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Comment Re:If in doubt, copy! (Score 1) 319

.. the comment I referred to, earlier...,
but the example you showed me might well be "optimized" rather than calculated, eh?

I'd been thinking of defects, flaws, and other things that give Excel it's Look & Feel[tm], though, like the other comment ( wherever it is, I'm not going digging again ) .. about a query that took over 20 minutes on Excel, but a minute or so on Linux: oughtn't they too be duplicated, even if one has to set an option for 'em ( like Stupidly-Bad Slowness Option, and Compromising Data-Integrity Option )?...
I seem to remember another discussion, here on /., where someone had a problem with Excel: they personally had switched to Linux/OSS, on their desktop, and they did a spreadsheet in their system, and their boss had a different result, so they went over every last thing, and discovered that the Excel version was rong...

I don't use Excel, so I'm stuck with the choice of gnumeric ( SuSE 8.2 pro installed the "stable" version, and it was obnoxious enough in interface & habits that I didn't like it -- now that I know-about the "development" version being good-enough for beta, by gnome's coding-standards, I'm downloading it to try compiling/running it ), KSpread, and OO.o's spreadsheet ( I don't much care for OO.o, as it's a resource-hog, and takes a very long time to start on my 5-year old machine, even with 320MB/K6-2 )... KSpread seems a tad unfinished, so I simply chose to work on stuff not needing spreadsheets for a few months...

Now I need one, and gnumeric 1.1.x awaits, so I'll dig into it ta see if I dig it, see..

I find the reports about bugs in Excel's accuracy to be probable, though, because MS cannot possibly code by test-first ( and end-up with the results they do ) XP-style, and almost all of the Excel users don't check the results with a different spreadsheet to see if the results are correct ( who backups their system? who checks their tools' integrity? who verifies anything ), and since it isn't OSS, bugs are more likely to remain long-term ( the stunning amount of serious, been-there-for-years vulnerabilities in windoze... )

Knowing gnome's coding-integrity standards ( not necessarily caring for the gtk interface, though: QT's much nicer to work-with ), knowing OSS's more effective in destroying & eradicating bugs, I'm not going to trust my future to MS-Excel, when gnumeric is an option. Period.

( thanks and generally-emanated hugs, for all gnumeric & gnome developers, eh? we gain vastly from this all, and appreciate it, though sometimes our griping-habit overrules wisdom & wellbeing )

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Journal Journal: Fluid Studios .. Freeware ( win ), includes FSRaid ...

Their Freeware page links to their FSRaid program page, and their FSRaid program implements protection for your files, against FileSystem corruption
- if you get Blue-Screened, and when you reboot your machine's-filesystem is corrupted, scandisk will probably create a few 'File0001.chk'-type files, with pieces of whatever it was that had been corrupted.

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Journal Journal: DancingSword's VERY recommended books...

I'm PROVISIONALLY an affiliate.
I'm giving you these links because I figure that the more you know and own your worth, the better the world we live among.
Should they accept me as an 'associate', then if, and only if, you purchase from them, using these links, they will pay me ( 4.5c on the dollar that you choose to buy with, via these links ). Why am I doing this?
Simple: I intend to get me OFF social-assistance/disability however I can, even somewhat, AND I've

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