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Journal DancingSword's Journal: Canuckian Resources ( insurance-quotes, cellular-quotes... )

The Canadian Marketing Association's **DO-NOT-CONTACT LIST**
you need this!

Kanetix where one can discover the cheapest insurance for one's conditions, for popular kinds of insurance., bloody obvious what they do, both plans and phones..., translated into Muppet Sveedish Chef...


An Independent bookseller, named

A Canadian-currency version of Lee Valley Tools.

Bank Of Canada, Today's Bank-Rate
.. and the Officious Bank Of Canada Exchange-Rate page ( all currencies! ).

and for discovering what internet service provider you want to be dealing with ( in terms of plans, anyways, but double-check everything, since the plans/prices that the ISPs themselfs post aren't always accurate ).

and .. here's the journal of Canuckian s20451!
( thank-god I didn't grow-up with a name like that, sheesh! )

.. anndddd .. Environment Canada's Weather for Ottawa! .. so you can see why today's legislation was even odder than normal...

( if you want your city from the Great White North, then just change the airport-letters, YOW in this case, to whatever your city's nearest airport-code is... )

hehehe ... you may have heard of Comrade Black, eh?
here's the current loquation of Blak Envy, a site dedicated to glorifying his gloriousness, with actual quotes of 'im

( the peculiar speling I use for the site-name is deliberate:
the in-k-to-me search-engine, among possibly others, blacklisted the original site, because quotes of 'im were detrimental to his reputation, so he asked that that part of the 'net be .. disappeared .. from findability, and the only reason I know /that/ is because ..
of an article by Frank Mag stating that this had been done, and asking one to see if one could find the site using said search-engine, or, for that matter, ANY 'net-search based on that engine...

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Canuckian Resources ( insurance-quotes, cellular-quotes... )

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