: From $4.99
Google Play Movies & TV: From $4.99

the world has moved on from DVDs.

Everyone I know still has the means to play a DVDs even if they don't use them as often as they used to. In a world where some people have data caps and limited speeds, I don't think the world has moved on.

Besides, I can't count on streaming options to reliably have the same offerings on a consistent basis. My physical copies work and if they stop, I can rip them to make sure they still do.

Comment Depends (Score 1) 341

What features do I get out of this? Can I pause or rewind the movie at my convenience? Do I have to buy/rent some bulky piece of equipment or can I use something existing in the home already? Does the price vary depending on how many people are present?

I live by myself and am single. $25-50 is a non-starter for me. Being unable to pause or rewind the movie is a non-starter for me. Having to rent/buy a piece of equipment that is singularly purposed, is a non-starter for me. Something invasive that figures out how many people are in the room is a non-starter for me. If I really want to see a movie, I can go see it in theater instead without those restrictions. The problem is that I'm not that gungho about much in theaters these days...

Comment If we're going to go by district (Score 1) 637

If we're going to go by district, then we need to make an effort to ensure that more districts are competitive. Otherwise you get the same problems that guaranteed gerrymandered districts have and you find that politicians stop caring about campaigning in those districts. Both parties do it and it's bullshit.

It's not going to be a universal thing given distributions of voters. But given that Congress has like a 90% reelection rate, you can basically determine how the electors would end up voting. If we could get that number down to say 70%, it would force politicians to listen to voices on both sides and not put the party's interests ahead of their constituents.

Comment Re:Americans? (Score 1) 324

Why would Apple make their global iPhones in the US? Make the US versions here and everyone else's abroad. No loss in global sales because prices are unchanged and potentially some hit in margins for being domestic that could be offset by price increases elsewhere.

Where it gets interesting is if someone just says fuck it and moves everyone to Canada instead. It would depend on how much of the business is US vs abroad but surely there's an inflection point that you decide the US market isn't worth it.

Comment Re:too much segmentation (Score 1) 162

The real danger with that approach is that you now have to have content to justify that particular price. Netflix, HBOgo, and Amazon Prime all make their cases pretty well (granted I only use Prime).

Everyone wants their cut but most everyone offers an inferior product than Netflix initially. I have only so much free time in a day AND they have to compete with every other form of entertainment. 5 services at $10/month is pretty lousy compared to hundreds of hours in Civ 5 and Skyrim gotten on a Steam Sale...

Comment Some folks might not even care (Score 1) 209

My dad could care less about the internet and doesn't see the value in it. Only reason he has it is so he can check his work email and keep his wife happy. He thinks the idea of having it be a regulated utility is stupid and unnecessary as people don't need the internet. He's 63 years old. I doubt he's the only person that thinks like this.

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