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Journal DancingSword's Journal: SerialATA or parallel? CHOOSE SERIAL-ATA! Holy Cripes FAST!!

Lost Circuits Benchmarks, yes these are MS-Windows, yes the filtering-drivers make a big difference, but the lack of useless redundancy and blocking, lack of overhead and legacy-braindamage, and the newfangled SATA filtering-drivers, etc, combined, make a stunning difference...

... and .. benchmarks .. a parallel-ATA drive connected through a serial-ATA adapter, which I'd 'ave thought would slow things down, with the extra-link-in-the-chain, but the CPU-usage drops, hugely, which sort-of explains the "filtering" drivers' results in the first-benchmarks-link, eh?

Wild. I'm going for SATA/SCSI from now on, never any more parallel-ATA drive-based-systems again ( unless there's some other significant reason to do so, like .. mini-ITX motherboards simply don't have SATA yet ... ).

If you're after penguin-friendly adapter-cards, try Silicon Image chip based ones, like this one made by IWill ( Promise is absolutely opposed to open-source drivers, and Highpoint seems opposed, too, but SiI is being helpful .. 2.6 fully supports the 3112 chip of theirs )

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SerialATA or parallel? CHOOSE SERIAL-ATA! Holy Cripes FAST!!

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