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Journal DancingSword's Journal: Ah HAaa! Now HERE's a bundle'o'links for Iraq war commenters

Radio Netherlands Worldservice America/Muslim/Iraq issues&organizations links. Hmmm...

And here's a Guardian UK article that gives real understanding of Osama Bin Laden's human effectiveness within the muslim frame-of-reference ( from our perspective ).

and here's an article on how we have already used containment instead of war, and how it'd, in this case, make much more sense

true insight, over here in the India Times...

And, FINALLY, someone states the obvious ( that we're using Iraq-war as pretext for global-domination and suppression-of-that-nuisance democracy ): here

here's another link, the story being that conservative celebrities in the US are using their position-of-broadcast to concert action against liberals who use their position-of-broadcast to speak-out-against-war....

Note that R.Limbaugh ( one such conservative commentator ) once said, in the 90's, on his TV show:
"How can men and women be equal? They're different."
... thereby showing he didn't accept equality-of- human-validity .. if our bodies are different...

... which ties-in, quite well, with an insight I caught 'round here, earlier: that conservative-cognition ( whether politically 'Left-' or 'Right-' -wing ) judges from circumstance inward, and liberal-cognition judges from whatever is assumed-to-be 'heart' ( usually 'belonging', actually ), outward.

I wonder how that Commie Jew, who's now called 'Jesus', woulda felt about this kind o' stuff...

Here's another, though it brings up the question of:
"Isn't Free Speech .. merely a means for 'liberals' to communize the world?", and
"Isn't Free Speech .. merely a means for 'conservatives' to rigidify the world?", and
"Isn't Free Speech .. merely a means of discussing issues?!??"

Here's an 'Arab' view of what's really going on, I quoted the term, Arab, because it's as propagandist as anything published in north america nowadays, but it is very different in view.

The Negation of the UN, the US's World, etc. was planned 10 years ago!

It's a Good Thing[tm] God Obeys America, eh?
: )

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Ah HAaa! Now HERE's a bundle'o'links for Iraq war commenters

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