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Comment Re:Another possible fix (Score 1) 165

Well, I'd suggest a better system. It's still two tiered access (MANDATORY to reduce abuse), but a little more flexible. This is obviously a spit-ball solution with lots unverifiable of gaps.

A: Regular access. The request is sent to dispatch with a request for information and a small snippet of information of why the request is prescient now. If used through a device (license plate scanner?), the brief summary of the owner and 'risk factor' can be returned without any second tier access. If more information is necessary, a person (higher ranked officer, etc..?) then verifies the request and accepts the request. All of this is logged for audit in perpetuity.

B: Urgent access. Flag the request as immediate and emergency request for information. Once the emergency is resolved, the officer is then required to fill in a much more thorough document which requires several auditors to verify that the urgent access was merited and that it was used effectively. If used improperly, the officer could be censured/fired per department policy.

Comment Re:Wherever data is collected, it is abused (Score 1) 165

I have no idea why you're so angry your grandmother was a prostitute, and even less for someone informing you on your own family history. Wallow in angry or shed the stigma. Maybe prostitution was the only viable way to get by then. Who knows. Why not get learn more about why your family had a mixed past instead of being ashamed of them.

Pretty much every original protestant was a sinner against god and land for moral / religious grounds back in the day and now they're largely respected for their stand on what they saw was a corrupt institution. Maybe in 100 years, prostitution will be so well regulated that it'll be without sin/stigma as well. Time will tell.

Comment Re:Don't agree with the conclusion .... (Score 1) 229

But but, higher gas prices CAUSES your outcomes.

  If gas gets too expensive, people in your town will demand either telecommunting and better non-personal travel options. If the economics of personal car driving becomes untenable, then people should start car-pooling (why aren't you?). Further, expand car pools into even cheaper daily bus routes. Further, enough bus services and all of a sudden new rail lines become another viable option. And all that's strictly driven through commerce and economics. Imagine government conflation causing this to happen faster (or at least with fewer natural leaps).

Comment Re:Sue for making you stupid (Score 1) 412

Sure, if the parent was knowingly (or at least with reasonable assumption) aware that a brand of diapers was causing harm, you most certainly can sue. If I was neglected or mistreated as a child, be it a parent, guardian, orphanage, etc.. I'd be in good standing to sue. As parent, you're talking the life and care of the child in your hands (if you don't like it, put them up for adoption). If you don't like big brother telling you how to raise your kids, move somewhere that doesn't care what the fuck you do to kids.

Comment Re:Winter is coming and I hope the uber CEO is rea (Score 1) 192

Are you kidding? A single death will be heralded as the end of the world. All too many journalists play on people's inherent fears. "10 drunks killed themselves last month" has zero resonance because we know humans, we know drunks, we know they do stupid things when they're drunk. We've heard it happening from the day we're born till the day we die. Case closed. But a robotic car? I mean, what's a robotic car all about? How does it work? Will it just randomly run off the road or into other vehicles? Should I trust it to drive without killing me? So many pain points to poke. Give it a couple decades before the knee-jerk fear is assuaged not by facts, but by familiarity.

Crime stats much lower than a couple decades ago, but turn on your TV and see the FUD that keep suburban housewives up at night and her husband's hand on that rifle...

Comment Re:Not a taxi service huh? (Score 2) 192

If and when this happens, they'll just have a new subsidiary called UberCars who's primary job is to lease cars with door to door car removal. Then Uber (the defacto taxi service) will use that company for their dispatch needs instead of independents to reduce costs. Its pretty dicey to assume independents could survive against a lean mean equivalent service running in massive scale.

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