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Journal DancingSword's Journal: DancingSword's VERY recommended books...

I'm PROVISIONALLY an affiliate.
I'm giving you these links because I figure that the more you know and own your worth, the better the world we live among.
Should they accept me as an 'associate', then if, and only if, you purchase from them, using these links, they will pay me ( 4.5c on the dollar that you choose to buy with, via these links ). Why am I doing this?
Simple: I intend to get me OFF social-assistance/disability however I can, even somewhat, AND I've now seen that slashdot book-'reviewers' can both use such associate-links *and* not state that they are doing so ( rather dishonest, that.. ). Since that -is- permitted, then my putting such links here, out of the way, -and- stating directly their nature, oughtn't be a problem to anyone. If it is, then tell me directly, why, please, as I've listed my e-mail address above...
Note that if you want to grow your worth while not contributing to my economic independence, or if you are offended by my choice of association, then you are entirely free to get these works from your local second-hand bookshop or anywhere else, eh?

I'm recommending these because they are good.
Whether you choose to know them or not is your choice, whether you choose to know them by getting them from these links is your choice. So long as enough someones choose to be growing worth, livingly, World is happier, and human-worth is known more, heart-worth has more home among our world.

Not all of these have I read, yet to the best of my knowing these are ALL very worth knowing, and in every case I'm making sure that the linked-to version is the best version I know of ( as in: paperback rather than more-expensive hardcover, recent rather than older, or, were I recommending some book that un-improved recently, such as now-dumbed-down reference books, then I'd link to the better older versions of 'em rather than the recent-est )... If you know of a better version, or some work that is better than any of my recommendations, tell me, please
( again, e-mail is above : )

Having seen much damage from the stacked-game our civilization/culture/society is ( as created by privilege protecting its habit ), accommodating more damage onto an entire category of human worth, just because some prefer to continue getting 'profit' ( to use the mugger's term ) from continuing the damage, .. is not on.
The Ten Biggest Legal Mistakes Women Can Avoid: How to Protect Yourself, Your Children, and Your Assets ( Marilyn Barrett ).
Actually, it was Games Mother Never Taught You ( Harrigan ) that clued me in to how our culture sets-up for damage, harm, helplessness, futility, victimness, etc. anyone who isn't contributing-enough to male-culture: until that book I didn't see it, let-alone understand how fundamental it is ( as I'm still learning... )

I'm a big believer in Learn From The Most Experienced And The Best ( they aren't identical, see ), and this one's likely to contribute to the most wonderful means of commuting and trekking ever invented... Bicycling Magazine's 900 All-Time Best Tips: Top Riders Share Their Secrets to Maximize Fun, Safety, and Performance ( Ed Pavelka )

I've heard some say how this isn't excellent because it communicates the heart of it, rather than communicating an infinite list of technical details, but it IS the heart of any understanding that makes difference, so... The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference ( Malcolm Gladwell )

Economic activity is HUMAN activity, and human-worth is the heart-worth, not 'human-worth is a satellite of economy', as some have it... Small Is Beautiful: Economics As If People Mattered ( E.F. Schumacher )

I grew up critical, and I'm leaving that statement there... Asking The Right Questions: A Guide to Critical Thinking, 6th edition ( M. Neil Browne, Stuart M. Keeley )

Or how about The World's Greatest Ideas: An Encyclopedia of Social Inventions ( Albery, Bowen, Temple, Wienrich, et al )

Antisocial Behaviour in School: Strategies and Best Practices ( Colvin et al )
.. I wonder if they take into account the school-culture? ( some school-cultures are so determinedly inhuman that humanity is ostracised/considered less-than-worthless, so best-practices in such case would mean .. removing the school-culture before dealing with the symptoms? .. I don't know, but it's a resource I'd bet many parents wish they had at hand... )

Pretty much anything in the Blackwell management series I'd consider reading ( their Encyclopedic Dictionary of Strategic Management is something I think should be in high-school as an elective, because it'd grow-up our ecology/economy and ungrow braindamage that we all pay damages to/for... ), and this link is for Employment Law: The Workplace Rights of Employees and Employers ( Blackwell HRM Series )

Because our culture ignores, hard, anyONE who doesn't have the 'proper' appearance ( because our culture hasn't the guts to mean honesty... ), How Will They Know If I'm Dead? Transcending Disability and Terminal Illness ( Horn, Koop )

If you don't read these two, you probably don't-know an entire dimension of human-condition that many women ( and others ) are subject to, embedded-in. The mode-of-mind I'm referring to .. some entire cultures are embedded in the mode. No spoilers, so here they are: Women's Ways of Knowing: The Development of SELF, VOICE, and MIND ( Belenky, Clinchy, Tarule, Goldberger ) and Knowledge, Difference and Power: Essays Inspired by Women's Ways of Knowing ( Belenky, Clinchy, Tarule, Goldberger )

Ha! Effectiveness isn't something that ought be kept from everyone, eh? so here's for the ( to be ) self-employed... Streetwise Finance and Accounting: How to Keep Your Books and Manage Your Finances Without an MBA, CPA, or a Ph.D ( Suzanne Caplan )

This one is for everyone. Period. ( simply because it's the single book here that can contribute to most people's knowing their own worth, quickly, effectively, capably ) Corps Business: The 30 Management Principles of the U.S. Marines ( Freedman )

( saving the awesome for last, see.. : )
If one values one's whole-mind capability, and prefers pattern-knowing to spastic logic, then work through The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain ( Betty Edwards, Ph.D ) .. it gets one the mind-mode of SEEing, so that one is-knowing what is, rather than what logic/assumptions posit ought be, see...

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DancingSword's VERY recommended books...

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